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  1. What you are saying isn't wrong, but there also isn't really a solution to it. It's just a consequence of the game being over 10 years old at this point. Veteran players would bore themselves to death even more than they already are if we were still at the pace and complexity the game had during core, and already find the lack of new content frustrating now. For new players however the content that we got (in the form of elite specs) has already made the game increasingly complex and the skill curve very steep. This wouldn't be that much of an issue if the pvp community had sufficient population levels and the influx of new players was big enough for them to be with each other until they start climbing, but the lack of population means that isnt the case and you will get players of vastly different skill and experience levels in the same game, making it unfun for all sides.
  2. I don't think this is representative even for GW2, since basically no one under 20 uses forums anymore. Everything pre-discord is historical for them.
  3. For Holosmith the removal of the cooldown reduction from heat on Spectrum Shield needs to be rethought. Either this function stays, or the base CD needs go down in PvP. Keep in mind the base CD is still 40s there, twice the amount of the 20s it will have in PvE. Either flat out reduce the cd to 30s, or keep the heat functionality. Otherwise no stability in the world is going to make this viable. Holo is already locked to one stunbreak on almost every build, there is no way you can afford a 40s cd on that.
  4. Build Storage Expansion hasn't been discounted since March 2022 according to the wiki, would be about time. I find it a lot more useful than the Build Template Expansions for individual characters that keep getting peddled.
  5. This kitten is legit making all my account wide build templates unusable, please fix asap...
  6. I am getting the same error message on older build templates aswell, seems to have nothing to do with making new ones.
  7. Still not fixed btw. Also has nothing to do with DX11.
  8. My PvE Engi is still stuck and I'f prefer not to reset all my keybinds and setting for it...
  9. Curious Creatures Mount Adoption/Select License should come back for the march sale.
  10. Turning off game mode in Windows doesn't change anything for me, still the game crashes with an error message or freezes completely at launch.
  11. Patch completely froze the charscreen and crashed the game twice already, very good change. Yeah, I can't log in at all, the .exe crashed each time I enter the character select screen.
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