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  1. This right here is exactly it. The GS5's range just doesn't make it as functional when it's less than half the total range of the weapon. Also I'm not saying there's nothing wrong with the GS2. I'm just saying that you can't say one skill in this long range weapon is perfect and the other needs lots of work, when both can only take full effect when they are used at close range. At the end of the day the topic of the thread is the GS5, it's functions, and possible improvements; not the Gs2 which deserves a thread of it's own.
  2. Having a skill with multiple functions doesn't impede ones ability to use critical thinking. Y'all I swear... You say GS5 is "perfectly fine" as a close range push, but then in the same post fail to apply that same logic to the GS2, which one could argue is "perfectly fine" as a short range burst. The cherry picking is next level. Bottom line is that the GS is a long range weapon that sits at 1200 range, therefore it is only logical to have all it's skills function at that 1200 range. GS2 at the very least can be activated at the full range; it's unblockable and it bounces
  3. Yes but the skill is only useful if they are within that 450 range. So if you are at max distance, you basically are down a skill. Having to move towards a boss or a WvW mob just to use it doesn't make sense which is why I suggested keeping it's function, and just adding the projectile wave so that even if you don't get the CC at a long distance you still would get an aoe. Ultimately, in my opinion, making it a more well rounded/functional weapon.
  4. The aura could be a "boost" that is needed to be for the unique items to become available as loot. So basically the chest could have 2 loot tables, one which would require the aura to access. I don't know how technically challenging that would be to implement though.
  5. I have a similar build but I use the scepter for the clone upkeep, that way I can bring Phantasmal Defender is place of Mirror Images. I feel it allows me more chances to shatter. I would also use the shield as oppose to the focus but that's all situational. Some places need more bar breaking than others.
  6. Honestly I have several things I hope would happen, including what OP said. However I have learned well enough in this game that developing expectation will just lead to future disappointments.
  7. I think that a lot of content in the game (not just JPs) would be used more if there was a chance for unique skins at the end of them. In the case of JPs, there would need to be a check point system introduced to them to make sure people completed the JP and didn't just park at the end or got portal-ed. Some Jp's already have check points, and others like the griffon run for instance, requires that you take the bomb from beginning to end in order to unlock the chest forcing people to actually complete the JP. In order to not pressure people and force them to "speed run", the system could be s
  8. Something that never made the most sense for me was the distance of the Great Sword skill 5, Illusionary Wave. I get it's propose, which is to get enemies off of you. But when the weapon has a max range of 1200, and you do more damage the further you are from your target, it doesn't make sense to have 1 skill in your bar that's less than half your total range. I suggest that the skill changes so that it keeps the Knockback for the initial 450 range but then then turns into a moving wave that just does damage for the remaining range.
  9. I don't want to say all of them needs to be redone, but a good 90% could be changed. Illusions of life? Has anyone ever successfully used this skill? And the thing is that it could be a really helpful and powerful skills if it just didn't send you back to downed state WITH a penalty if you failed to kill an enemy. So for example it could rez people with say 100% health but drop them down to 25 if they failed to kill and enemy (or whatever health % if may be) within a time frame. Killing them if they end up downed within that time frame. Mimic would be much cooler if it let you copy a skill
  10. I just logged in to try these and they are all functioning. Sword 3 says you get a blade IF your attack hits. I did not catch it not functioning. Signet does heal with blade creation, and restorative illusions does heal upon shatter, though that one I notice it seems to heal for one lump some. Dagger skills do also all generate blades. The tool-tips are not super explicit, but skills that create blades say blade on it (like they have an icon for blade) Even the GS skill descriptions change to add that while on virtuoso.
  11. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't read the whole thread. I just want to show support because I think this is something that we definitely need in the Mesmer; more distinguished Specs. I think keeping the F skill themes is a great way to maintain cohesiveness through out the profession. So F1=damage, F2=condition, F3=interrupt, and F4 being a defense. But then having different shatters styles for each spec would be a huge boost to the profession. Virtuoso already have that, so I personally wouldn't change it. Having Chronomancer do ground targeted shatters is something I've been advocating for a
  12. It seemed very obvious to me that if you were to play condi Virtuoso you would focus on blade skills which provide bleeding when traited correctly. Then you would supplement that with pistol, torch, and shatters which all can be traited to add condition. You don't get to do everything with every Spec at all times. It's just not gonna happen. It's like complaining that you can't do as much healing on a Druid when you are using a shortbow as oppose to a staff. But to be more mesmer specific, is like complaining that you don't do as much condi when using Sword or Greatsword as a Mirage and t
  13. I think these are definite improvements, but I still think the hammer needs more cohesiveness. All skills should be long distance, and that's the hill I'm going to die on. Every Spec has a leaning curve; but I have never had an issue creating a build using a Specs unique weapon, quite as bad I am for the Catalyst.
  14. We didn't get any of them. And just to clarify I by artsy I mean cut-scenes such as the ones we get after character creation. Don't get me wrong the cut-scenes we got were good, but the artsy style had been a staple for gw2 since launch, and there's wasn't a single one in this expansion. I legitimately look forward to them and was disappointed to not have a single one.
  15. True, but like I said I already had to turn off my back pack. So if I at the very least I could get the space over my charter's head clear that would be nice.
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