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  1. I'm not sure exactly what you found so bad about Jhavi or the Spirits. And if they are the central characters the story focuses around(which it did in Bjora) that literally does make them "front and center" by the very definition of the phrase. And again, I'm not exactly sure what you found unfinished. As I mentioned before, Bjora covered pretty much every single major Norn related topic as is. The Charr got two releases focused on them(Prologue/Ep3), The Norn got two releases focused on them(EP 1/2) and then they both shared Ep4 as a wrap up to both of their storylines. After
  2. Well they did have a different plan, and we saw it throughout IBS. IBS had a dedicated prologue chapter, unlike the other LW seasons(at least 2, 3, and 4) Instead of the "one release, one map, one story", release schedule we got in past LW releases, IBS took to doubling up releases/maps into two parts, for more development on those stories then we got in past LW seasons. IBS has 10 major releases to it, compared to other LW seasons. LWS2(8), LWS3(6), LWS(6). May have had 11 if they planned to do Braham's volcano journey as a full Visions of the Past update between episodes 6/
  3. The Norn prophecy set up at launch was that whoever cracked the tooth could defeat Jormag. Which implies it would be an individual effort, befitting of the Norn's individual focused mindset. And fitting of the Asgier legend where Asgier went off to fight Jormag with only a small hunting party, but ended up 1v1 with Jormag, and managed to hurt the creature by himself. The Norn in IBS were treated exactly like they always have been since GW1, with the exact same mindset, mannerisms, and identity from the get go. A race of individuals, with no leader, no armies, no real "civilization"
  4. Ironic you say this when, based off of what we know, even in the original plans for IBS the next two chapters were likely centaur related, and then we would have gone into the big meta battle. All three of those stories were literally as done as they ever would have been, the exact opposite of rushed.
  5. Because if you look at a map, Jormag's location is right by three major groups. The Charr in the Blood Legion Homelands, the old Norn territory, and the Centaur lands. So it makes sense those three factions would play a major role in IBS. Also -There are no "evil" Norn. The Svanir aren't considered evil in Norn society(thats why they are allowed in Hoelbrak), they just follow the dragon spirit, like other Norn follow the other Spirits of the Wild. This puts them in contention with other Norn, but that doesn't make them "evil". And we DID get the Svanir trying to invade places
  6. I don't think this was ever the case. -While all the dragons, Zhaitan included, had their minions show up in multiple maps in core, the real "fight" against Zhaitan consisted of three maps(Straights of Devastation, Malchor's Leap, and Cursed Shore), which were capped off by the Arah story mode dragon fight. -While the Arah story mode dragon fight didn't go so well, we saw this same basic pattern with Mordremoth. It had three lead up maps(Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, Tangled Depths), and then a big dragon fight meta in Dragon's stand to replace the story mode dungeon Zhaitan had.
  7. Except the Asura didn't get shafted. The big Asura story everyone wanted was us going underground, finding a lost Asuran city, learning about the Asura who stayed underground, and didn't come to the surface with the others, finding some lost tech/research that would help defeat Primordus, and deal with the Inquest trying to steal these Asura's research/information.... and we got that, all the way back in HoT and LWS3. In HoT we went underground(in Tangled Depths), found a lost Asuran city(Rata Novus), and learned about the Asura who stayed underground, while the rest fl
  8. Expand on WHAT exactly? They had already covered pretty much all of it by the time Jormag Rising was done. We Returned to the old Norn lands, and visited many of the famous settlements from GW1(Longeye's Ledge, Jora's Homestead, Sifhalla). Went to the place Asgier killed Frostfang(and even saw its bones), and fought Jormag. As well as learned the truth behind that encounter, and the Norn's exodus south. Fought and killed the Fraenir, the leader of the Sons of Svanir. Helped Jhavi get revenge on Drakkar for what it, and Jormag, did to her family, by helping her defeat it
  9. The entire Primordus arc wasn't crammed into Champions, and there was never going to be a "Destroyer Saga". You seem to forget, Living World Season 3 exists, and covered lots of Primordus stuff. And, if you compare it to the other dragons, it matches up -The real battle against Zhaitan was 3 maps(Straights of Devastation, Malchor's Leap, and Cursed Shore) capped off with the dragon fight in Arah story mode. -The real fight against Mordremoth was three maps(Verdent Brink, Auric Basin, and Tangled Depths) capped off with the dragon fight meta in Dragon's Stand. -The real fight aga
  10. Konig, your argument here makes zero sense. Being a hub of something does not mean being in the literal center of said something. Wheel hubs are in the center of a wheel, but the financial hub of a city can be anywhere in the city,. Likewise, California could be the hub of the highway network in the U.S., if most major highways met there. That wouldn't make California in the center of the U.S. Hub =/= literal center. It can apply to both a literal, and figurative, center. And yes, all those ley lines could meet up in Anvil Rock, if the ley lines under them were going in
  11. Champions added one, and only one. That being Dragonstorm. Taimi said that ley lines passed under the places the Icebrood attacked, not that those places were ley line hubs. Having a ley line under you doesn't make you a ley line hub. Ley line hubs are where multiple ley lines intersect. No one, not even Taimi, stated the DRMS were ley lines hubs. Not only that, but Taimi only mentioned ley lines being under where Frostbrood attacked, not where Primordus attacked. So even if she did say they were ley line hubs(she didn't) that would still only be 6 locations total(five DRMs and Dr
  12. The bow wouldn't be a particularly good bait. While Jotun fire magic is able to harm Jormag, Primordus's fire magic is literally THE weakness of Jormag. The bow is nothing compared to Primordus's power, and Primordus wouldn't have any reason to care for it. Likewise Braham, in the state he was in, really shouldn't care about the bow because his mind was lost to Primordus at that point, and he already has power greater then the bow. Continued from above, trying to use the bow as bait/plot device at this point wouldn't make sense because the bow is nothing compared to Primordus's power.
  13. Yes, where the ley lines meet, not where the DRMs themselves meet. The DRMs could be in Elona, and Anvil Rock could be where the ley lines met, because the locations of the DRMs has nothing to do with what directions the ley lines under them are going. For example, all the ley lines could hypothetically flow north-south(I know they don't actually) so you could have DRMs everywhere from Cantha, to Elona, to Tyira, and the ley lines all intersect on the North Pole, because that is where they all end up by going north-south. This was never stated in LWS1. All that was ever stated was that
  14. Easy. Because DRMs are literally something the forums have claimed they wanted for years. Its -Living World S1 style content. -That is repeatable. -That never goes away. -That expands upon the base game's maps and stories. -But doesn't permanently alter the base game's maps like Tower of Nightmares did. -The content scales based on how many people are in it, meaning its always playable for however long the game goes on for. Unlike a lot of map events/metas which are now impossible to do since no one plays them anymore. -The bosses are more challenging/have mo
  15. There was never going to be 4 more zones. The IBS portal tome had slots in it for four more episodes, but looking at Bjora and Drizzlewood, we would have gotten two new zones among those 4 episodes, and the last two episodes/last zone would have been the big meta fight where the two duke it out. The only "zone" we would have gotten for Primrodus was likely him invading the centaur homelands as the IBS trailer seemed to imply we would go next.
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