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  1. There's some dialogue one can overhear from some enemy NPCs that mention the beast is wailing around in the shadows, still trying to recover from its injures in the Amnytas meta, and they don't expect it to return to the front lines in the future.
  2. I highly doubt the gods expected a weapon made by them falling into the Mists, being chased after by a Charr who then makes a deal with Balth not knowing who he is, and using said god forged weapon to break the god forged chains keeping Balth imprisoned, for Balth to the seemingly steal Lyssa's mirror, use it to disguise himself as Lazarus, and then trick the white Mantel into following him, and using them to re-empower himself with bloodstone energy, and then steal a super weapon made by an Asura to further steal the energy of Primordus and Jormag to further power himself. Balthazar escaping and becoming an issue was a crazy string of events that no one could've guessed.
  3. While I know he wont see this Sunrise Crest is a body of water between the Wetlands, and Arid, landmasses. It is also not an area the priory has a map with trade routes leading to. The trade routes go to the "Sunken Islands" and "Wetlands" landmasses as seen https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/b/be/Tyria_(world)_map_2.png With translated version seen here https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/a/ac/Tyria_world_fan_map.jpg Showing the map does not have trade routes going to the "Sunrise Crest" but instead the "Wetlands" landmass. Arachnia technically isn't canon. The name only appears in the GW/dat file which has a bunch of stuff that never appears in-game, and has been cotradicted by in-game/later sources.
  4. I'm not sure where you got the idea that the minor races can't perform magic themselves when we see numerous NPCs do so. They don't have AS developed of magic as the major races, but they still have magic. Also the Wizards are a special group, the leaders. The Astral Ward are just people. Not everyone in the ward in a Wizard.
  5. This is so laughably wrong. Singular "they" has existed for ages, and a simple Google search will bring up many results on it. Its just used very rarely because in most instances you know the gender of the person you are talking about and so call them he or she. But its not uncommon in discussion for someone to say something like "but he said X, Y, and Z" only to get a response back of "Yeah, but then they said A". You could say "Yeah, but then he said A" or "Yeah, but then they said A", and both would be correct.
  6. Icebrood Ogres use the same model as Icebrood goliaths https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Icebrood_Goliath And they do show up in IBS in certain areas.
  7. Everything in the game thus far has treated it like its his name, and not a title.
  8. I mean, they let Khilbron turn one of the towers into his bedroom, why not Adelbern so long as he doesn't find some way to disrupt the magical protection it offered? Hell, having him use it as his bedroom could've been used to their advantage. A king's bedroom is one of the most protected places in a kingdom. Letting him use it just ensures its one of the most secure places in Tyria. Is it negligence? Maybe, but SOTO makes it clear that Isgarren has mega tunnel vision, and lets things slip that he probably shouldn't. That would just suggest not all the towers can be moved. Which nothing ever really suggested/said all of them could.
  9. This assumes they had enough forewarning about the Vizier reading the lost scrolls, or Adelbern using the Foefire, that they would've had the time to move them. Also assumes those towers can be moved. The Wizard's Tower is flying, so it makes sense it could be moved, and there was that old Dev talk about the Wizard's Folly Tower being chained down when doing experiments, and being able to move when something goes wrong. But there's nothing indicating ALL the towers can be moved. Its not really vague. Yes, the first line of "The stone was last in possession of a ward member at the former beacon in Ascalon. " can be treated that way, but the 2nd sentence of "It is mistakeable for an ordinary stone and likely still resides there. " adds clarifying information that makes it impossible to misconstrued. Isgarren mentions the Ward member who held the stone was at the Tower, and then mentions the stone is still there(at the tower). So the stone is at the tower, and the stone isn't located anywhere near the old Wizard's Folly area. If they wanted to imply the Beacon of Ages was the tower in question they could've easily just put the stone at the same place they added the book, near where the entrance to the old Wizard's Folly area was, that has the message from Aziure and opens the gate to the Beacon of Ages new location in the Horn of the Maguuma.
  10. According to the dialogue the stone was in possession of an Astral Ward member who was at the beacon, and Isgarren says it still resides there(the beacon). So the stone was at the beacon, and its at that tower, which would make the tower the beacon in question. And the towers we've seen so far haven't shared any consistent architectural style. The Wizard's tower, and the Beacon of Ages, don't. Given how Isgarren mentions the Wizard's tower taking on "many guises" over the year its entirely possible they are magical constructs that can change appearance under certain circumstances. Ehh, depending on how the tectonic plates on Tyria are its not that weird. Orr is small in-game, but if Tyria is even remotely the same of Earth its pretty massive. could qualify as a continent depending on how you look at it.
  11. One of the post SOTO collection achievements mentions that the tower in Ascalon you find the transport stone is a beacon, and there is dialogue in that same collection that mentions Vizer Khilbron's Tower in Orr was a beacon as well. That same bit of dialogue also mentions that there were multiple beacons in Orr. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Isgarren#Dialogue
  12. You not liking SOTO doesn't mean the mini-expansion turned out poorly, or that it was a train wreck. If anything, all evidence has suggested otherwise.
  13. Because its only been somewhat recently that certain groups have pushed to make these ideas, and choices, out to be some sort of "attack" that needs to be fought against.
  14. I'm so sick and tired of seeing this "we antagonized Balthazar" BS. Balthazar, while disguised, was blatantly lying about his identity, working with known genocidal terrorists, and was actively trying to get himself involved with the Elder Dragons and Aurene, the most powerful beings on Tyria, who controlled the fate of the world. Trying to learn the real identity of a person leading mass murdering terrorists, trying to get their hands on WMDs, is not antagonizing anyone, its basic due diligence. Any claim that we "antagonized" Balthazar is 100%, utterly, and totally, misrepresentation of what actually happened, and borders on a bold faced lie.
  15. Frode mentions that he needs to send someone to investigate casualties around Kirin Peaks, or something like that, in a random line you can hear in the Wizard's Tower hub.
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