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  1. I don't see how Alliances would be better than pre-relinking system with less tiers but anything will be better than current system. So I am all for alliances, lets go. Hoping it won't be complete garbage.
  2. I have no problem getting players. But you do need to know the map to tag up on and I win most fights regardless of which server I tag up on or what players I have. You lose 1 fight stupidly and all skilled players leave. Overall WvW needs some fixes as they ruined lot of things: 1. No one really runs with less than 20 people these days. Even then only guilds. 2. The location you go to is super important these days. They buffed defending stats so hard that unknowing commander will take a fight that he has no chance winning. Like back in the day going to enemy garri with 10
  3. It was a nice discussion but seems like lot of you guys are just not seeing how WvW has gotten worse over time with all the changes to sieges, upgrade times, gimmicks and combat stats Lot of you guys are lacking reference point. All I see is dudes eating plain potatoes all his life thinking nothing can taste better. Summary of what I want is back the balance where smaller groups can take keeps from slightly larger groups granted they're more skilled, organisezd and smarter than defenders. And fix the fact that fighting inside objectives if defenders aren't using their many advantages sho
  4. Were a bad addition, trebs behind gate? Useless, ACs? Useless. Any long range siege? Useless. Omega golems? Useless. There were more skillful ways to play around these things before. WvW is just rams, alphas and shield gens now (no counter) as long range siege doesn't work. Just make them like pulse AoE damage reduction so you can still make siege tankier or push/hold a choke with them. Might be used less but at least they don't make 66% of other siege useless
  5. I like old WvW where fights were enjoyable everywhere. And sorry, sPvP isn't same as old WvW. Do you give that solution to everyone that doesn't like the new changes? Government passes a new law -> change country and never say you disagree with them? Hehe, talk about trying to be snarky. Edit: Also, biased, really? People are not allowed to have opinions anymore? To be biased, there would have to be another person I am agreeing with just because our personal connection. And I might actually enjoy my time on the forums once a week. Don't assume everyone likes, or should like, same thin
  6. It is true alliances are terrible idea. But relinkings are doing the same. Guilds don't have to PPT because relinkings provide them all population to stay in high enough tier to get fights. Stacking ain't necessarily bad and will always happen as people look for most fun server to play in. Cheap transfers and instability sucks tho.
  7. New thread is up with big solutions. Raising awareness first. Too impatient, son.
  8. S-tier problem (Fix ASAP: next patch) Objective claims: Ruins fights and promotes passive gameplay AoE superspeed cooldowns: 5 people cooldowns should be much higher or the buff should be weaker A-tier problem (Fix over course of following 2 months) Siege: Gens shouldn't block siege fire, siege vs siege damage should be higher Relinkings: Remove it and just make 4 or 5 tiers of servers. Upgrade Times: too fast, especially SM. B-tier problems (Fix over course of 6 months) Low CDs: Too much cleanse, boonrip, stab, barrier and CC. Up the AoE cds in WvW.
  9. Yea, the subforum isn't great. But it ain't like I am lying, I am just saying things as I see them. I am a big statistic person with longterm memory. People tend to judge me without knowing or remembering how WvW used to be.
  10. Woah dude, no reason to get offensive. I am just here tryin' to make wvw better for all of us. Fight same group inside a keep and the difference is night and day. Just draw conclusions from it and the fact that people learn from outcomes.
  11. Right now both are too split. Fighters: open field. PPTers: Get farmed inside keeps/near enemy spawn. Good old fights used to happen inside keeps durin' siegin', not anymore. Agreed, rework it, make it better. It used to be much better before they completely ruined it. Outdated is wrong word.
  12. Very few open voice commanders, only activity around primetime. Doesn't matter which server. Fights last like 10 seconds and losing server never bounces back. Even EotM arranged fights between 2 fighting servers are like this everytime. People stack, stack, stack. It's just a socializing game while farming bots. Focus party is gone, ranged tag is gone, cooldown management is gone, conditions are gone, reactive CC is gone. Scouts are gone, guilds are isolated entities, dueling is dead, roaming is ganking, servers don't have goals or events, too many useless classes. WvW is donezo
  13. - Increase in mobility: Game is too choochoo instead of strategical. Zoom through any choke. - Objective changes: Weaker walls, passive stats, faster upgrading, less siege vs siege damage, shield gens, banners, amount of supply. Ruined good balance. - Cooldowns too short: Theres always more stab, cleanse, protection, boonrip and aegis. Reacting was more skillful, boons are too perma. - Carebear: Increase in amount of available guilds killed community of guilds. Watchtower, sentries, faster upgrades and ewp removed importance (and activity) of scouts. Responsibility and sense of belonging
  14. Ye, point was it used to be better for fights. Sieging and defending both suck now too. Are you sayin' halvin' siege dmg to siege was a good decision? Are you saying banner tactics were good decision? Claim buff? Faster autoupgrades? They didn't adjust most of those things even once. It is like heartstone, add busted cards and people spend money. Add useless glamorous bad content and people come back for a week then buy gems with tears in their eyes. Your argument of making all complaining pointless would mean you don't care if defending stats were tripled and siege was made even more usele
  15. One can cheese in and take down defendin' siege over time, nothin has changed regardin' that. Fights are the major issue. The real problem is lack of motivation to attack anythin since the fights _are terrible_. Yes, defendin' was ruined when they halved all siege damage to siege and added shield gens but attackin' needs to match regardin' combat stats so the game is fun again.
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