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  1. I'm not that pressed about the faces themselves, they (at least the human ones) represent a pretty narrow range of what (East) Asian faces can look like, but it's fine, I'm just not going to use them. However, comments like the above, implying that any Asian face that *doesn't* look like the offered choices is a result of plastic surgery - that's way more frustrating to me than the faces themselves. (For the record: I'm Asian (Chinese), and I know my very numerous family and friends well enough to know kitten well they haven't had plastic surgery.)
  2. What country are you saying you're from during checkout? I don't see Canada as an option.
  3. We cannot. Amazon.com will not sell to us. This happens frequently for us with digital products; I imagine it doesn't happen in the EU because of the customs union. Maybe ArenaNet has the same idea you do, but they really should have figured it out otherwise by now. Not the first time this has happened.
  4. Yeah, but there definitely isn't a regional law stopping ArenaNet from offering the game on sale on their own website for Canadian buyers, they've done it in the past. (just last November, actually) Also, it's worth noting that the laws in Belgium prevent black lion keys from being sold at all, rather than merely preventing them from being sold at a discount. Gem cards can definitely be sold here and I'm pretty sure there's no law specifically preventing them from being put on sale. Agree that if we're literally never going to get sales here it would be nice to know why. Especially when
  5. I don't get why ArenaNet isn't just doing the sale on their own website, at least for copies of the game. Seems like the easiest solution instead of having to arrange a sale with a vendor for every single country the game is sold in.
  6. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/big-sales-on-gem-cards-and-guild-wars-2-path-of-fire-this-weekend// Amazon US doesn't sell to you if you're in Canada. Can't find anyone on this list that does. 😔
  7. Strongly suspect that the beta is not happening this Friday, since we've had no confirmation since the earlier post that suggested it was a tentative date.
  8. Why not just use the stat infusions that don't have cosmetic effects?
  9. This really doesn't just apply to online games. Aluminum is a soft metal, not particularly durable, and poorly suited for dinnerware, but for a brief period before we could easily refine it was more expensive than gold and therefore used for "prestigious" dinnerware sets (in preference over gold!) - and was also used to top the Washington Monument, which at the time was the largest chunk of the metal ever produced. A more extreme example, when table sugar first became available in England it was very expensive, and so the rich (and only the rich) started getting an epidemic of cavities. In
  10. I'm inclined to think that the situations are at least fundamentally similar - a player has paid the cost of an extra legendary set for which they have no further utility after armory, and which they would not have made had the armory existed at the time. The issue here is of course only created by the fact that they PvP and WvW legendary armor sets have no unique skins like gen 1 and gen 2 weapons do; if they did then players would of course have made the sets to acquire the skins rather than just the functionality; and would probably continue to do so even post-Armory (Fashion Wars!).
  11. Honestly, the tournament wins are easier/faster to get than the ranked pvp wins, where you're forced into solo/duo queue, and you need 100 wins instead of 20. Having made Transcendence, I'd be more bothered if they got rid of the ranked wins, which took way longer to get because of the sheer number of them. As for the PvE legendary amulet, I'm pretty sure that is going to have its own unique effect, so I don't feel like I've lost anything by other players getting it. (FWIW, I also don't consider doing 24 weeks of PvE events, gathering, and story "free". I'm still doing it because...grind
  12. I'm in this situation, and I'm neither asking for nor expecting any sympathy on the forums. I'm also not particularly bothered by it, it's obviously not the end of the world. That said though, I think there is an issue of fairness. Player A makes two T2 wvw/pvp legendary set of the same class - they would receive compensation for the duplicate set. Player B makes makes a T3 and T2 wvw/pvp legendary set of the same class - they would not receive compensation for the duplicate set, even though the duplicate set does not unlock any new skins. There's probably not many players in this
  13. Less than 3 minutes, continuous video. Some clever shortcuts taken but all the checkpoints are hit, no ports taken. Honestly, I don't think I could ever complete this given any amount of time, because I'm terrible at jumping. But that doesn't bother me, I just take portals. They are not hard to find - right now there's a bunch of mesmers doing it and even when the map is kind of dead you can find someone who can help by asking around.
  14. There's a buff that appears on your bar as you get each checkpoint. Progression stops if you miss a checkpoint. So for example, if you missed checkpoint 2, the buff would read as "checkpoint 1" even after touching checkpoint 3.
  15. I think you vastly underestimate how many active players have legendaries. Relatively new players in my guild (1-2 years) have at least a weapon or two, and either have an armor set or are nearing completion of one. Everyone who has been playing for years (since 2012-14ish) has at least several legendary weapons and one complete armor set/most of the trinkets. So basically we're all pretty hyped about this not because of hypothetical legendaries we'll have in the future but because of the ones we have right now. And we're not a hardcore guild, not even close. Also, it's statistically
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