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  1. Good to know I'm not the only one, has happened 2 times today and the same yesterday 😞 Been doing the world boss rush, so probably why.
  2. This thread has gotten me thinking about downstate more as a mechanic. I think a good middle ground would be 1 downstate per life (PvP) and just removing necros ability to self heal on downstate. Downstate should be focused more on abilities that apply status effects and getting away. Yeah the rezzing is annoying, it's what I think breaks the flow of it, which lead to the thought of removing downstate altogether. Of course it's only speculation on how it would work until we saw it work and managed to see the information on how players play aro
  3. Yoooo, you've brought your notes haha Those are interesting points. It'd be interesting to see. I think you're points on competitive should be across the board. Maybe not WvW but SPvP for sure. When I talk about PvP I should be clear I'm mainly thinking about SPvP the more tightly confined fighting. Thanks for the reply pal 🙂
  4. I like this idea. Plus also having one down state per life. Is it like that now?
  5. I did play it then to be fair. Haven't played PvP for a little while now, just coming back again to GW2 again. Just been remembering some issues I've had for a while. Downstate has been one of them. I still just wasn't a fan of it. Maybe more palatable, but personally would prefer it to be removed.
  6. Yeah I saw they did one, but I missed it unfortunately. It seems to have been received very well. The fact that they're experimenting with it via events is very promising.
  7. Interesting. Yeah I see what you mean now. But yeah It should just be removed instead of trying to compromise or 'balance' it. As you've stated yourself has not been balanced well thus far. I hope to see Anet be a bit more brutal with chopping their game up a bit.
  8. I think it's to make PvP a more 'forgiving' experience. Which for me takes the point out of PvP I think removing downstate would increase the speed and competitive nature of the mode. I love getting into PvP for a bit of trash talking and competitive spirit. Because sometimes you just gotta be a kitten 😜 Personally I'd love to see a box you can tick in matchmaking to 'Tick' or 'Untick' downstate to see which truly works better. It's just my opinion from a consumers perspective. Thanks for sharing your thoughts though pal 🙂
  9. I think that's the problem with having a downstate to begin with. I think it's main purpose is really to ease people into the PvP so it isn't as 'Hardcore' but I think this is hurts the mode more than help. I've never really took the time to learn the downstate abilities or anything, because I've never liked it in PvP. Plus being in a downstate isn't fun for anyone. I don't think it's a live or die situation, I just think the mode would benefit more from removing it. Plus this could make the game easier to balance with 'less' to think about. I don't know though, for me it just does
  10. No matter on how you feel about the 'balance' of it, I just think it breaks the pace of the mode. I never feel good getting a kill from a player who's in a downstate and feel cheap when I get one from the downstate. For me it slows down the mode and hinders more than helps the experience. What do you think?
  11. Yeah mate it's really pissing me off. Currently trying to grind map currency for Skyscale, making an already pain in the ass task more arduous.
  12. I don't know if it's because of whole corona virus, but GW2 seems to be laggin quite a lot. I thought it was just my connection, but it lagged at my friends house and my other mates house when he tried to play. Also notice people complain more about it in the chat. Anyone else been thinking this?
  13. Why can't I give my noob friend a piggy back on my raptor? C'mon Arena Net, make it happen. Shouldn't be that hard to do, right?
  14. Well, all "modern" mmorpg are like this : so easy and soloable + all tool to find group w/o speaking to anyone.I don't like these thing and still ask party in chat map and try to speak with people in meta group trying to be funny and have some fun with few people.I don't like what "mmo" have become.At this point I'm just waiting for Pantheon, seem the only mmo project what actually gonna be a true mmo.I'm always a bit sad and I look at what mmo are these day, I miss old MMO like L2 where nothing was achievable alone without speaking to other.That also a big problem from "no class role", if no
  15. Yeah I know exactly what you mean. I'm not that guy that's just saying Hi in Map chat. I'll specifically whisper some or try to party up. Just gets ignored :/ I get that it's done in Guilds, but I like in other MMOs sometimes just watching the random conversations that ensues. Don't really get anything like that. It's very quiet most of the time.
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