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  1. Power level aside that is my biggest issue as well with the new elites. They feel so clunky, it isn’t fun.
  2. MM build should not be a thing. Reminds me of when condi spirit ranger was able to face roll people. This spec is dumb and AI centric passive builds like this have no place in a competitive environment. At least the other necro specs require some amount of thought.
  3. Think the hybrid combinations are better than trailblazer and dire anyway. Happy to see sets like this removed though.
  4. Rewards in the game mode are just too poor to keep people around if they are getting steamrolled. Pretty boring being on the winning side too when there is nobody to fight.
  5. Skills and balance team never really did the deep dives needed on PvP unless there were huge outliers. Maybe because it’s essentially f2p but 95%+ is really just tailored to pve. Pve is what most players do and unlike pvp/WvW if they break mechanics there it has tangible impacts on the in game economy and anet $.
  6. As someone who plays a scrapper as one of my chars def agree this is a dumb ability and it’s not good for the game. If you want to give engi some other love cool but ss is game breaking.
  7. I think skill balance would be fine to a point as it would be nice if there was consistency. However stat normalization would really limit WvW and if they didn’t do that the balance would still be off between the two modes anyway.
  8. Where to even begin? It’s hard to answer some of these questions when to me (and I’m sure others) this feels like such a non-issue. At the moment I play scrapper, daredevil, spell breaker and scourge. None of my builds have any issue with soul beast. At worst my necro might have trouble catching up to one if they really want to kite my but I’m never getting downed by one. Just feels the same to me as any class who has high mobility if they want to get away from me as a necro I don’t bother chasing...
  9. Are people really defending it though or just saying you’re bad if you can’t soak/dodge it? Issue to me sounds like people who are probably running glass builds with no defensive cds or awareness. The tanky melee SB might be a problem but if you’re having trouble with a full zerker longbow you’re probably getting blown up by all sorts of other 1 combo builds as well.
  10. As others have said you should play ranked if you want to learn. Both ranked and casual will have people who have no idea what they are doing and playing bad builds but at least in ranked people (generally?) play objectives.
  11. Every projectile skill with an arc is or did travel slightly beyond the listed range. Closing the gap these days is also a non issue.
  12. They are so easy to kill how is it low risk? Maybe low skill ceiling but the game needs effective builds that are easy to play. IMO it’s a super honest glass cannon build.
  13. Tried pretty much full zerker with durability runes last night and it seemed fine. Some decent utility and damage.
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