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  1. https://massivelyop.com/2022/01/19/flameseeker-chronicles-touring-guild-wars-2s-end-of-dragons-guild-hall-echovald-wilds-and-strike-mission/ So Anet took OP on a tour and even OP noted that Anet is being cagey about the release date but info was coming soon.
  2. Agreed, we’re in the six week window for the release and Anet has gone dead silent. They should be pushing hype non-stop….but nothing. I’m starting to think EOD is in development trouble and we’re about to get told a delay is coming.
  3. Um, we’re a week into 2022. Did Anet forget to come back from vacation? Haven’t heard a peep from them.
  4. So according to Shaman’s data mining the Wintersday patch will be the last major one till EOD (the countdown clock says Feb. 28th as well )We know that it will be released late February. Anet what are you waiting for pull the trigger announce the date so those who are able to can plan ahead?
  5. I’ve seen two orbs if your holding a torch or another object, one moves up the other down, otherwise normally just a single orb.
  6. Unfortunately, that does seem to work for everyone. Thanks for the suggestions anyway.
  7. My goodness Mag has just been destroyed by OP the last two days. It was also amusing when the Chief of the WvW World Police got caught on his own discord for Pin Sniping as the only way to take down the OP commander “Moa Moa Moa” worked once then after OP rolled thru him 4 or 5 six more times mister Law and Order bailed on the server.
  8. Where are you getting the information about an intermission next week?
  9. impossible, water dragon logo for the expansionand we already fight a god of fire in PoF, fighting a fire-controlling villain again, would be so repetitive. And I really don't see at all how to adapt primordius to cantha. Buble would be so suited to the Jade Sea...Anything is possible.
  10. The current theory in my circle is that whatever Jormag’s plan is for our team up will go wrong. With the end result leaving Jormag dead and an insane/hurt Primordus rampaging all the way to Cantha with us chasing after him. Now how do you put a fire? With water obviously.
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