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  1. Those actually sound great, I must admit. I would also really enjoy a full-on diving suit, with an oxygen tank backpiece and all; though that would defeat the purpose of the aqua-breather, I guess. Maybe next year?
  2. ... alright, I decided to humour you, though I'm obviously not gonna watch the whole video. Skipped through the earlier section, and I'm seeing 90% of the people dressed in normal swimwear, with the occasional skimpy one. I'm not seeing your point; was it to prove mine? Also, I believe I'm allowed to express my dislike at the potential of having scantily clad characters jumping around my screen, the same as you are allowed to freely enjoy putting anything you personally want on the character you're playing. It's a free world, after all. With that being said, I think we've entertained this discussion ad nauseum. Enjoy your new skins, have fun.
  3. I wouldn't say very likely; I don't, obviously, know what your experience might be, but in mine, it is very rare that I would see anyone wear anything this drastically thin on the beach/to a pool, and if so they would be looked at weird/sexualized. The in-game underwear is actually less revealing than this. Yes, some armour skins are very revealing too, I agree---that only makes matters worse though, imo. My point still stands. We can agree to disagree here.
  4. I don't see oversexualization of characters, in-game or otherwise, as means to celebrate; the modest beachwear is fine, but the bulge-hugging speedos and hair-thin bikini is akin to selling (light) porn. I personally don't find that as something that should be celebrated, but hey, to each their own.
  5. They didn't ignore it. They never even read anything we've posted on the forums. I'd like to act surprised, I really would; but I'm not.
  6. You're still looking at this from the perspective of providing quickness and quickness only.
  7. Okay, well, let's take that and build on it then. I'll be considering this from the qheal herald perspective, btw, as I feel like that's the one which got actually hit pretty hard. Jalis - You need to keep Vengeful Hammers running. You take Jalis for IR or elite, which need 30% and 40% energy respectively You're left with 11% or 1% = AA spam, and you don't get to use either IR or the elite a second time. Glint - You need to have -6 upkeep running. From what I've seen, that'd be Facets of Nature, Darkness and Strength so as to keep Chaos for CC (you've also lost protection btw) and Light for heals. Facet of Elements does nothing all that useful, so that's a waste to have open, you're losing Burst of Strength from Facet of Strength and you've already by default lost so much general boon generation through direct nerfs; but you do have some energy left for weapon skills, enough for Renewing wave and Surge of the Mists ig. Ventari - You need to keep Protective Solace running; which, in of itself, is extremely bad and downright undesired in some fights. Since you have to keep that utility running, you can use Natural Harmony exactly twice, Purifying Essence once, elite skill once. I don't need to say how huge a nerf that is. Pair it with the fact that qheal herald now doesn't pulse any regeneration and protection whatsoever, and you might not actually have enough to keep your group alive; still not taking into consideration the aforementioned atrocity that is having to keep bubble up and in the group (since the other utility skills pulse off of it). You also have absolutely no room for any weapon skills. As for qdps herald, I know it is playable but, to be fair, it feels much more clunky to play, doesn't fix the 'spammability issue' (I'm not even sure why or who decided that that's an actual issue but sure), and doesn't change the fact that there are classes which don't have to deal with atrocious micromanaging kitten such as this one and all they need to do to provide quickness/alacrity is mash a few buttons off cooldown, e.g. firebrands or mechanists. But noone cares that they can do that, of course, there are these other classes which absolutely needed to have their entire kit changed to where they need to waste all other utility they had or mash so many buttons it introduces an actual carpal tunnel risk (wasn't this what they were trying to get away from, btw?..) for the purposes of generating this one boon. I'm speaking, of course, also of druid and scourge.
  8. Are you going to read the outcries of the frustrated Herald playerbase here at least, or is it still gonna go ignored?
  9. With the way quickness generation works now, yeah you could take more boon duration, but that'd only really free up enough energy for said road and a few actual weapon skills, but you'll still be reduced to upkeeping quickness the rest of the time = just autoattacking and looking pretty, ig. There are multiple ways they could've realized their intention without completely sucking the fun out of the build, and they went with the worst one possible. Paired with the atrocious druid changes and the alac scourge fiasco, I'm at the point where I'm convinced they're simply "throwing stuff in the pot to see what happens" and don't actually test their changes or play their game at all. Or listen to feedback, while we're at it.
  10. Thing is; this looks... incredibly boring to play. Nerfing the quickness output would just kill it completely, as I'm not sure how many people will be content with playing something which was basically in its entirety reduced down to 'activate this, autoattack for 20 seconds, switch legends, activate this other thing, autoattack time'. There's absolutely no room for anything else outside of .the occasional 2, let alone if you want to, *gasp*, switch to staff for cc, or put down Inspiring Reinforcement on Jalis (or distribute any other boon that isn't quickness, while we're at it).
  11. I don't see the problem. Not only is it absolutely not required to have the Ultimate Meta Setup for normal T4 dailies (seriously, we cleared them in three people on several occasions for fun, once in two, usually all DPS), it's also... not that hard to switch your agony over to a different character, especially so if you plan on having static groups? Unless you lack the ascended gear, in which case; bummer, really. "I'm not immediately good at this content, therefore something has to be changed" is a toxic mindset that has already killed enough things, stop spreading it around you nasty gremlins. If you need a crutch, then kitten well spend the minimal effort required to getting it.
  12. ANet stomped on Necromancers since day one, it has always been this way, was only a matter of time for Scourge to receive the same treatment. They do not care, I doubt they ever even stepped foot in the Necromancer section of the Forum, just like with the Chronomancer butchery. I'm not personally a Scourge player, but I'm still enraged they would dare take the core mechanic of the entire profession and throw it in a dumpster, putting an abomination of a fix in its place.The worst part of it all? You can shout and kick around all you want, but you won't see a single dev respond to anything we have to say. The community is nothing to them, they didn't, don't, and never will listen.
  13. Again, the argument is that the difficulty currently lies in damage received that is entirely out of the player's control and cheap unavoidable mechanics which are very simplistic, dull and boring, at times outright frustrating. Take that along with the fact that this is underwater combat we're talking about, which arguably most people don't find entertaining (at least from my experience), and you have just made your already dreadful experience even worse.Also, all of the regular T4 fractals are doable without any food, pots, or special builds - they simply need you to know what to do. Why should this one be an exception?
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