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  1. i dont think Anet had a chance to gather the data they required just yet. I hope they will be organising another beta test soon once they figure out the issues.
  2. i disagree . its a beta what do you expect. there are variables unexpected which can easily crash the system. they have been working day and night for the last 3 weeks behind the scene.. i am sure they are taking this very seriously in order to please you. it went live and there was some issues, so what? your msg here is not constructive at all to be honest
  3. a couple of my guildies missed out this msg.. the guild is kind of on hibernation waiting to be part of beta test. An in game mail system send to players for something urgent like this (that need action from players) will be nice, so we get the most out of all interested players in the beta test. but no big deal its a beta 🙂
  4. those are not going to solve the basic problem of wvw.. they are going back to basic before adding new event new map new siege new mechanic.
  5. i am actually looking forward for a change. so let see.. there are many worries how this will affect small fighting guild that like to fight alone and not join alliance. but whatever it is, be a little positive, wait and see. pretty sure dev are doing all they can to help cater for majority interest including that for small guilds.
  6. Counterakt, totally understand the concerns as it has been floating in my mind too. i mean looking at our current situation it is not great and a change is needed. So i think give it a bit of time, we should wait and see. The dev will always be taking feedback from us later.
  7. I think what they are doing is new content already.. and it isn't a simple project.. there is a lot to fix for wvw players for now.. so they are doing it bit by bit.. as content wise.. what kind of content do you expect?
  8. the general culture and players/guild practice in wvw is that.. larger number overrule the smaller number. So it is probably quite common that some guilds will try to talk to one another and join up to dominate the win.. the win we are talking about and the social part of it, is what keeping wvw going.. but not everyone enjoy playing in a large squad.. that is why we also have smaller fighting guild that play at random places.. IF we have guilds that gang up to queue for servers.. we are back to day 1 of PvP.. 5 organised players vs randomly queued 5 players.. anyway.. these are just stuff floating in the mind .. we should just wait and see. hope dev has cover for all need
  9. i see.. thanks Xenesis. atm i see various guilds are discussion in the background re: alliance forming .. some already form the alliance by forming new guild. idk.. lol i think people should just wait..
  10. This coming beta isnt about the alliance? ? the new world? Some guilds already form alliances in my server.. Anyway back in gw1. A guild is guild.. alliance is made up of 2 to 5 guild max. There was Alliance chat (gold colour) and guild chat (green colour) if i remember correctly. Only alliance members can see alliance chat etc. In the guild panel, we have our own guild roster and we cant see alliance roster but we can say hi and stuff in alliance chat. https://imgur.com/34TMrhr Something like that I wouldn't mind. Just don't wish to see smaller guilds having to amalgamated into 1 large guild so they can queue up for server together. Some ppl like big guilds and some prefer small.. Looking forward to see what the changes will be like..
  11. as a player that play basically everything.. i find ppt totally boring in wvw. fighting in a small guild around 20 people is more fun and i can see possibility of me doing wvw more often. i dont really like going into a squad of 50 people and then gang out of others. or squad of 50 going almost ppt or squad of 50 camp at enemy keep in EB for 2 hours.. i hope this new alliance do not kill the small wvw guild that has around 15-20 players that come and play few times a week to have fun.
  12. thanks yeah. hope it is still friendly to solo guild.
  13. ya only read ur last line.... anyone has a better insight? i guess ultimately is to wait for beta to come out.
  14. this actually how alliance will work or you are assuming or proposing?
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