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  1. Orr is actually Interesting. I find it's actually quite beautiful there, but the reasons for being there are lacking.
  2. It was the cop out ending that got me. It felt like it was leading up to something dramatic, but then everyone becomes friends and felt a little lack luster. The final meta... This is possibly the worst in the game. Takes far too long to get there and the rewards don't justify the time taken. Also the citadel is a wasted load of content which was just a linear corridor experience that offered nothing exciting. However I enjoyed the majority of the content. I'm still confused why only half the wizards tower is accessible. Feels a bit cheap. And then the impact on tyria was quite meh. Still better than the end of IBS. Killing destroyers over and over was a total yawn fest.
  3. you know, there are other games besides GW2. If you don't like it try one of them out perhaps?
  4. What do the tables for wvw changes represent? It's a bit confusing for me sorry!
  5. Not as horrible as the "rewards" for dungeon rush. 700 dungeon delving tokens is not a reward...
  6. It's not impossible. Let the commanders know you want to do it and they will probably not break him and kill him quick. Most people are totally fine with this and see it quite regularly.
  7. So they basically hate competitive online games, but still plays them and just likes to complain online. Ty!
  8. I usually go for achievements that give me something I want. For example I've recently finished lasting bonds which gives you a 32 slot bag and a recipe to make it.
  9. Gives me time to open chests, gives time for treasure mushroom, and it's usually quite funny everyone waiting staring at a wall and having a chat.
  10. You could have looked at the wiki before buying. Plus discovering the world is fun. Remember that in games? 😂
  11. I was under the impression that the astral ward were going to be a big part of the future expansions, similar to how the pact and other such groups were supposed to be integral in the stories for the elder dragon saga.
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