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  1. Yeah I feel the same way. I’m actually so disappointed by everything I’ve seen that I filed for a refund for EOD the other day after the latest guild chat. Everything I’ve seen has just shown that this expansion isn’t worth $30 and I have really low standards for what I’d pay money for. I was only excited for two of the elite specs and was going to make new characters just for them. Three others I was probably going change existing characters to have the spec but I’m also fine keeping them the way they are. The others I hate or hate the direction they’ve gone in since t
  2. The spec feels a lot less awkward to play now that the player doesn’t have to manage flipping the two stances. That said, energy meld still has the problem of it being now useless for other legends besides the legendary alliance. It can keep its new functionality as an endurance gain but it needs to also have its old functionality back as an energy gain as the other legends suffer from lack of a means of restoring energy besides legend swapping. I don’t understand the greatsword buffs. Last beta, I felt the greatsword was needed to be nerfed not made better. Vulnerability and
  3. If life force no longer drains as in the first iteration, then Corrupted Talent should probably be changed. If the desire is to have a power trait line on this spec, more attention needs to be given to support that build, otherwise scrap it and focus on condition damage. Wicked Corruption should be changed to something else besides more strike damage per blight stack. Currently, if taking a power build, one gets more damage from taking Vile Vials with the vulnerability application. While the traits and some skills can support a power build, the shroud is entirely geared t
  4. I really like the changes to the jadetech sphere, it’s reliable and useful now. That said, my main gripe with the spec is that the traits feel like the player will only be able to take advantage of them if in a group setting or using the hammer. In solo play using core weapons, other than a few random skills there’s not many ways to give yourself aura or to CC an enemy to take advantage of many of the traits. Most of the traits I ended up taking were vanilla utility traits that didn’t really feel like they added much as a specialization, though again this is from a solo play perspe
  5. Not totally sure if this is a bug or not but the unleash ambush skills on the core weapons feel kinda wonky, or at least on the greatsword it does. For starters, it felt like it only swapped over to the ambush skill if I was in combat. Then I after starting combat, I could reliably get the ambush skill and activate it but only if I hadn’t really done any weapon skills (or maybe just the 1, need to test that more) but if I tried unleashing mid rotation, it would change to the ambush skill but it’d be put on cooldown. Then at some point it’d swap back to the regular version of the skill
  6. I like it, I just feel it needs two changes. I feel like the turtle gets too hard to control too quickly. They said that it would get harder to steer the faster it goes, which is fine, but it feels like moving right away from being stationary is already difficult to steer. Additionally even though it’s intended to be a multiplayer mount, as the first combat mount, it’s a bit boring for the owner. The crash down isn’t stimulating enough and the owner could really benefit from the ability to switch to the gunner seat (if empty) to turn it into a stationary artillery unit. So
  7. While the quality of life and survivability changes for Dragontrigger are nice, I'm confused by a lot of the other changes made to this spec since the last beta it was in. It felt like they changed a lot that was fine before and overlooked the problems it had. I also posted feedback from the first iteration of Bladesworn on page 5 so please look there as well for any clarity on my previously noted problems with the spec. Dragontrigger It's still too easy to self interrupt this stance. Make it so you can't walk out of this, the priority action should be staying in Dragontri
  8. I like the Untamed in concept but it could use some reworks. First of let me say I like that this build focuses more on power damage as soulbeast is heavily condition focused and druid, while can be played both ways, is so heavily skewed towards pure support that it makes making a dps build with it moot. The pet The pet skills should have the have the ability to set a loop cast the same way we can set a weapon skill (usually the basic attack) to automatically cast off cooldown. Additionally, the pet not having access to its normal skills in unleashed form is making
  9. Finally I can give feedback on an area I'm very familiar with! Warrior is my main and have both a Berserker and Spellbreaker and have experimented with countless other builds and weapon combos. It makes me sad to see everyone's opinion on the current state of warrior before Bladesworn so I did a lot of tests to try to give the best feedback I can. In summery, a lot of Bladesworn feels "just ok enough to not be a problem" but could use some tweaks to make it easier to hit that sweet spot. Notes on functionality: You can't go into dragontrigger if you are moving and
  10. Vindicator as a specialization feels slightly off. The greatsword as a weapon feels too strong. The focus from energy to endurance is a bit awkward. Upkeep skills remain actively draining energy when doing the dodge/leap; they should probably either be disabled when activating the dodge (and possibly reenabled after it finishes) or make it so it doesn't drain any energy when doing the dodge. Having the F2 refresh endurance is fine when in the Alliance legend but the other legends are really hurt but the sudden inability to refresh some energy. You can take the "gain energy on legen
  11. Overall the Catalyst seems ok in a group setting. But its traits and mechanics don't help too much in a solo setting. The main issue is the jadetech sphere. It feels like it has too long of a cooldown, takes too long to build up, and drains energy too quickly. It also seemed like they shared the same energy pool so putting out multiple spheres feels like it drains them quicker. I think they also seemed larger in the preview video, currently they feel too small to combo effectively. Another problem is that core weapons don't feel like they synergize that well with this s
  12. First of all not too crazy about the name but it's kinda growing on me; kinda on the fence whether or not I think it needs a new (lore appropriate) name. So overall I like the spec. I like the how the traits are arranged, especially the trade offs in the first tier. I don't know if it was a tooltip error but it seems like the alacrity given in the Resolve grandmaster trait isn't long enough to really make the trait worth using (even when taken boon duration traits and stats the tooltip stayed at 1.75 secs); might need longer duration. My main problem with the spec is th
  13. Tried running a strike damage build. While I felt like I could make a decent build centered around that, shroud felt distinctly geared towards condition damage which feels odd given the choice to include trait lines for both types of damage. It would be nice if maybe the skills had higher base damage and less torment and then maybe one of the traits adds the torment back in for condition builds. Overall I like elixirs, though it is a bit boring to have them all basically the same icon. The radius on the elixir share feels like it needs to be larger. I like the risk vs reward aspect
  14. So I don't really play mesmer normally which is why I was testing Virtuoso to see if I'd like to play one now. But given my unfamiliarity with the class, take what I say with a grain of salt. I'm pretty happy with the spec from what I tested. Dual swords and the Dueling/Domination specializations seem pretty synergistic and strong with the strike damage trait line. Damage seems a bit high, at least from the perspective of someone playing close range, but numbers can be adjusted. Design and functionality seemed well thought out. My main issue, which just might have been
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