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  1. Shhh before they hear you. They won't buff the other lines but they will just nerf defense so it's on Arms level. This is the Anet way
  2. This is my concern ^ warrior currently doesn't offer much in support in 2023 and definitely can't compete with any of the other support builds currently. Now if you make staff so op that it does it will last 5 minutes before it is nuked in competitive. I've came to accept that warrior hits things until they die and if I want to play support I'll relog and play support. Without any new traits/utilities staff alone can not save/create support warrior so I'd rather it enhanced what we have....let's throw spears and do damage. I'd rather be solid in one area than weak in all to fill a roll other classes can do so much better. Not every class needs to do it all and that's why I play warrior.
  3. Rework mace or sword then since they are garbage. give me an F1 spear that pulls people, hell just copy the DH one. Don't give me boons because they will be deleted and I'm not sure shouts can take another round of deleting them. Anet can not balance warrior support as clearly shown.
  4. I really hope it's not a support weapon because it will be nerfed so hard that it will be useless in competitive
  5. Personally I love core warrior and use it mainly for roaming it's really the perfect core class for me.
  6. Also there's a mandatory clause in the contract that atleast one warrior must be norn.
  7. Honestly I don't hate it but I ultimately want it to be come an elite skill kit like mortar. Keep dragon trigger as an f2 and let us have core bursts. Please let me re skin it! you tried Anet but just let it go.
  8. Seriously.... Meditations skills are trash Revenge counter increases the damage from non to...non... Boon removal gone Boon removal damage.....hitting for 45/60 damage...the hell is that? Damage on CC gone Full counter....now just used to take a free hit since it hits like a noodle Sustain gutted to the point of it being a joke It's 2023 and I'm still playing core warrior 2.0 with the same utilities and 2 out of 3 of the mandatory trait lines. Give us utility (boon removal/revamp meditation skills) or damage (so many useless 0 dmg cc skills) or sustain because you currently have took them all. Weapon "master" class out performed by almost every other class using the same weapons as us. TL:DR don't buy the expansion because core warrior lives on.
  9. I'd like the staff to support a physical skill playstyle like for eg you plant the staff in the ground and use it to kick people back. Think more daredevil but without the jumping around evades more like a solid wall that can parry. And if they want to make skill 5/burst a tether like scorpion wire that would just be perfect. I know people want a support weapon but after seeing the banner disaster and the shout nerfs I think we need to accept warrior goes brrrr and that can be ok if it's done well. Anet can not balance our sustain/boons.
  10. I'd trade it all..........for dual wield pistols, seriously why can't we dual wield wasn't that our thing? Trying to roam in wvw I just can't put my finger on it but I can't make it work. If it hit like a truck I'd accept the clunkiness but when my burst is not dodged or jumped over sometimes I hit for a few thousand and at that point axe 2 is quicker and I sacrifice no mobility. I've just accepted that I'm more zerker/SB than stationary samurai
  11. Thanks for the answers I'll join my servers guild in time for the next one
  12. Never bothered with a guild as my server was enough but in Anets eyes to improve the game im put with strangers who have never played wvw and who will likely never come back. i honestly don't understand the point of any of the betas, it's impossible to make things even when you put guildless raiders Vs organised guilds of platinum players. anyway rant over... Is it too late to join a guild and play with my old server? If not for this week maybe the next?
  13. I must be honest I'm not excited for most of the warrior patch and it's likely the end of spell breaker in zerg Vs zerg but the old Arc divider makes me really happy. Probably just nostalgic but I'm going back to berserker hopefully
  14. "Winds of Disenchantment: Lowered the duration from 5 seconds to 4 seconds in WvW only. Break Enchantments: Increased the number of boons removed from 2 to 4 in PvE only. Reduced the number of boons removed from 2 to 1 in WvW only." Baffled...... SB already is useless in zerg Vs zerg why even bother giving us boon removal at this point
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