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  1. With the new forum features updates, I have been able to tidy up the posts in this thread a bit and finally fix the name (yay!). The guild Discord server for this activity has also been tidied up for improved clarity. A new link to the server has been made and corrected in all previous posts. The tours have been restructured a bit and the schedule has been adjusted to account for a new guild missions offering. Present Offering: Mondays: [iHop] Guild Missions (bonus time slot at 10pm/22:00 UTC ) Wednesdays: Total Bounty Tour Fridays: Total Bounty Tour As always, these activities will start
  2. Thank you GW2 community for the guild request and your enthusiastic support for this content. I am impressed at the level of openness and kindness you bring to these areas and your ability to learn and grow has been a delight to observe. The requested guild has been dubbed thusly: Ms Poppins Boppin Bunny Brigade [iHop] You've grown the in-game head count to over 40, and the Discord head count to over 80. Well done! And now an update on your Flawless Kills so far: LWS4: JB: 2/4 + DK: 5/5! + DI: 3/5 + SI: 5/12 = 15/26 DH: 9/18 CO: 10/18 ER:
  3. There have now been numerous requests for a guild to be made to support this content and more. If this is something you wish to be a part of, please visit the discord linked above to vote on the name of the guild, or reply here, or in game via whisper or mail with your vote or alternate suggestions. Thank you! Here are the updated Flawless Kills record as of today: LWS4: JB: 1/4 + DK: 3/5 + DI: 2/5 + SI: 3/12 = 9/26 DH: 9/18 CO: 9/18 ER: 4/12 DES: 7/18 DV: 11/24 The coordination and comradery so far have gotten many of the runs up to 50% Flawl
  4. UPDATE We've been running these for a month now and you have all done superbly well. Your friendliness, coordination, and cooperation are very commendable. You've brought excellent DPS and wonderful Healing - with top notch Rez-Response (love that so much). And extra great: you are getting very good at using CC's on the Blue bar only so that we have nice long burn windows, fantastic! Here are your Flawless Kills records so far: (the number of targets within the total number of targets in a zone which were killed without a single player dying or even being downed)
  5. UPDATE After a full week run and getting to run each tour at least once, I have better gauged what I can offer as my best self. So here is an adjusted schedule for my Total Bounty Tours:(And massive thanks to everyone who has joined so far, it has been a lot of fun! (Those flawless kills are adding up already, love it!)) Tours will be done every other day, (was originally daily) starting this coming Monday (01/18/21). The start time remains 5pm UTC. Please be sure to check the discord for the most accurate schedule: https://discord.gg/32TjXwtQH5 Or convers
  6. Hello fellow adventurers and lovers of great lootness across Tyria! I am known in-game as Ren, and, upon popular request, I am committing to hosting a regular Total Bounty Tour activity for the foreseeable future. For the current schedule, full details of the activity, and helpful notifications on it, please visit this discord server: https://discord.gg/32TjXwtQH5. You may also query me directly in-game with this chat command: /whisper Aerulight.7250 (Do note that I won’t be able to reply to your questions if you are set to Offline mode.) And now a breakdown o
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