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  1. From the Players Helping Players section of this forum: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/870009/#Comment_870009 ?
  2. As a Mesmer main, I will gladly wield my big pink stick. twirls moustache
  3. My main reason is that it’s not as tactical as I was expecting it to be. I’d imagined that you’d have multiple squads carrying out specific tasks all for a common aim. Instead it’s the odd Zerg bashing their heads against a brick wall (literally or figuratively) and occasional solo players having seemingly no real impact on anything.
  4. It’s honestly not that bad. I put it off for aaaages but once I started I had it done over a weekend of pretty casual play. As for the OPs question: for me it’s finding a class to stick with long enough to get properly proficient with. I tend to flit between my characters so they’re all reasonably geared, but none are top notch.
  5. The Desmina outfit looks great on my Sylvari Reaper mainly because it has heels. (imho) So many of the footwear items are blocky or low-res which is a shame.
  6. I voted 7 (because I don’t have enough character slots to have one for each class). I probably use 3 more heavily, but all 7 get used periodically. I tend to gorge on one for a week, then gorge on another and so on.
  7. I suffered a similar situation. Have you tried doing the next step in the guide (going to the monument thing just outside the Sun’s Refuge entrance iirc)?
  8. I have no problem with the pink butterflies, etc but this would be great. Funnily enough my Mesmer a mixture of mostly Abyss and Pyre - having this reflected in the effects would be amazing.
  9. I would love for Anet to revisit some of the older armour sets. It’s not they’re bad, just they could do with a little sharpening up. I was using the Whispers legs on my Mesmer and the detail was markedly ‘fuzzier’ compared to the other armour pieces.
  10. I’ve not noticed any drop to be honest. I’ve been running various metas and world bosses over the last couple of weeks and they’ve all been very populated. I suspect if there is any drop it’s just vets taking a break while they wait for the next LW episode to arrive.
  11. Remember what The Hound called people who name their swords... ?
  12. If you’ve got to the last part of the story, then you’ve already visited the Desert Highlands which is where you can get the Springer mount for higher jumping. Head to the northern part of the map and complete the heart to collect carrots. I think the Springer costs 5g iirc. Once you’ve got the mount you need a couple of Mastery points to unlock the high jump skill. You should have enough just from doing the story.
  13. I like to think I’m a humble sort of person, I don’t want or ask for much. But I’m trying to level my Tailoring past 425 so I can start crafting Ascended gear for my Mesmer and the Gossamer Patches are a pain. If anyone has any spare T6 leather lying around that they don’t need, I would be eternally grateful. Even if it’s only a couple of sections, it all helps! Edit 3: Thanks to the three kind souls who sent the gossamer patches, bolts of damask and gold for my quest. They will be used wisely and I will pay forward in this thread where I can!
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