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  1. inb4 PvP going "Virt Mesmer OP; plz nerf" while the other elite specs are performing better. inb4 50% nerfs to some aspect of the class. inb4 projectiles miss just from targets walking. inb4 power builds get destroyed again. inb4 game just gets a metric ton of reflection. inb4 mandatory dueling and domination, while elite line doesn't offer enough to make a solid build. inb4 might as well just play thief.
  2. If you quit and came back you should leave again and not give A-net any support until things have changed. What they have done to mirage is a travesty of balance and design. The balance community and devs are biased against mesmer or at best apathetic; If this is your favorite class they do not deserve your time, effort, or money. You come here looking for a build; but truth is no matter what you will have to play much better with the foisted handicap to do what you normally would on any other class; or else be delegated to support on chrono. Maybe you can do decent with a Chrono gank sp
  3. To clarify, my point regarding the traits was excluding condi mirage; which I still see as cut so specifically to fit into a jigsaw puzzle. People will cry OP about anything but I think it has it's place the same way something like Scourge has a somewhat healthy effect in defining conquest meta. My issue is that there has been prejudice FOR YEARS against mesmer. Top players in 2013 (the same ones who would ditch the class for tourneys that actually matter) confirmed that devs and community groups revolving around balance were bias against mesmer. Now in 2021 this still is s
  4. Idk about the others but I'm only saying shafted because of PvP. having slightly lower DPS in PvE content doesn't matter to me so long as it's viable. sPvP has gimmick one shot build with a ranged weapon in point blank range with no real defensive option on the set, that is frankly easy to avoid and super easy to anticipate even from stealth. I've easily evaded streamers and pros alike trying to do it. It's really not that hard, and uses both it's engagement tools and it's disengagement tools; so you better not screw it up because you can't retry like a thief can. The other build is Co
  5. The double standards that lead to bastardizing mirage are insane, and we needed a pvp dev who actually cares about making a good game, not pander to the scrubs who don't want to learn. Balance discord, cmc, the systemic prejudice from devs in particular Karl that has existed since season 1 story; have conspired to keep mesmer shafted. I refuse to buy the expac and give them money, even if the elite spec seems cool how do we know it wont end up the same as mirage?
  6. Wasn't Mirage supposed to be the "thief-equse" elite spec? Getting deception skills, mobility, and the unique additions to evasion? Would be funny if mesmer cucked thief in this way. by the by an Assassin would be infinitely cooler. I don't get why so many of the suggestions for new elite specs are so inclined towards things like support specs and bards; when so much support (including tanking) is offered from Chrono.
  7. The answer is yes. Their performance is irrelevant. Although there is something to be said for those having experience lending a certain level of credibility to their understanding of the game, and that shouldn't be ignored. However, it is hypothetically possible for the bronze player, or even a completely detached non PvPer who just happens to be a prodigy at developing good pvp games; to be objectively correct about the games balance, and even know how to fix it from the ground up. But it is far more unlikely for a bronze player to have the same understanding.
  8. You clearly have never heard them both talk at length for years and their views on the game. There is no hard line proof because the alternative hasn't happened, but there is more than enough there to make inductive reasoning possible and cogent. Them having a similar background is irrelevant, and I'm not comparing their Personality I'm comparing their Balance Philosophy which is the exact same reason why I feel the way I do regarding Karl. If you think it's an assessment of personality then that is why you cannot understand. If you doubt that there is a clear distinction go look through al
  9. You assume that's my rational. I believe Helseth has a fundamentally better grasp on what is and isn't balanced, what is healthier for PvP, and is less likely to pander to scrubs who refuse to deal with and learn mechanics. Meanwhile to paraphrase cmc on teapot's channel he goes: "We don't always make good balance, it's okay; maybe we'll do better next time." Without a hint of irony that "next time" is so insanely long and far off, and odds are no; They wont do better "next time". Then in the same breath points out how it would actually be possible for them to do "true balance" but it wou
  10. GW2 needs the new genesis treatment PSO2 got. Essentially new game, new engine, new economy, fresh balance worked from the ground up; but cosmetics transfer over.
  11. No. No there will not. At least not beyond a shallow mask. The same broken standards and guidelines of design philosophy that have so far produced the game we have now will still remain. Every meta has the exact same problems only with a slightly different face, and the paradigm of the core issues do not change, while A-net is determined to change literally everything else but the problem. The only thing we can expect is power creep, and even IF! IF they even can get close to a general sense of class diversity and class equality within the power creep; it will all be gutted in a few ye
  12. Ya well, Greatsword is a ranged weapon where the strongest power burst on pretty much the entire class is using it in melee range for Mirror blade combo. I think coherent design is too much to ask for.
  13. The entire pvp balance discussion group that actually gets 'a say' are all biased against Memser, ignoring blatant objective facts, and have conspired to systemically keep mesmer down despite the large double standards at play. This has been pointed out by several top player mesmer mains since at least as early as 2013, and many of those players prior to HoT would re-roll to thief in tournaments that actually matter... sPvP deserves it's slow death for this alone. If they insist on bleeding integrity then the entire scene is going to bleed and it shows. You're asking about builds? I say
  14. This is the objective and reasonable answer, and how it as always been. With the exception of S1 Chrono bunk, and Glamor in WvW years ago. But if we're being honest this is a fairly garbage standard. People are not deceived, even the most deceptive mesmer who matches their attacks with their clones and properly positions etc, is still outed by health, movement, by boons, by signets, if you're in the giant FFA area the "cannot mount, cannot glide" bars, and AoEs screw up the entire set up. Not to mention all of the control after summoning is in the opponents hands, and these are the resource
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