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  1. If you have time, you can always do multiple attemps of killing enemies, try to build siege behind the catapults, try to kill catapults, drain supplies, setup defensive siege, log in builds that outreach enemies/can cast from walls or assemble More numbers through communication channels. If you have never done anything else than stay on your current build and suicide casting from the walls, you probably dont have very good understanding of all options available. Even Guild shield gen (40 supply =2 players) outside Tower has like 4000 bubble range and will force attackers to leave catas undefended. Lot of you guys just need to think more. Era of free wins is over
  2. WvW was fixed, not murdered. Try tagging up and organising if your unorganised commanderless cloud cant defend.
  3. Funny part about this thread occurs when defenders say they are extremely outnumbered all the time while representing majority. At least make some sense.
  4. Castles and keeps are there to offer incentive to fight and strategies you wouldnt be able to otherwise experience. It is true those strategies (siege, time to implement, amount of different tier of objectives, supply count) are rather weak in current balance and should be adjusted. But relying on passive stats is akin to fixing a hole in spaceship with duct tape prior to landing: Not a great idea
  5. This is just time issue. If walls are so weak defenders dont have time to walk from spawn, then buff them. Killing some of the Siege and proceeding to have no siege yourself when you push in, is not an advantage. Defender will still have more siege on the fight. Both teams can do this. This is basically same as point 1. If defenders need more Time to arrive in time, then nerf fastest ways to get inside lord room (boon golems, shields gens), dont add stat buffs that won't give defenders More time.
  6. So you are saying much weaker or smaller group should be able to hold an objective. This would mean defenders has the advantage.. I understand that 20 people will propably be able to kill 30 with siege, respawns and tactivators, but what you guys are asking is 15vs40 to be doable.
  7. You must be very new to this game if you really think Defenders were at an advantage in any fight of the last 7 years. You sure that you played WvW before? Then list something that attackers could do to win fight that defenders cant.
  8. That doesnt mean attackers were given an advantage. They were just better or more players. Defenders have more options what to do in and when to take the deciding fight. Attackers have no combat advantages, defenders do (Siege, gliding, portals, timing, tactivators) in addition to several respawns if they arrive early
  9. It wasnt. Defenders always had better access to combat siege, respawns, tactivators, mounts/gliding and first engage. If attacking group was organised and pushed in at same time, it doesnt mean you couldnt so same as defender... As long as you timed it. Attackers had to wait for defenders to be exposed and gates in between being down. Defenders could engage anytime.
  10. Yes. Buffs are a big deal, which is precisely why they ruined fights between similarly populated groups. If you give defenders buffs to hold 20 vs 50 every time then 50 people have bad time due to unfair experience they cant do anything about against enemy that focuses only on defending what defenders should use are active defences: Siege, tactivators, respawns, first engage. Things that arent available to attacker that has to push into lord room. Do defenders need More Siege vs Siege damage and Time to gather numbers/ use active defenses? Absolutely. Does this need to be at expense of killing every 1vs1, 5vs5, 20vs20, 50vs50 for an objective? No. Winner should be the smarter and stronger group. Objective auras were just too strong while being impossible to make best decision against. Defenders had to do nothing to win with weaker group. So what do you suggest attackers were supposed to do? ... Bring even stronger group? And that is exactly why super stacked servers and groups were born. They might have failed to take T3 keeps sometimes, but they absolutely had 0 challenge to take every tower and openfield fight on the map. This might sound bad to you, but do note that they had More numbers, brain and skills than your server while being 10 Times more organised. Your server just doesnt deserve to stop the enemy that point... If you could, then keeps and towers cannot be spots for good fights
  11. This was absolutely necessary change and good for WvW. Objectives were not a spot to fight in, making players stack more and more to servers that are so strong that they can go inside objectives without it being trolling. Guilds were avoiding objectives and dueling scene died, because objective auras were just too strong. Ofc not everyone knew why enemy objectives were unfun to fight in, but they still felt it and avoided them. Of course you are right that they should still buff defenders by increasing siege vs siege damage, removing boon golems and multiple shield generator bubbles in same spot. Defender should be at least able to buy some time with siege so they can build some numbers. But no one can deny that objective auras were killing whole WvW experience when for any sized group difference between any friendly and enemy objective was 30% damage worth of stats. When optimal gameplay is to wait for your enemies to be stupid, the game isn't very good.
  12. Best WvW patch ever Wow, big wow, they finally reduced the objective auras to level they should be at (~3% more damage worth of stats). You can't understate how much this will change WvW. Dueling will be return and not be a meme anymore, guilds can fight each other inside towers and keeps,, small scale fights aren't decided anymore by who owns nearby camp, regular servers will be more fun and stacked servers less fun Everything else in the patch is pretty minor. After all, if you get to point where you have to rely on contesting ring to keep an objective, then there are bunch of things you could have better before. The 50% repair chance is bit weird, but occassional well timed stealth repair did feel like uncounterable tactic The 5 following changes should also be patched in - Link servers deleted and players there granted free transfer. Only solo servers now - All 3 servers will have same borderland (3x alpine 3 weeks a month, 3x desert 1 week a month) - Golems shouldn't be affected by boons anymore - Shield gen bubbles should only occur around themselves (limiting bubbles to 1/spot) -- Keeps/Castles should require more dolyaks to upgrade (+50%/+200%)
  13. If you have a boon ball as well, the defending boon ball will win the fight 99% of the time. So there is easy means of defence. Should gates/walls be stronger and siege do more damage to siege? Yes! Should defender win every fight? No! So it is just that balance is bad. Boonballs beat boonballs. Of course while defending, even something like group of staff catalysts usually suffice to hold an objective. It just feels boonballs are unstoppable because 1 good player isn't enough.
  14. That's a cheap excuse. Destructive player behavior leads to destructive player behavior. Somehow the playerbase can understand that if developers make a game p2w, it isn't worth playing. But they still haven't realised that if most fun available way to play the game is 50 experienced players vs 30 noobs, it is also developers fault. Even if a commander went to normal server and built a competitive zerg, there would be nothing to fight in half the matchups and 90% of the timezones. Of course you could try to force fights by going inside keeps/castle but by now every experienced guild, player and commander knows that SM or keep is 100 times easier to defend than take. So everyone outside pip farmers just log out the moment they have to take a keep. The only way to force enemy to fight you, just doesn't provide you any real fights.
  15. ..... Or just skip WR and go back to monoservers. Multiple discords and getting players in voice already a problem with linking system. Last WR beta my server had like 3 Silent Woods discords, EU Alliance discord and some commanders using their own discord (Even alliances of the admins of EU alliance discord weren't using EU alliance discord but their personal alliance discord so EU has failed at their attempt to collect people already).
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