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  1. Seems to work now, still a weird one.
  2. When I try to enter my home instance (either through the gate in Divinity's Reach or with my Home Portal Stone), I can't enter and get the following error message: https://imgur.com/G53WGUI Is that a common bug rn or do I experience this exclusively?
  3. The changes definitely make a lot of sense this time (unlike the last round that hammered scrapper and left guard/rev intact) and the communication going with it is VERY MUCH appreciated. The lack of Scourge/Nec nerfs however is a massive gap in the balance and your tendency to first let things escalate before you have the "data" and then act is clearly shooting you in the foot here. The mAT final on EU was barely watchable yesterday due to essentially 4 menders/bunkers on each side, 2 of them being either Scourge or Minionmancer. And these builds are plagueing ranked more and more aswell.
  4. It is still very good at either forcing 5v4 by making one sidenoder afk on a node or getting free decaps. +1s a are bit more complicated now with the tanky meta, so it isn't an autopick anymore. Now you need a comp and strat that revolves around it to make that aspect work to full extent, like Prestige and Gold Three Plus have done it in the recent organized tournaments (mAT and Hardstuck Open) by reviving the old Mesmer+Thief paintrain. But if you are able to play around it as a team, it's still a very viable pick imo. With DP DrD, Cthief and DE both being a factor you also have several optio
  5. As long as you don't throw on purpose play whatever you enjoy there. Don't need to be super anal about caps imo, as long as it doesnt constitute a major throw (like pushing a bunker for ages on his node without killing). If you win the fights you'll eventually get the nodes in most matches, unless the enemy comp is super tanky.
  6. Conquest is the only somewhat balanced mode, so it must stay the main one. Some additional gamemodes for Miniseasons would be nice, instead of just rotating 2v2/3v3 for ages.
  7. The matchmaker is fine, the population ist just too low for it to work properly most of the time.
  8. What Sind and Trevor already said, and also the fact that the number of people who can be in one game is fairly limited as far as i know.
  9. As Crab Fear said, this thread is a meme that never gets old.
  10. Only 6/10 Revs from the 2 mAT winning teams of both regions, I think we can do better than that. @arenanet Maybe reduce Glint Heal to 20s CD or give Ventari more Knockbacks. Could also sneak a few more dmg reducers into Retri Traitline or Dwarf Stance.
  11. I suspect the random Ascended drops highly correlate with the Diminishing Returns, when you don't play for a while you get really good rng on them whereas when you play a lot constantly you barely ever get something. I can't prove statistically that it works precisely this way, but DR is definitely a thing, which is also acknowledged in the Wiki. But it's not really clearly how it works precisely, but it always felt to me as if it strongly privileged casual activity over extended, long-time efforts, as so many things in this game.
  12. Yeah, everything fixed. Rev still a premium class with 4 meta builds, resistance rune nerf making condi sider builds more obnoxious than ever, Burn DH untouched except for a bugfix, the META IS FIXED GUYS.
  13. Renegade and the three other rev builds that will keep dominating the meta. Along with the token support bunker guard and burn DH here and there, that is literally all you need to play now. Revs and guards. Any other class is obsolete. Wow, chaining all your defensive cooldowns between two glint heals which give free fullheal, much skill. Such amaze.
  14. Are you blushing while lying at least? Honestly, if you put all rev mains in a huge sack and clubbed them until you don't hear a sound anymore you would never hit the wrong guy. Might also wanna add the guard advocates.
  15. Play some high DPS build, maybe even something memeworthy like Axe/Axe GS Beserker. If you want to still be survivable and play a proper meta spec just go with Zerk Power Herald. That way most fights should end, even though you might not win all of them. I'd say in ranked it's generally the better option to play high dps anyway, because people don't rotate fast enough and make too many mistakes to really abuse bunkers like in coordinated teams.
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