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  1. Nothing I said was unprovoked. You attacked me first every single instance using the same sort of tactics I described previously. You started it every single time. The only community you could possibly know me from besides here is Reddit, and I don't tend to have these issues over on Reddit(unless its a conversation with you) because they act better. Not only is this a deflationary attack, this also borders on stalking, which is very creepy. Drax and I were actually having a very civil conversation until you came along and started attacking me for no reason... again. And I
  2. Or, you know, Dzalana is just a big place like any other region in the world. Ascalon, Kryta, the Shiverpeaks, the Maguuma, Orr, Vabbi, Kourna, Istan. the Echovald, the Jade Sea, Shing Jea, etc. Not sure if you know this but a region is not just the land directly under the text. Going from there the label is now to where it was in GW1 wouldn't even make it as big as Orr. Uhh GW1? https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Lieutenant_Murunda Harpies and Hylek coming out of the eastern region has been a problem for long enough that "long ago" the three princes used to provide a large a
  3. Well no it isn't. The GW2 map clearly shows Dzalana being on the Elonian continent, so I'm not sure what you are talking about there. Likewise the GW1 map, and both the GW1 and GW2 wiki's, list Dzalana as a part of Elona. There is nothing in any of the games suggesting Dzalana isn't part of Elona. The larger Hylek migration into Tyria not happening until after the Shiverpeaks melted doesn't preclude some Hylek having moved into Tyria earlier. Hylek had been migrating out of Dzalana for years before even Nightfall began, and EoTN is years after that. That some of them made it to Tyria b
  4. Pretty much this. Not to mention like... even after the Elder Dragon story is over, Dragon's Watch are the people who have spent the better part of the last decade on the front lines on fighting the greatest threat the planet has ever known. Whenever whatever comes after the Elder Dragons gets here, who else is better to fight said threat then the people who have shown clear skill in fighting those kinds of threats? We aren't going to just dump some of the most skilled people on the planet for a new cast just because we moved into a Mist Demon storyline or something after EoD.
  5. Actually there was a post back on GW Guru made by Regina Buenaobra that states that the Hylek are descendants of the Heket from Elona. So yes, they come from there. The Hylek we see in EoTN back in GW1 had seemingly only recently moved into the area. being confined to just Sparkfly Swamp and Magus Stones, lacking the entrenched position in the region we see them have in GW2. Well yes, no one said it was all sea. Obviously the Tomb of the Primeval Kings wasn't built on water. Both referenced sources have not only been heavily rectonned, but the latter even explicitly has a
  6. Except there is explicit dialogue in GW1, and the 20th anniversary artbook, that states Dzalana is the homeland of the harpies and Heket. The Harpies and Heket only started piercing further into Elona because the other prices left Ahmtur to defend the eastern border by himself when, in the past, all three princes used to do it. This is further corroborated by Guild Wars 2 where we are told the Hylek's appearance in Tyria started because of the melting of the lower Shiverpeaks creating land for the Hylek to move into, and them spreading from there. If you map out all of the Helyk villages(
  7. Everything you point out here not only doesn't contradict by statements(I said largely or entirely uninhabited, not just entirely uninhabited), but actually supports it. For instance Humans arrived on Cantha in 786 BE The Jade Wind occurred in 872 AE Hostility with the Tengu didn't begin until 880 AE, due to increased human habitation of Shing Jea as a result of the Jade Wind The factions manual points out that the Yeti(who live near exclusively on Shing Jea), have been the Tengu's ancient enemies since before Cantha existed as a unified nation The Tengu's la
  8. Humanity being prolific isn't that surprising when you factor in the Elder Dragons consuming almost all life on the planet last dragon rise. There's evidence to suggest most of Cantha and Elona were either largely, or entirely, uninhabited before humanity showed up. Explaining their rather quick dominance of both continents. Even going into Tyria, places Orr, and the Crystal Sea, were seemingly in the same situation. Only Ascalon, which itself was only populated by tribalistic Grawl before the Charr showed up, and the Kryta/Woodland Cascades region, seemed to have any sort of real habitat
  9. Well that map in the Priory from LWS2 had trade routes to the "Sunken Islands" and the "Wetlands" continent. So there has already been implications of two other human inhabited areas.
  10. Its not really that odd. IBS was the story of the Norn, and the more traditionalist Charr, having to face their problems. Rox, and the Olmakhan, weren't really a part of that because they were a splinter group that had already faced those issues, and moved past them. With the way IBS was seemingly going to go before they switched over to doing Champions, with a two parter in the Centaur Lands, and then a last two parter near Anvil Rock, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that characters like Rox, and Canach, weren't originally planned to be in the story at all, and they just added them in b
  11. I think the different between the Krait and Centaurs is that the Centaurs previously had lore about how the Tamini and Harathi were essentially being bullied into fighting humanity because they feared the power of Ulgoth the Mighty. They weren't just culturally evil people like the Krait are. This lack of true unity against humanity among the Centaurs makes it more possible for them to break apart after Ulogth's death, and have a bunch of them try to make peace with the humans after the war against humanity didn't go in their favor. There really isn't that same sort of logical trigge
  12. Except Champions isn't just one chapter in terms of how much storytelling time was given. The average IBS chapter story takes around an hour to complete, and a good half of that is just going around the open world map, and doing events, between the rather small instances. Even then, most IBS story instances are just walking along linear paths, fighting enemies, and listening to NPCs/The Commander talk to each other. Between The 10 DRMs(which can take around 15 minutes each to complete) The small conversations at the EoTN in between the DRMs The other instances like
  13. This. What we have seen from the vast majority of cultures across the world of tyria is increaidbly primitive and tribalistic. Grawl, Harpies, Hylek, Ogres, Ettins, Quaggans, Krait etc. Races with real societal development are comparatively rare. Outside of what is presumably the 4th human land shown on the world map from LWS2, I would expect most of the rest of the world of Tyria to be similarly underdeveloped. Hell, before humanity's arrival most of Cantha and Elona, and large part of Tyria, were barely inhabited, or totally uninhabited. Large parts of the rest of the world ar
  14. Except it wasn't, and Anet themselves have said it wasn't. We know that IBS was originally going to have 4 more chapters, instead of the four champions releases, and that the story of IBS wasn't changed all that much. If we look at the four Champions releases, we can easily see how those 4 chapters would have gone Chapter 5: Braham starts getting his "Destroyer sense" powers, and wonders what it means(like we saw in Champions P1 during the Rata Sum attack story instance, and Metrica Province DRM) Chapter 6: Braham continues to develop his "Destroyer sense" powers, questions ho
  15. It was the exact opposite of rushed. Braham's storyline, and path to that, began in November 2016 with the "A Crack in the Ice" update, continued into LWS4, and through IBS where the WHOLE STORY began with Ryland and Bangar stealing his bow. Literal YEARS of build up went into it.
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