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  1. It is time to make mesmer great again! https://i.imgur.com/UA2f5BQ.jpg
  2. Only options 1 and 4 could be considered rigging the match maker.
  3. Things you could do: 1) if you are playing at low population times, figure out who you are playing against at your rating that you can't beat and wait for them to get in a match. 2) play at higher population times of the day. 3) Leave the queue and rejoin if your queue time is going much over the average. That will lower the rating differential in the matches. 4) Find someone to duo with preferably on a smurf account. Having someone with a lower rating will lower your team MMR which will lower queue times and stack the match in your favor if they smurfed their rating enough.
  4. Either get rid of duo que or don't let people duo queue with more than 100 rating difference. It is too easy to get favorable matches by queuing with a friend on a smurf account. The majority of the imbalanced matches I'm seeing this season are a result of duo queues. The duos are either 1) people that are try-harding and really aren't at the level they are queuing at, or 2) they are two good players one on their main account and one on a smurf. If those two end up on opposite teams you get 500-80 matches. Also, forcing longer queue times would encourage the top players to play at the same time vs. ducking each other in queues.
  5. I would say neither. The most important is to get a larger player base. No algorithm will be able to make good matches when the player base is low, and people are allowed to play a wide variety of builds. To me that is on the community to grow itself. There are a variety of builds that are effective, so I don't think that is an issue. The way the system is now you can make completely ineffective builds at any skill level as well as very effective builds that are very easy to play. They could "improve balance" by limiting build choice to vetted balanced builds, but people won't like that. There are already sites that give build advice so people should be able to choose effective builds if they put forth some effort.
  6. That is not factually accurate. If you are getting around 12 pts for a win loss you are playing teams at your ability level. If you are consistently winning or losing at that point differential you are either better/worse on average than people at that rating. If you placed too low at the start of the season you will end up with a positive w/l ratio. If you placed too high it will be negative. If you are better than the rest of the population, you will consistently be getting less points in your matches e.g. 4-8 for a win and losing much more. If you belong at that level you will have a higher than 50% win rate. Opposite thing if you are playing much worse than the rest of the population. You will be loosing 4-8 pts and winning much more.
  7. I'm pretty sure verbal abuse is the only thing that gets accounts suspended from the report feature.
  8. The new patch has had me and others crashing a lot. It takes way to long to restart. that crash window wants to stay up to send a report but if you don't end task or immediately close it it takes way to long to get back in your match. From my experience it seems like engineer gernades and theif bow are going off when it happens.
  9. this. They need to be so broken you have to buy it for raids, wvw, and pvp.
  10. It is pretty strong in WvW blob vs. blob. Make it much harder for more skilled/organized smaller blobs to take out the larger less organized/skilled blob.
  11. Have to agree with this. Matchmaking that puts 3 gold players vs. a bunch of legendary and pro leaguers should get this kind of reaction.
  12. Make all alt accounts use the same rating as the main.
  13. Only way this gets fixed is for someone to post videos of them speed farming raids with it.
  14. mesmers sure complained about it a lot, and P/P thiefs. Guardians could spam it pretty hard.
  15. The link below has a high level summary of the rating system. As you play more matches your rating deviation will go down enough that when you are playing teams at your rating level you will gain/lose around 11-13 pts per match. Since ratings can change fairly quickly, and there is the reset at the beginning of the season there will be people that are outside their rating level in some matches. When I ran the numbers from the wiki, the rating deviation settles at around 60. It is equivalent to a standard deviation so that means that the system is 95% sure your rating is +/- 2 deviations or +/- 120 rating pts. PSA how placements work - Page 2 - Player vs. Player - Guild Wars 2 Forums
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