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  1. The problem with this line of thinking is that things like Raids and Strikes have already proven to be... unpopular. Raids, and raid like content, has become increasingly unpopular among a wide swath of the MMO market. The reason being that most people who play MMOs do so casually, and most casual players don't care about raids. Strikes were meant to serve as Raid primers, teaching people raid like mechanics in an easier environment to prep them for doing actual raids. The problem with Strikes is that people who didn't do raids didn't do them not because they didn't kno
  2. Its not even that they are fallen Sifhalla, Volsung's Stead, and Gunnar's Hold, are buried under glaciers Jora's Homestad is now a small Vigil fort The "Haunted" Homestead is now part of the Raven Sanctum Longeye's Ledge has just collapsed, and is now Charr lands Olafstead, and the area around it, is now either underwater, or buried under a glacier There's nothing to rebuild, its all been wiped out besides the small Norn settlement in Drizzlewood, which is the only really important one given its proximity to shrine for the Spirit's of the Wild. If anyt
  3. No, you're missing the larger point. We did do those things, in some cases years ago. For the Asura. The big Asura story everyone wanted was us going underground, finding a lost Asuran city, learning more about the Asura who stayed underground to try to keep fighting Primordus, finding some lost technology/research they made to defeat Primrodus, using that to defeat the dragon, and dealing with the Inquest trying to steal it. Guess what, this story was covered all the way back in HoT and LWS3. Back then we Went underground(in Tangled Depths) Found a lost Asuran city(Rat
  4. Or, you know, they are going back to Drizzlewood Coast since there was an active settlement there recently. What are they going to resettle in Bjora? there isn't a single standing settlement.
  5. According to the wiki Taimi was born in 1313. We meet her in 1326, when she was 13 years old, and now shes like 21. Creating an exo leg isn't going to solve her problem. An exo leg isn't going to help much when your muscles decay to the point that you can't move your leg at all, and I doubt shes really gun-ho about cutting off her own legs to replace them with robot ones. Assuming they even have that sort of brain-chip like tech for wholly artificial limbs.
  6. He did. He Attempted to cause, or greatly accelerate, multiple large scale volcanic explosions in an attempt to empower his minions, and cause widespread destruction(Mount Malestrom, Ember Bay, Draconis Mons) Attacked Tarir, and tried to kill Aurene shortly after she hatched Launched a large scale invasion of Tyria that almost resulted in the destruction of Rata Sum, Watchful Source and Skrittsburgh, the Ascalonian Settlement, Ebonhawke, the Dragonsblood Weapon Forge, and the Flame Citadel In fact, I would say Champions actually helped in this third point. GW2 has
  7. Zhaitan: Straights of Devastation, Malchor's Leap, Cursed Shore, + Arah dragon fight Mordremoth: Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, Tangled Depths, + Dragon's Stand dragon fight Kralkatorrik: Domain of Vabbi, Jahai Bluffs, Thunderhead Peaks, + Dragonfall dragon fight Jormag: Bitterfrost Frontier, Bjora Marches, Drizzlewood Coast + Dragonstorm dragon fight Primordus: Ember Bay, Draconis Mons, the DRMs, + Dragonstorm dragon fight Primordus got more then just 10 minutes, he got pretty much the exact same amount of story content the other dragons did. Had Champions not
  8. The pirates in Istan were just pirates who stole the airship while on a drunken rampage. They were not aetherblades who forgot who they were. If anything I suspect the Aetherblades are just going to be pirates in the Canthan region, who may have some lore bomb they got while in the mists, but otherwise aren't that big of a deal in Cantha or EoD's plot. EoD is likely going to focus much more on Cantha itself, the Canthan Empire, civilian dissent against the Empire's tactics, and some Kurzik/Luxon rumors for LWS6, and OFC more DSD/DSD minions stuff.
  9. They do. During the "destroy the ley line siphon" stage you can see Ryland and Braham duking it out, punching/kicking each other around the map, and super man jumping all over the place, before they land and do the clashing breakbar section.
  10. They point blank explain/showcase this back in the Wildfire story instance, and the Fireheart Rise DRM. Braham became the champion of Primordus, and while the Spirits of the Wild are helping protect his mind from Primordus's influence, the sheer power of the Elder Dragon is slowly consuming him. This is why he starts off friendly, but then goes hostile, and needs to be knocked back into a friendly state in the Fireheart Rise DRM. Similar to how Snaff was having issues keeping Kralkatorrik down in the Edge of destiny novel. An Elder Dragon's mind is vast, and powerful, beyond reason
  11. As I recall, Anet actually said there wouldn't be any big changes to the world map, or big indications toward Cantha. Only that the ending of IBS, and the following content, would inform the state of the world that leads into EoD.
  12. In Caithe's case it was explicitly mentioned back in LWS4, when her transformation happened, that she wasn't corrupted like dragon minions typically are(she can't be anyways due to being Sylvari), but rather it was "connection". Setting it distinctly apart from everything else thus far. Ryland, Bangar, and Braham, all seem to have had a similar sort of change, though it wasn't explicitly described as such. Explaining their partial or total reversions after the Dragon's deaths. Braham had the additional factor of being protected by the Spirits of the Wild, possibly explaining his mo
  13. What does this have to do about lore again? Ahh yes, the aspects that make the game great... which is why so few people do them an thus they rarely get updates. Might as well be saying Raids, Dungeons, and Strikes, are what make the game great.
  14. Taimi's original comment says Aurene is one of the last, not the last. As for her comment about Aurene that you quote. It was a stated issue as far back as LWS3 that killing more Dragons would lead to a catastrophic imbalance in the All, and destroy Tyria. This is why we stopped Balthazar from trying to kill Jormag, Primrodus, and Kralkatorrik. With Aurene's ascension she helped bring it back into balance, but its been a question on if killing more dragons would doom the world or not. She seems to be able to do it herself, but they aren't sure if Bubbles is a key factor in maintain
  15. We will likely see celebrations during the next festival, as that is when we typically see in-game time updates to reflect the dragon's deaths. Taimi didn't act as if Aurene was the only one left, her dialog explicitly states that more then one is alive. The DSD is just go far away, and has never really interacted with the people of Tyira, so no one really considers it "around" in the normal sense. Not like Aurene and the others.
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