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  1. That argument doesn't really make sense. "To flood the pool of mount skins with ones most players aren't interested in, so they have to buy more gems to get the skins they do want." How does the number of skins available that we don't want make us buy the ones we want? Like, my favourite skin is the Skimmer Jet Ski skin.Doesn't matter how many other skins were available, I'd have bought it. Especially wouldn't matter what skins were available for other mounts. I'd have bought the Jet Ski skin regardless. Whether the mount skins were doubled or it was the Jet Ski or default Skimmer, I'd h
  2. The mace, Shiverstone is celestial. Very cheap at 65s. If you do WvW at all, the final Bronze chest gives a piece of Warlord armour every week, you choose the piece and the stats which can be celestial.
  3. Seeing as Bandit crests are a SW currency, how about an option o buy shovels using Bandit Crests?
  4. On a similar topic, I've been planning to see if I can get help claiming Isle of Reflection. How much should I be looking to tip each player that joins?
  5. Maybe when it's available to buy. I would actually like to get it but it isn't in the store right now.
  6. Maybe they could implement some races to Central Tyria. Add some ability to race in the older maps. Maybe a water based one, any chance to use my Jet Ski skinned Skimmer. Or heres one, how about an area of WvW dedicated to Warclaw racing?
  7. I would like to make the same request if anyone can help, I'm an EU player, I tied soloing but wasn't able to.
  8. To be perfectly honest, WoW is a Blizzard game, I'd say doing something because Blizzard did it isn't the way to do things. Blizzard did an event to earn the Officer D.Va skin in Overwatch. Some of us did it. Shortly after that they made the Officer D.Va skina normal loot box skin, obtained the same was as the majority of other skins. Meanwhile those of us who did the event got nothing. I'll just say, after having to play HotS as part of a party, for it to just be made obtainable the normal way, I wasn't too happy. So yeah, I wouldn't call it good advice to say, "Do it because Blizzard d
  9. Just the Skyscale roosts, common in Dragonfall. Then you get a few in the final step of the collection that is needed to unlock the Skyscale.
  10. Been quite a while since the change was made, but the tutorial mission used to be solo. I thought it was better before, not needing to wait for he gates to open, bridge to form ect.
  11. They offer higher stats and infusion slots. And in the case of Legendary, the armoury and you can change stats as often as you want. I think they were just wanting it to be like the Warlord set. You select stats once, can't change after that, soulbound on use. I wouldn't have a problem with that for Dungeon gear. I play a lot of WvW, we get Warlord chests, there are reward tracks that end with exotic armour with selectable stats. I wouldn't mind if dungeon armour was the same.
  12. Been years since we've had a new Mist Champion. How about someone who has died in the story. To name a few good candidates.
  13. If you are at the saddle you are practically there. If you want a very easy way to get the resources, do the Return of Dragons collections for the LS4 maps. Each one rewards you with 250 of the currency for that map. Spend it on the saddle component. Just saying, this would be the wost time to quit over not having a Skyscale, when I was where you were I didn't have all resources ready, I did the Return collections for it, but more importantly, that was when I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  14. I think that's the way I would get. I remember in Overwatch, D-Va was one of my favourites. They released the Officer D-Va skin. Cattch was you needed to play 9 games of Heroes of the Storm, teamed with another player. So I gotta find someone to play, (Not being a HotS player that means find someone willing to team with a noob) and play 9 games of it. We had a few weeks or something to do it. Anyway, a few weeks after that they made it a loot box or 1000 credit skin. As easy to get as B-Va or Junebug. And those of use who played HotS for it got nothing new. I'd have been all for opening the e
  15. We have places like PvP and WvW if we want to fight other players. I think the problem with open world dueling would be people like Bercilak. Challenging new payers that they can be 90% sure they'll win against. Though interested as to why you'd want it left out of cities. I thought that would be the best place to duel. No hostile NPC is going to join the fight.
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