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  1. Its kind of always been on the border of meta in some form hasn't it? It has enough weird little quirky tricks that are useful to have even if its only from one player. Its gotten pushed to the side by firebrand primarily but its always been usable at worst.
  2. I'd be a bit concerned about mace too. You'd expect to be using it a huge amount, there isn't much room for imaginative or creative uses of signets and non existent toolbelt skills.
  3. I haven't been using Ranger pet in years but micromanaging helped a lot tbf. Ranged ones were easy enough to control, even in wvw. They were a lot weaker but theres room to split things between pve and pvp. I expect pets could use a fair bit of work in the mean time and being careful about things that will mess up pathing in environment design will be important. I dont see it being meta even if it is strong ultimately. You (and more importantly other people) wont want to be relying on an AI in more competitive environments basically. Hopefully it'll be good fun and mostly viable despite t
  4. I always found the collection part a thousand times easier and more interesting than turning the precursor into a legendary. Farming Mystic Coins is a pain. In general i dont think its really worth actively grinding for most of the legendaries. Spend and hour some day out in Ember Bay farming nodes between doing something a bit more engaging like strikes or wvw or pvp. After a while you'll just have the vast majority of the collection done or the mystic coins gathered and you can pick up the last bits in a day or two, instead of spending 2 months on a potentially tedious fetch quest
  5. I enjoyed playing it. But I play all 9 classes and the projectile hate issues would stop me playing it in loads of situations like wvw (probably). But it was fun and quite cool in parts. Its issues are straightforward enough to fix anyway
  6. Yeah Jahai was a fun map. Very silly, very surreal in parts. Ending the story with Aurene's visions was a nice bit of more serious drama to balance it out too.
  7. Playing this recently i'm just reminded how much I adored this season. I loved the whole thing, maps were great, some of the best metas in the game but the story in particular i feel the need to rant a bit about due to it being so kitten excellent. The writing was just hilarious, Taimi's 'Die Branded Scum HAHAHAHAHA', had me in stitches and Brahams 'praise joko' were just such perfect moments. Joko was one of the weirdest and most unique antagonists in a game I've ever seen and still managed to leave us with a really interesting, thoughtful idea on the 'only a total lunatic would be stupid eno
  8. I kind of see where they were going with the inital trait choice of nerfing some part of core guardian and removing the passive buffs on the virtues. If your trying to make the mobile, big damage guardian spec then shaving off some utility, tankiness or group healing just makes sense really. Hell removing all of the above is the only way to get it into thief territory. Removing the justice passive feels counterproductive though due to how many damage traits are associated with burns being on enemies. This is a damage focused elite isn't it? And I dont think guardian will ever really be in
  9. That in particular felt like a problem. Quickness is just so much better than anything else that i dont want to change attunement when the sphere is up. Make them all give quickness and just change the combo field, theres already a trait that can give secondary attunement specific buffs like protection (which is pretty good too tbf but quickness is just better) Or maybe if the spehere had better uptime i'd just get 100% quickness uptime naturally alongside the other buffs and that could work?
  10. I found it quite hard to judge this spec. I kind of felt that if the sphere was more available and manageable it probably would have been drastically better and its mechanics might have felt more impactful and useful. But it wasn't so it just felt like a bad core d/d ele. I liked the idea, i think theres potential for a class that i'd adore but every piece of it in this beta wasn't at a usable, enjoyable level to really judge.
  11. I guess i kind of like the basic idea to most of them? Its hard to judge at this point
  12. Air 4 is pretty annoying tbh. I dont feel fast or mobile with hammer, getting thrown miles out of range of most of my attacks feels really counterproductive. And yes, i've thrown myself off cliffs a few times with it already which is ok, i seem to have a talent for doing that in games but its more often just throwing me off a small platform thats a bit annoying to get back onto without a mount and with in combat movement speed. I've taken to looking for a wall to put my back against before using it (yay bad camera angles as i see the inside of that nearby wall) or just not using it (despi
  13. To be real the healing on saints shield is really, really op. Like 2.5k healing and barrier without a single point in healing power is kind of crazy. 1.5k of each in pvp is still really strong. Its just a bit weird when guardians heal on roll trait heals for 250 or so (which is way too low). Its kind of borderline redundant at that strength were it single handed is going to keep 5 peoples health topped off in most pve content isn't it? Adding an aoe heal and urn and possibly ventari just feels like serious overkill on healing without a huge amount else to offer a group in support. Bit of
  14. The difference between potential damage and real world damage with this is going to wide. It'll definitely be moaned about incessantly. I'm pretty ok with it after a brief test because everything else feels pretty weak overall. Some good utilities and the elite was interesting, maybe a bit too mandatory with the gunblade cooldowns? Pistol is quite cool, i liked that. Obviously the dragon trigger is completely mental but after a 5 second channel and losing all the regular bursts and flow filling up a lot slower than adrenaline making a lot of traits pretty weak, it really, really should be
  15. I can understand not loving the gameplay of it (i do) but in terms of balance i just cant imagine it ever being a problem. Like i forgot to list the built in evade on sword 3, hammer 3, staff 5 and the 2 second block on greatsword. The next dodge is ready, always. If all else fails (i'm really struggling to see how you run out of dodges and blocks on this) then Jalis leaves you better equipped to tank damage than any other spec i can think of. I quite like Mirage too and i've always used energy sigils on mesmer - you get a clone when you dodge from dueling. I like this and find it fu
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