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  1. bandwagonners don't have pride, identity or any kind of honor, and they are 80% of population. linkings and growing bandwagon mentality of playerbase in this game is the reason why i stopped playing, liek you said there is nothign to fight for, no motivation, allinces will just make few people who still cares leave the game. gw2 wvw is the gamemode for cheap wins and banwagonning
  2. send the proof to me, i will post, it is worth.
  3. i don't care about rules that defend cheaters and exploiters, rules can be changed
  4. people should know the names of cheaters, post it. if Anet ban you for providing proof, they will admit that they encourage cheating and unfaire gameplay.
  5. why? just ban them for 7 days for afk pip farming, this will not affect other players and will make them stop doing it after 5-10 bans in a row. ArenaNet just need to take a step and make some actions. Problem solved.
  6. yea that what i was talking about mentality of players in wvw
  7. ofc with friends (never expected anything else), to gank solo players and \laugh when you kill them. all friend are thieves ofc
  8. i was talking not about this. i was talking about many situations when 5-6 player run across map to kill you after you killed smb of them 1vs1, after they ganked you they corspse jump and laugh at your corpse alltogether. you will become such player unless you leave
  9. leave before you became a toxic, corspe jumping, laughing while ganking a solo player with a zerg bandwagonner
  10. just buy gems for gold, not for real money. problem solved
  11. just buy a 240 hz monitor with Gsync and enjoy games without all this stutter on 60 hz monitos
  12. group of players = group of heroes, heroes are the same players, just better becasue you dont need to waste time on waiting people and communicating with them. Just make the team composition you want with heroes and play the way you want, no the way these meta builds copypaste nobrainers demand.
  13. Heroes are a good idea, i have been able to complete most of the content easier and faster with heroes + henchmen in GW1 than with actual people. Heroes are great solution for skilled players who don't want to play with other people or carry them through content, for those who simply don't like to play together with other people. Give us a chance to complete everything without interacting with people.
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