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  1. At the end of character creation why not allow for a text box that lets us write our own backstory? Or stretching it further having a personal log to take notes etc. Maybe that's too much, but I think it'd be great 🙂
  2. You've hit the nail it on the head. My complaints aren't that what's in the expansion aren't going to be fun, but I don't see how it'll help the game in the grander scheme of things. My suggestions and whatever are more just me trying to provide ideas instead of just saying 'fix this' But of course you'll always get people that will say it's not possible and too much work. For instance a few years ago I made a post asking for co-op mount. Loads of people saying (It'll never work, too much work for Anet and server issues) and with expansion we get the siege
  3. For sure I agree on a level. At the same time I think it's balance. Sometimes just being quiet and accepting things as they are would cause no conversation on any level. Nothing would change and it would become stale. For the most part that is exactly what I do. I understand why things are the way they are and I enjoy the game. This post isn't my view of the game, just of how I'm viewing the expansion and what I feel it's adding to the game. Good or bad is entirely subjective and no one is wrong for thinking otherwise, it's down to the individual to value it's worth. Ye
  4. A good point. I do, do things outside of the game and play other games, lately I've been playing Soul Sacrifice delta, Niota, Don't Starve Together, in variations. Also really interested in the upcoming 'The Anacrusis' a co-op shooter made by the lead writer of L4D2 and Portal 2. I draw, which is it's own journey. Of course reading, been reading Dune The Messiah, also board games (whenever I can take hostage of a few people). I respect your comment as being productive, but tbh I kinda wish people would focus less on me and more on the game. Because it does have it's fl
  5. I'm articulating between what I want/expected from the game vs trying to think more on the scale of what would be better for the game for everyone. Those opinions can cause contradictions in what I'm saying and should state more clearly where I'm talking from. I must admit that's laziness on my part. This is what I find difficult about posting on forums. It's difficult to find the way to best describe where your head is at with the game.
  6. Just to be thoughtful with the content they're implementing, finding ways to deepen the systems that already exist and finding ways to enhance them, as was done with masteries in HoT. Just adding more 'new' isn't going to solve the issue the game always faces when content starts to run dry. I'm not bothered I didn't get what I want, this isn't what this post is about and shouldn't be the take away. You can't deny that GW2 has an issue with the consistency of it's content. The games content stream has always been unpredictable. So I guess I'm saying a solution would be
  7. I just feel the game is at a point where they need to be more thoughtful with what they're implementing in the game. Right now GW2 is huge, there's soo much to do it's seriously incredible. But it's also really complicated to navigate, all these different items, currencies, vendors you have to go to, but only in certain maps, I believe they said the new strikes were going to be in the new zone only? Why not just add to the eye of the north, just have one zone for strikes, it just makes things more complicated for no reason.
  8. This is kind of the problem no? Anet have built a game way to big for them to even support, so why add more content that will develop a community for it to be dropped?
  9. EDIT: To all people that are thinking this is doom and gloom and I'm just stomping my feet because I didn't get what I wanted it's not. I'm just disappointed and wanted to vent. I've spent a good amount of time on GW2 over the years so yeah as a human you get invested. I think EoD is gonna be fun, no doubt a lot of work has gone into it, but I just can't help but feel it's not really adding anything the game needs and that just leaves me feeling a bit 😕 . I'm not trying to push down anyone's enthusiasm for the expansion, all this is, is a personal expression and opinion of an individual.
  10. Just a small thought about the ally buffs. Switch the specter and shroud 1,2,3 skills so that Shroud is the one offering the buffs. Making shroud is where barriers and boons are distributed.
  11. This is mainly a reply. Alt tabbing's fine, for sure a more miscellaneous request. Not that bad of a thing to have to do. It's just I've found the companion app far more helpful with boss timers, bank, items on my characters, rather than alt tabbing to check times and while having all these tabs open. Would like to just have an all in one place to access this information on my phone. Not to mention if there was a build template, I would love to just mess around with builds on the bus or something, but using the internet on the phone isn't ideal, it's super
  12. Hello 🙂 The Feedback: Harbinger trait: Twisted Medicine Elixirs buffing allies shouldn't be a trait and should be tied to how they work as a mechanic. Maybe instead, sacrificing applying conditions on enemies with Elixirs for buffed effects to allies. Really loving it overall and super interested to see where you take this spec 🙂
  13. I know you're all working hard on EoD right now and I can't wait to play it, it's seriously looking amazing. Now It's probably a tired request, but is something I would love to see sometime in the future. You can download some really well made fan-made companion apps (I highly recommend) , though I would love an official one. I'd love an app to access all things GW2: Inspect my account Event timers Trading Post Forums/Patch notes Build editor (like GW2 skills) Guild chat The last few might be a bit of a dream, but I think it would be a
  14. Amazing post, loving the ideas behind these changes. Cant wait to try.
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