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  1. Thanks for the details! I noticed the build equipment has Dwayna runes for the side-healing the traits provide allies, something I thought was quite nice.. And Celestial is still fashionable attire for the well-dressed WvW Invader?
  2. Thanks I meant skill combos rather than rotations, just wondering which ones were favorites.
  3. Looks like a fun build, what's your usual rotation if I might ask?
  4. Haha, that is certainly one alternative. I've thought of another alternative that involves less alcohol so probably isn't as good. The attraction ley-lines exert on Elder Dragons was unexpected and seems to be a sticking point to people. The writers even appear to admit it comes out of left field with the Commander asking why we haven't been previously using it. The issue was how to lure Jormag into the presence of Primordus. If only we had a grotesquely powerful mesmer who has been shown in the past to be able to temporarily manipulate Elder Dragons. Like Queen Jenn
  5. "To help players keep their backpacks empty for new loot, a Wipe Inventory button has been added next to the Compact button." Clearly taking inspiration from Photoshop, Microsoft and the GNU Image Manipulation Program design teams (Love how that last program name is censored by the forum lol)
  6. Well, we clearly have differing opinions. I enjoyed Bloodstone Fen because it finally made the act gliding fun after the pointlessly confusing and annoying design of the Heart of Thorns zones. I can't speak to the other issues, I haven't seen any bugged events so far and I very much disagree on the world building in the zone. I also find that excessive ambient trash mobs feel like a left-over mechanic from MMOs when people needed dense, open world mobs because that was the only way to grind levels. Zones like Orr with excessive trash mobs inhibiting player movement just don't add anythin
  7. I can sympathize with the feeling of the OP. The material collection part for the saddle took as long as all the prior steps combined. The Tactical Overlay/TacO with Tekkit's Guide were a real help harvesting nodes, so I wanted to mention that if any late-comers (like me) are looking for advice. Also I feel really dumb because I did not realize the Bjora Marches vendor sells Eternal Ice for karma on their first tab. I never bothered looking through the other tabs since I was only there for the Skyscale mats. It might not have saved that much time because of the time-gating purchase lim
  8. I don't really mind story missions taking place in the open world and using groups to run them. Sure I prefer instance missions which make the story feel more personal but I get that open world story content is a way to get players active in the zones and it also saves effort/resources. For example, the open world Drakkar dynamic event is fine because there were alternative ways to advance your story progress (destroying idols, stopping rituals) if there wasn't a squad doing the big event. I even ended up doing the Drakkar event after I progressed past that story point just out of curi
  9. Wanted to rez this thread and add viewpoints from a year later. I'm catching up on the story and I just soloed this mission since there was no one around when I went into the public instance - I'm guessing the majority of players have finished with this mission and moved on so returning or new players will be mostly solo-ing it. At least it has been balanced to be solo-able if you're willing to put up with a mission that ends up being incredibly tedious doing it alone. This mission is clearly intended to be entertaining for a group, making it balanced to be solo-able is not the same as mak
  10. Necro-ing this thread. Sweet kittens I"m glad I always look around for NPC dialog, I would have hated to do that mission again particularly because I just soloed that whole thing since there's no one around doing it.
  11. I just did this event for the first time tonight. IMO this is the best darn event I have ever seen in an MMO (and I've been playing them for years) Absolutely unique, hilarious and most important of all - it was great fun! The music probably gets the most attention, and it was brilliant choice to have a metal band create the soundtrack, but the event itself is well-designed with clear objectives and streamline gameplay. The area is easy to navigate and the event has a nicely appropriate length. It is well-balanced too, no annoying cc-spamming or other such mechanics that would detract fro
  12. I think we're talking about different things. You're talking about gameplay while I'm talking more about essential foundations for the game that should be shared among the community. I'm just saying there are some elements to any MMO that are basic parts of the experience. Character creation and customization. Combat. Exploration. And I would rank Story as essential as any of these, but that's just my opinion. I suppose there are those who don't care about the story and ignore all dialog and lore, just like there might be people who play RPGs like Mass Effect and ignore the dialog choice
  13. The reason I say this is the point to the story missions should be to present the story in the most dramatic and entertaining manner possible. It has been pointed out that players don't do story mission for the loot, they want to see the lore and story. Nothing kills a good story when watching a movie worse than drawn-out, tedious scenes, and nothing kills a good story in an RPG than drawn-out, tedious timesinks, whether they are too many waves of enemies, too many steps in a puzzle, or boss fights deliberately designed to drag on and on. I have no problem with timesinks in other content li
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