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  1. All fine and good to have opinions but if you're going to state your bias, don't attempt to dismiss criticism or disagreement as mere misinformation or quibbling. I've played heavily P2W games as well (to name names, Blade and Soul, while heavily skill based, it also relies on constant farming and/or benefits wins through PvP or cash) then I've played games that are NOT P2W or any iteration of the sort (things like early City of Heroes or Final Fantasy 11). I'd be far more generous to the prospect of being lenient with the term P2W if players were more generally transparent with w
  2. The other spectrum is broadening terms. Pay to play has broadened into various aspects of monetization like Buy to Play and Pay to Play because there are CLEAR defining terms for Buy to Play but that doesn't remove it from the broad category of Pay to play. You may think it's misleading to rephrase a word but others see it as misleading to obfuscate the aspects held behind a price. Pay for Convenience is mostly a sugar coat. It's still Buy to Play or Pay to Play in spirit but if you try to game the free aspect, it becomes Pay to Win. It ultimately becomes a
  3. It was the MMO that is the precursor of the current AAA game FFXIV. Yes, they still release content for it although much of it is balance changes, rotated events and grind items. Oh I do see the perspective of my opposition. I'm fully aware that P2W has negative connotations. That was nearly the whole premise of my initially posting in this thread to begin with. That the industry has been shifting to not just casualize MMOs but to also force grind but give you a pay-route around it. I'm not even against that, particularly, but moreso emphasizing the negatives these can have over time a
  4. One portion of the definition of P2W involves being sold the solution to your problems. If paying to circumvent grind is considered "convenience", then you're admitting the game implemented intentional grind with money as one solution. And to clarify, you're trying to distinguish between "win" and "beat". You're making a semantics argument. That's fine but I don't really distinguish between the two, especially when I'm talking about PvE and the opponent is the game
  5. You can rationalize it however you want, then. Paying a subscription to play a game is Pay2Play. Buying things for the game is going to get you in a different category. The only thing you can buy in FF11 is character slots to make more characters. You can also buy the expansions which is Buy2Play. You can keep trying to argue that FF11 is pay2win but I don't have to point out you're reaching hardcore to support that conclusion.
  6. You can also finance a car for 14.99 a month. That doesn't make it comparable outside of money spent.
  7. The point is, it's not comparable. If you have to conjure the closest possible comparison you can think of, why not ask yourself if you're comparing apples to chicken sandwiches.
  8. I gave you the reason why it's not a congruent comparison. You decided to ignore that thus circumvent discussion.
  9. You decided to completely circumvent discussion. You don't pay gems to play the game so no matter what gem equivalent you want to state, your comparison is incongruent.
  10. If you're replying to me, then no, it's not having the top tier shiny stuff, it's finishing. Finishing can pertain to a lot of things and winning doesn't mean someone loses. Finishing could be map completion, it could be story completion, it could be legendary crafting or finally obtaining your griffin mount. Some of those activities require gold which would otherwise require grind. Buying the gold to pay to finish (since you're traumatized by saying "win") falls under this discussion. I'm sorry if you disagree.
  11. No, it's just a subscription game. Buying currency is against the ToS, you can't buy your way past content and the jobs in later expansions are no more powerful than all other jobs.
  12. I was having that discussion back on page 2...
  13. Considering my time is being spread among many activities to include many other games, one thing I consider "winning" is finishing. Completionists out there have a similar win condition but it's not so in depth as that. To explain: I set tasks and goals to complete in the game. Some things are fast and require playing the game to obtain (WvW tokens, mount unlocks, etc). Other things require farming. Because there are such variety of objectives in the game, being able to swipe a card to finish or "win". Paying to progress is a form of P2W which you can indeed do.
  14. Applaud the effort but it misses a lot of nuance in an attempt to minimalize a talking point, basically to dismiss it. To really get the big-brain perspective, you have to be willing to see the argument from the position of your opposition.
  15. "OMG, how can someone have opinions and disagree with me!? I only have facts and logic and am right. How dare you disagree with my 100% fact-based conclusions!" I also find it funny that the only way to "win" is to make someone else a loser. You could even say, paying to gear up and get the highest DPS in your raid and carry is a win but the GW2 conditioning says everyone benefits thus no loser exists. A lot of the mechanics in the game itself has trivialized "losing" which could be a contributing factor in why you don't see as many "losers" outside of PvP. Not saying i
  16. How about buying gold? Circumventing grind. You pay cash, now you can buy the things other people grind for. I've made a few legendary weapons, one with the backlog of stuff I saved, one with cash and one with good old fashion gold grind+farming. What do you get from it? A weapon with the best stats that you can freely alter. I'm not saying is super P2W but it IS an advantage both for upgrade conservation, inventory conservation, effective gear and some of them look cool to boot. Trying to play it off as purely convenience is just delusional.
  17. Ah, lumping your opposition under a label of "whining westerners". Two can play at that game. The individuals that tout GW2 are B2P and nothing more are the soft casual players that want to dictate their game experience rather than participate in it as a group. They want to "choose" what they do in the game and earn all the same reward. They'd be the ones to complain about some PvP bonus gear that they can't get from doing PvE stuff. It's not a worthless perspective but it's an ad hominem to assume people are pointing out the P2W features because of envy about bank spaces lol
  18. Well, that person would have "won" the ability to solo most small group events and carry large groups through content faster. If he wanted to get better drops, maybe they should have bought more +magic find.
  19. I would. The couple of legendary weapons I did craft required I do content I was not thrilled to do. But I did it anyway. It gave me some experience doing things I was not well versed in and I could see why others might enjoy it. The fact that you instantly jump on the "forced content" argument supports my point about pandering to be inoffensive. Because just the things I mentioned would, AT BEST, be a slight inconvenience if you were running your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc of the same profession which you could just make it skippable if completed once in an account (like practically every
  20. I'm of the opinion that, had they required some special profession building story to unlock the elite specs, you might not have liked it but you'd do it anyway. Trying to pander to be as inoffensive as possible to your audience ends up with the most mild, bland and boring of outcomes in the end. I, too, went looking for the elite spec NPCs in PoF and I was overall disappointed. I'm assuming you were pleased with the outcome but I wonder if it ultimately was noteworthy enough that more people went searching for them beyond just people collecting mini-pets (which I do not). After
  21. Seems like posters spent the better part of a month and 17 pages bickering about what B2P is, how "you won't pay my sub" and complaining about consensually beating dead horses. It takes courage to reflect on and admit your own flaws but it takes nothing to stop duck riding an AAA game company and just talk about the things you wish were better. I felt a similar sentiment as the OP back when HoT released. That was back during the time that they recently changed the traits system from that quest-dealie (you had to go and do*specific* activities to unlock specific traits i
  22. I've been so busy with work, moving, ect that I haven't played for around 4 years and didn't even log in to get the free living story chapters. I don't even have a roller beetle and just recently got my skimmer to drive underwater. Do I win the "my time is most precious" award now? That being said, I may not have all the bells and whistles or all the mounts and skins others have but that's okay lol. My enjoyment tends to come from just playing (although some stuff can get frustrating).
  23. Having not ever played any of the Ice Brood Saga, practically all of the "deaths" of the various Elder Dragons felt dumb and contrived to me. The whole objective of killing off what amounts to a living force of nature always felt like anthropomorphizing a tornado or flood and killing it should have been pointless since there will always be more tornados and floods they can manifest in. The inclusion of "dragon magic" and feuds between them should have been like a volcano fighting an earthquake. Ultimately probably too grand a concept to be implemented into a last-generation (or e
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