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  1. You need to understand the culture in wvw before trying to com.. ppl wont follow you unless they know you. There is a community server wvw players knows.. u cant expect ppl to follow you straight up like tht and get upset if it isnt up to what you would expect. You havent tried long enough to see what is thr culture in there and jump straight into conclusion. If you want fun content in wvw.. check out what tht server has to offer first.. or switch to diff server before introducing your culture or believes or expectations.. NA has group to gather wvw players EU has diff culture.. so explor
  2. i am hoping that it is cheaper and easier to make and do not require map completion 😛
  3. my apology, i just jump in here without reading all other post. if a merge of these post will be great. Thanks.
  4. I am hoping crafting Aurene weapon doesn't cost the same material as the other unique weapon, so that way people like me will still craft it for the sake of unlocking leg weaponry to be used across all other char.. map completion for example, is my main enemy for crafting leg weapons. I couldn't bring myself back to do more map completion, one of my weakness.
  5. i don't think arena net wants anyone to go hunger and get into trouble selling their game to you .. its if you can afford that is plus to support the game. 🙂
  6. I hv already paid ultimate version last night. So.. for all of you who support the game and care for the future of the game and if u can afford if ofc .. pls get the ultimate version. not the $30.. $30 is not enough to cover for the work for the game
  7. One more unique addition of faction is temple of balthazar...... if we can have new pvp island like that in temple of balthazar pls.
  8. First of all thanks for having new sets of legendary weapon implimented to the new expansion. After having a little look of the lengendary weapon, i am a little dissapointed with all 16 leg weapons to be 1 theme, it looks more like black lion weapon sets or festival event weapon sets with a little more effects. Usually a legendary weapon has its own unique character and special effects. Im not so keen on making them but perhaps only 1. Thats how I as one in a million players think. What about you? What do yoy wish to see from these aurene weapon? Eg any particular eg special footsteps .
  9. No.. really they dont care..end of story 😭 Well they need more hands
  10. FoW 🙂 come FoW .. lots of single lady and single gentlemen in FoW And naisu commanders
  11. Haha.. wont help to decrease squad size. Wvw current reward rate / time is very low compare to other game mode in gw2 .. so those who are still heavily paticipate in wvw, are playinh not for the loot .. they wont care if dev spend few sleepless nights to figur out the equation for loot scalling vs squad size.. lol.. A more specific solution is required for the balancing of game play in wvw.. eg.. reconstructing a new world where all players from different time zone can meet in one place 😛
  12. *cough* Any news or update on world reconstruction pretty pls? Danke very much.. arigato gozaimasu
  13. Hi can anyone help. Should i be getting ryzen 5 5600x or ryzen 7 5800x Thanks
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