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  1. I just finished the weapon collection to see if I unlock anything with it but nothing happened. I now have a 20 slot Tengu inventory bag but no idea how to upgrade it, guess those recipes will unlock once you finish the wepon recipe collection
  2. there is no any bottleneck. All weapons can buy on TP.Price 10-15 gold only. Ans will drop by mats coast. Solved. There is also a collection achievement for the recipes not only the weapons and considering the Tengu vendor has a third tab called Tengu Relics and the Weapon Collection giving 20 slot Tengu inventory bags and Draconic Lodestones as tiered rewards tells me that there is still content to be unlocked that we dont know about.
  3. I can understand that the way Anet implemented the special mission documents originally had to be adjusted because as they are tradeable, you could basically buy karma with gold, which defeats its intended purpose of being the main account bound currency in the game. Yesterday before the patch, I was getting buy orders filled for an average of 15s, which adds up to price of 75g for 1 million karma, which I think we can all agree on is quite cheap, considering the amount of weeks it would take you to farm this kind of karma normally. A legit question would be now why have these documents implemented in the first place? Just have the 40 special missions available right away like regular achievements. But I think the original karma faucet of 2k per excess document is kinda required in this zone and its removal surely will lower the average karma gain per completed meta quite a bit. Why is this a problem? Because there is a significant karma sink in this episode, which is the Tengu Weapon collection. Each recipe costs 35k karma, so its 560k karma for the whole collection. And I can see this becoming a huge bottleneck now for newer players who dont have a lot of excess karma stored because it will take significantly longer to earn this amount of karma on the map without the extra faucet from the documents.
  4. same here. Are you all EU servers? Might be caused by the wvw reset which happened at 7pm CET, so around the time OP posted this
  5. I sure hope you have some kind of satisfiying response or fixes before Whisper in the Dark releases tomorrow, otherwise you have whole reddit focus still on this issue rather than the new episode.
  6. Is this discussion still ongoing or have you determined not to address the feedback at all? Not sure, if you really want players to come back for next episode and realize the state of build templates. I sure hope you guys are not throwing the balance patch on top of it.
  7. We want to acknowledge that we have viewed the trailer posted in this thread and the other social media platforms about the Whispers in the Dark. We are discussing these whispers internally to determine how they address Equipment and Build Templates.
  8. I can understand you want to take your time with this but its been one week now without a word, so I sure hope we will get some info before the weekend. Even if you havent found a consent yet on how you would like to address certain points of feedback, it would be nice to know which main concerns of the player base regarding build templates you have identified and discussing internally. Like, if you had to summarize the feedback give in this and the other threads to give to the relevant people, how would it look like?
  9. While I understand your reasoning for these changes in pve, this will be a great loss for wvw (not sure about pvp as I dont play that mode). The Falling Damage reduction and related functionality may not be very useful in pve (besides in jumping puzzles) where aerial mounts and gliding are common counters to falling damage now, this doesnt apply to wvw, where there are no aerial mounts and gliding is also only available in territories you own. I always had great fun playing my aerial assault/interrupt build on warrior and would wish that this trait functionality wont be gutted.If you already do skill splits for pve and competitive modes, maybe consider doing trait splits as well. Some other solutions may be to add falling damage reduction back to runes of the snowfall or make it available through other sources, sigils, food/nourishments or even infusions (5% falling damage reduction per infusion slotted) I would also like to keep my interrupt when taking falling damage somehow.
  10. I also would like to add that I am sad to see falling damage traits go in wvw. They were fun to use and added a nice tactical layer. At least add it back to runes of the snowfall
  11. should be ok but maybe you want to make sure that everybody is 18 years of age, who participates
  12. I like both these ideas in general but maybe just limited these "account boons" (upscale to lvl 80, free exotic gear, access to gliding, warclaw, autoloot and maybe other wvw masteries) while playing on EotM. This would give new players the opportunity to get more or less the full wvw experience without having to put in 100+ hours on the regular maps and could also work as an incentive for f2p players to purchase PoF for unlocking the Warclaw, gliding and non-core stats. EotM is barely played these days and its initial purpose of acting as overflow while queueing is basically obsolete. New players could start playing there without having to socially integrate into specific servers and it could act as recruitment place for wvw guilds as well, if their commanders tag up there every once in a while to take new players on their hand and teach them the ropes.
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