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  1. It's great to see Colin and Josh back at ArenaNet. Make us proud, guys!
  2. I joined a month ago, the time has just flown by, and after seven years of soloing, I am pleasantly amazed at how much more fun GW2 is when played with a great guild. Not that I haven't had plenty of fun on my own. GW2 is very solo-friendly, which is one of the things that attracted me to it in the first place, and I like how easy it is to play it the way I feel like playing. After all these years and over 7700 hours, it's still my favorite game in any genre, and the competition for that title is fierce. GW2 being what it is, I have also met a lot of great people just running around in the ga
  3. My mental image of Patch Day at ArenaNet is everyone sitting around calmly sipping coffee while typing and staring at computer screens. I should probably also point out that I'm psychic, but I'm really bad at it.
  4. An hour does seem a bit much. I think ten minutes is enough to quell zombie-zerging, if that's what they're concerned about. But if that's the case, then why no cooldown on the existing TTFs?
  5. ArenaNet employees are quite common in-game, and it's not unusual to see them hanging out in various places now and then. But as Danikat pointed out, they must want to be seen, and you never know when they might be lurking "off the radar". So behave.
  6. I'm a big fan of Kate Miller's work as the Charr female, and I will miss her. That said, after seeing the video, I'm convinced Mara is going to be awesome in the role, and am confident Charr female voice acting is in very capable paws. B)
  7. Ah, but will you get 7 Blood Rubies tomorrow? "Ruby today better than two rubies tomorrow." -- The Ruby Monster
  8. Perhaps if they offered bug fixes in the Black Lion Trading Post... :p
  9. In the app, did you go to the section on social media rewards, find the entry for the promotion, and click on it to activate it? If it's still showing in your rewards section, that means it's not been used and it won't send you anything until it's been used. I did, which is how I got the confirmation message. Thanks for the reminder, since it's been a busy week and I forgot to report back. I received my codes from Popdeem Tuesday morning (9/25/18), less than 24 hours after emailing them about the issue. So I'm set, but I most definitely sympathize with my fellow players outside the U.S. and h
  10. As mentioned here, I claimed by GW2 codes last Thursday and received a confirmation from the Kung Fu Tea app, but still haven't received any codes. After allowing at least two full business days as instructed by the KFT blog, I have contacted info@popdeem.com requesting assistance, and am noting it here as a way of tracking the process. If/when I receive my codes, or if other news develops, I'll post an update to this thread.
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