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  1. A lot actually. That's the main complaint I hear, which is why I started this topic. Insta-kill/One Shot Mechanics are bad, no one likes then and they should be addressed, you are right. However I never heard someone say that's the reason they don't participate, which is why I didn't speak on it. There are Time Requirements in all parts of the game. With it being a raids, it being meant for a group of 10, and it being end of game content. Spending a certain amount of time in them is to be expected. Specially to learn mechanics. Again I never heard anyone complain that they couldn't l
  2. You are right, I didn't ask for suggestions, but by providing one you would have made the argument that my suggestion is bad more cogent. Secondly if you went back and read my original post, you would see that I never said I couldn't do it, I say people couldn't do it. Despite your assumptions, this isn't about me. It's about people I know and spoken with who have given up trying to participate in raids, for the reasons I listed in said post.
  3. This has been a raid boss feature since raids came out, but it has done nothing other than alienate players from raids. This feature actively changes the focus of raids from working together as a group, to meeting a group quota. A DPS quota. In fact, almost always, if a boss mechanic doesn't wipe-out the group, it's just flat out ignored in exchange for attacking the boss. Because focusing on a mechanic, means not attacking the boss, which means lower dps, and ultimately an enrage. Now I'm not saying this feature can't be used. For instance an argument people have made over t
  4. I agree that the weapons have been rather lack luster in recent years. Anet has been diverting to quantity over quality , and it's happening throughout the game not just weapons. They really need some better editing in the game overall.
  5. It's been over 3 years since this post was made, and everything they said still holds true to this day. For some reason, that I cannot fathom, armors have these strict silhouettes that do nothing but restrict character customization and design. The amount of armors in the game could increase by nearly 1/4, by simply going back to existing armors, editing them and providing us with a second version of them which will give us a different silhouettes . For example: (as seen on humanoid male characters) Medium armor : Stalwart Jerkins. By removing the lower part of it, and just follow
  6. I'm having the same issue. I made a post here a few days ago, but got 0 responses. I've tried all Judge events, multiple times, on different characters and none are getting the item again. Which sucks because I got all the other items a second time after I deleted them.
  7. I've been trying to complete the Achievement: Recitation of the Litany of Deed (the one where you take the items to historian Elisa, for the Funerary shoulders) and one of the items no longer drops. I deleted Tales of Judgment along side others before I knew I actually wanted to complete the achievements, I have gotten all of the other items by completing their designated events again, but the Judge evens are simply not dropping the item anymore. I've completed all of the Judge events dozens of times and nothing drops.
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