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  1. I would actually prolly say most from a PvP point of few would be happy if warriors got suddenly made overpowered. The staleness of Necromancer, revenant thief and engineer dominance of the meta currently is boring. We have side noders afking on points to prevent thief decapping. Stale team fights of never dying core necros and thiefs spamming back and fourth to try take points. It's honestly a horrific state. And anything that could possibly throw this meta on its head imho would be a positive. Even if just to change the order of what's OP and what sucks.
  2. They do and don't. FFXIV have positional combat, you have to move to certain parts of the boss to do maximum DPS as a melee. Ranged oftenly have mechanics which require you to all run to different points to absorb skills, aswell as others which require balancing between sides of the platform. So it is via mechanics that force the players apart The issue is bringing mechanics like this into gw2 would prolly not function well realistically. As gw2 raids aren't large enough to actually get a comp qualified to provide everything then having that many excess to deal with the
  3. You sadly won't avoid stacking. World of Warcraft, will always stack. FFXIV will always stack. Gw2 will always stack. It's the most effective way to keep your raid in the right place realistically. That's not undoable and trying to undo it would likely not work out as you think it would. As generally due to how mechanics work it'd just get you as a player murdered the only way you would is to have continous mechanics going off forcing movement on players to deal with them. But that'd be servely unhealthy turn to rly take to force such a thing .
  4. the problem is: its very hard to paint the picture in ur mind of what Anet would do wityh this New Design Philosphy if they gave Ele a Pure DPS Specc. u have to remember, Anet are now trying to match Core proffessions to these Elite proffessions, they've dropped em back down to 5 target, they are vigoress with Keeping damage below 40k DPS. and giving correct trade offs and balancing. If Elementalist got bow. you would lose sustain. Thwey'd take away the Active Sustain u have through ur weapons Kit. They'd Nerf your Damage. the likelyhood is a Ranged Ele would likely amound
  5. the issue is, this isnt a "bow salvation" its simply disagreeing with the mechanical view of Catalyst itself. i mean we gotta take into Account the fact that bow woulda never been given the sustain buffs hammer did. you'd be a 12k HP proffession with no evades no leaps and Lower mobility. Because if theydont do this. u replace melee options. I mean honestly. go try raid with a Weaver without its barrier, its evades and Invun frames. you will downstate even faster and thats sadly a reality here The problem is Catalysts mechanic aint that great and that needs fixing really.
  6. I did actually say in a Prior. i think a rework of Conjures Could possibly give Elementalist its Unique factor as a trade off. instead of Utility skills, Core ele gets Weapon Swap. through Weapon Swap, ur second weapon is a Fixed Conjured weapon which is Fixed to the attunement to one its Swapped into from with its own set of skills. so it wouldnt be a Full weapon swap so it wouldnt make it insanely long. it'd have a CD on Weapon swap + Attunement. which would balance it out as it'll block u out of ur Active sustain in ur kit, while giving elementalist that possibility of having a Ra
  7. Didn't not state this I simply stated that you can't state a opinon and claim to be a majority. Yah. Elementalist got tempest. Warhorn is a ranged weapon and considering at the time sceptre+warhorn was the Condi build it did stand as a ranged build. Warrior is getting pistol. If these were major factors more proffessions would use range centric builds
  8. Virtuosos dagger is also insanely bad. Harbinger when was using a ranged build got nerfed into a power build which is more melee centric Spectre is a brand new role to thief and sceptar is litterally the only weapon thieves have to provide healing. Yes. Because for ele to inherit a ranged weapon as strong or stronger then melee weapons ele would have be fully ranged. So to compare circumstances you have to compare to fully ranged options and how successful they have been. Also it would have to nerfed and re-aligned to ensure its not just superior to melee options
  9. Likely, but spinning Projectiles around the target if completely passive would be very boring as a mechanic, generally mechanics should have a level of player interaction. Considering currently.... Catalyst Doesnt have any proper defintion from feeling almost exactly like core does. Jade sphere defintly needs a way to lock To the Attunement you cast it in so many that would work out.
  10. NGL, all core stuff feels Slow and Clunky compared to the new stuff lol. i doubt this is a Only thing here realistically, also Staff Weaver Was meta at the start of PoF and ranged-demanding players did love it. GW2 Does Ranged combat Severely bad, because it almost stripes GW2s Combat System down to World of Warcrafts as it feels Extremely Tab Targetted, so no. i think its Likely far more alike this then "We sdont like Staff" I Say this on the bases they've tried updated Ranged options and still Delve on the melee choices realistically, this isnt a Elementalist only problem. the rang
  11. i actually gave a Simular Idea instead of the orbs being on hammer 3. Why not have the Each time you swap from 1 attunement to another, U gain 2 Orb of the attunement you swapped to on your next Attunement Swap, it allows you to Fire the Orbs at a 900 Range distance for different affects depending on the Element type the orb is and the element attunement u cast it from. So for example. if u go from water to Fire, Frostfire bolt. Fire to Earth, Scorch the land between you and the target. Air into Earth, Fire Surrounding Enviroment at the target. Etc etc
  12. well here we can agree and if we were to look at the 2 i'd heavily prefer they revert the Power creep that band-aided the problems and see proper fixs made to the core proffessions including warrior and Be true to the concept of "NEw Elites give new playstyles". but for aslong as they bolt on the power creep to the elite speccs. (I.E Giving Weaver barrier for Sustain. but not core, even tho core has the same sustain issue) Stacking Lapping affects (Ability to use several abilities at the same time without a Animation) and More. this problem Is going to persist. and if they're not gon
  13. i would honestly be suprised if Elementalist got any Ranged Speccs Until the day Anet Remake Ranged Weapons. lets face it, every Elite thats brought a Ranged weapon to play. Dont play that weapon in majority of play. lets honestly look through it. Deadeye. you dont use Dead in PvE At all realistically. its just weaker, In fractals it doesnt work, in Raids it doesnt work outside of handkiting and pylons, in SPVP its good memes but inferior. Like the only place it can be of some use is Tagging monsters in Metas (Shortbow does it better) and i dont think its even used in WvWvW that much rea
  14. I disagree. A portion of elementalists were wanting a Long Ranged weapon. however the vast majority are very aware that ranged Weapons rarely compete with melee weapons in most enviroments and it'd be very likely the weapon wouldnt be used to any level worth really hoping for. Elementalist is not a Down state meta. the meme is because Most elementalists Die. not because the Proffession itself lacks the tools to survive. grimjack and many others kinda Prove that this isnt really true. to the "High risk and low results" well tbh no matter how hard it is to play it shouldnt be entitled to
  15. What im saying is. if every Player in the game has 20k HPS. and hardest hit is 2k, then u suddenyl buff every other proffessions Damage to 10k except 1 that 1 Becomes Passively nerfed because u've suddenly made its capability Weaker Compared to other proffessions by % of how much less Damage it can do while Statically carrying the same HP Pool as other options. The fixs to other proffessions did not create the problems for warrior no. the Fact anet Fixed the other proffessions and DIDNT Fix warrior however made the enviroment Worse for the Warrior, because the Deficiencies are no lon
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