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  1. . Your criticisms are aimed at a mmorpg charging u £10 a year for full access, it’s the cheapest mmorpg on the market and if became any cheaper would go bankrupt your Complaints are the demand of the games shut down effectively no dev will take your argument seriously as gw2 is literally the cheapest mmorpg available today, you want something for free and sad you aren’t getting it. this game has no sub fee, half the expansion costs of others, and nothing that severe to invest money into, with full access to the store via gold. you kill your player agency by demanding something absurd the company simply can’t afford to make cheaper. Bigger player base? How do you add that up, the less money the game makes the less development is added to it which reduces the player base lol, gw2 has never lacked players because of its business model, but it’s lack of content, due to the fact they’ve already made the game cost so little they can’t afford to push content development They have given you player agency, this game was launched on the least amounts of cost possible, and completely blew other mmorpgs out the water in terms of accessibility . The issue is, players want something for nothing, and no, no company or dev with self respect would honestly spend time reading into that and what? Power of criticism? lol, WoWs been told to go f2p for a decade, it’s changed nothing lol. And the games more popular because of that. Saying no to demands is healthy, players don’t understand the business side of the situation or the losses that would be taken to reduce costs further, they just expect the same quantity of content for less money ,”criticism holds value, when it’s pointed at worthwhile topics, and someone’s personal opinion is worth grains of salt. just because I don’t like WoWs verticle progression systems with gear it should be deleted tomorrow right? But I’ve criticised it, so it gotta happen ye? your screaming out to a game developed to make money, as a player who doesn’t want to spend money, and you think that’s gonna change what?
  2. But I’m not am I lol, by calling everything p2w by default nothings p2w, that’s just as it works I’m afraid, the wider you stretch a word the less meaning it actually holds. You have taken a word used as critic against specific models and made it a meaningless opinion, Critic is used in absolutes, the moment you imply personal opinion your customer agency is gone, Anet already know there’s a % of the market who won’t like their game, so anything Opinon wise, is simply redundant it holds no player agency. p2w was used to make example of games which passed the normalised standard of cost of the market, i.e games that moved progression from the game itself to sell to you on the market to enforce unacceptable micro transactional payments. its now moved to basically being nothing, you can’t call every mmorpg in the market p2w, and expect results why? because the market will have a normalised bar to what’s considered acceptable, if your stating every game is at that bar, the problem is no longer the company, but simply the player is out of touch of the costs of entertainment, and that’s how any game dev will read ur statement. Hence the biggest factors in complaints content quantity story, bugs longevity repeatability thesr are all measurable points where Anet can physically see the rate of fall off from content drops to measure if content ends too quickly as a example here the Moment you say p2w has a thousand definitions, and every games p2w, devs ears will switch off, because you can’t measure this. Because all they read is “our game is at the standard cost” because ur saying the identical thing about the other 5 mmorpgs on the market.
  3. Except pay to win is a binary thing, it’s simply people have decided to blurr its definition. If we want to go by a spectrum every available game on the market is p2w, that’s just fact p2w has no meaning these days, because gamers just use this word now to aimlessly critique because they’ve decided they should pay less for the same quality this Happened with subs, when players boycotted games demanding f2p access and Now the same players are sat here unhappy with the f2p models they originally demanded for. Nothings going to be free, a level of cost is normal. p2w is buying your power which is otherwise unobtainable in game, or demands a unreasonable amount of time to reach without paying, p2w today just means the game costs something realistically, because nowadays players have decided anything and everything’s p2w., and that’s fine, we wanna make 100 different criteria’s for p2w but it’s pointless to accuse games of being p2w, because if every game does it, it’s simply a normalised demand games in china are very p2w centric, they don’t consider them to be however, because it’s the standard of gaming across the board in terms of accessible games. the same applies to western, the normalised standard is not p2w, it’s just the standardised price of gsming By default, overusing a form of critism and blurring definition of that criticism is more damaging to customer agency then revoking it as a argument, For p2w to hold meaning as a Con, it has to be above the normalised standard of cost, hence why this is used heavily to describe things such as blade and soul, tera after f2p, Aion. because these games don’t cost a sub, or a expansion fee to keep up, they require investments of 100s of pounds just to be close in power to whales spending thousands on endless progression you can’t access as a f2p player. gw2 holds many marketing tactics which can be off putting 0 aesthetic rewards from the game itself is a big one, and legendaries being sellable is another that removes reward from players who achieve but u don’t realistically actually win anything buying them
  4. How do you make that out to be?. golem bench marks will exist with or without snowcrows, just like they exist in every other mmorpg without snowcrows. optimal rotations will always inevitably exist lol, it’s pretty wild to think snowcrows created that. Lol Arena net created that, Anet just makes it public information lol the game would be identical either way
  5. Professions having pros and cons is a good thing. lol. it labels strict melee builds being a con too, shall we delete melee combat entirely to add? They’re not realistically made to be put as bad things, more they’re labelled to be things to be warned of, same as those that have high skill ceilings under cons it’s listed due to having a impact on potiental difficulty and skill cap, not as something bad as such
  6. Active mobility is important to many aspects of the game also scrapper hammer swings are target based, if you target the mob you will dash towards the monster always.. if your doing that with a gaping hole in the floor in front of you that sounds like a experience issue
  7. Regret of Race choice is the worst 😞 With no Race change, and the Huge story if u dont wanna stare at incompletion on a Main character continously, Feels terrible when you do these sorts of things haha x)
  8. S: Mesmer, Engineer A: Elementalist, Warrior, B: revenant, Thief C : Ranger, Guardian, Necromancer. would be my list, I love Mesmers aesthetics, Engineer I think falls second mainly because it has a perma pet elite, but scrappers awesome, holo bug kinda stops me fully enjoying that as well. Rangers primarily down to the fact it’s a perma pet class in most builds, Guardian I like DH but I feel like I burn out of it really quickly, necromancer I feel like a lot of its weapon sets feel bland as a trade off to shroud which I can’t rly get behind i Was a Ele/ warrior main when I first started the game, since returning from a long long break I’ve been mainly playing Mesmer / engineer
  9. Not sure i'd really take this as a argument, Yes Reaper has Shroud, but tbh Its damage is going to suck if your walking into fights face tanking.
  10. It whys it fun? The playstyles the same, nothing changed in regards to anything you actually interact with, unless it’s nerfed to a point it’s uncompetitive and players won’t take it into groups, it rly doesn’t have any effect
  11. I took it to several discords, and got 0 reply across the board tbh, it does seem like this issue flys under the radar, for the fact it only is affecting new created engineers as well as only holosmith to stack, engineer while definitely has risen in popularity, I don’t think it’s still reaching heights in numbers, it defiantly did at eod launch, but it’s fallen dramatically in Soto since they nerfed mech
  12. Tbh I don’t think camping water should be good, but I do think it’d be a massive boon for Water and Earth to hold more DPS, to make swapping into these elements for eles primarily active sustain to be less of a DPS loss. elementalist is balanced on the concept that we trade off passive sustain for abundance of active defense, this only really works if water and earth don’t tank the eles DPS also I’d like to see maybe a bit more access to protection through earth, and maybe some sorta access to aegis, to help bolster defensive options for the class I don’t want to see the core of Ele loss, or the model shifted from the concept of swapping between the elements, but I think it could hugely benefit if they can aid its minimum DPS so it doesn’t feel as bad as current in the average players hands
  13. Unfortunately yeah, engineer I don’t think is one they play at all, so prolly flown under the radar, I imagine it will take a while before enough do, whenever u mention this bug people go silent, no one seems to know this is a current issue, Likely due to how unplayed the class is to begin with, I tried multiple discords to discuss this, met with 0 response, maybe I should just play my ele or Mesmer for now
  14. I haven’t much faith it will be fixed if Anet haven’t spoken of it / fixed it yet after 6 months, but miracles may happen.
  15. Neither is support core guard anything like burn core guard, but their still both guardians even if play completely differently. we play a game where using a different weapon changes your gameplay, you can play FB, entirely without ever playing any other build, but that’s all FB is, a build Guardian is the class
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