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  1. It's not just about resolution but damage. Everyone understands that you need to take as many modifiers as possible to do damage. Valor offers no damage at all. Not to mention you lose an extra stun break and stability that you won't slot because you don't have space. Valor/rad/wb will do less damage and only have a little more condition clear(smiters boon) than virtues with no added damage. It's a net loss.
  2. You'd be surprised how strong resistance was at allowing you to maintain distance and avoid the weakness/blind spam from enemies @otto.5684. Having the ability to mitigate ALL of that(plus soft-cc) while porting in for damage was HUGE. You'll see in a few days how right I am and how much that one boon meant to the usefulness of wb's ability to maintain in melee, even if it performed poorly. It's going to perform worse now because you'll do less damage(taking valor) and will now have to deal with all of that debilitating condition spam with only a bit more cleanse.
  3. That's exactly what it was before. A few seconds on shadowstepping is exactly what you're referring to. And even with that, it was so severely underperforming. And now, it'll function worse with the near-removal of resistance in favor of the over abundance of resolution. I understand we haven't played in the beta yet but mostly what we got was number adjustments and the removal of an important boon. Not to mention we got ZERO bug fixes. What about reversal of fortune? Is this heal-skill still buggy?
  4. That's the point. The redundant resolution was not only useless, but a downright nerf to this supposed mobile spec. I'm not kidding when I say it needs to be reverted. The rest of the changes were in a decent direction except that one.
  5. That's the point. The redundant resolution was not only useless, but a downright nerf to this supposed mobile spec. I'm not kidding when I say it needs to be reverted. The rest of the changes were in a decent direction except that one.
  6. Resolution was never the problem, there's plenty of it. Resistance was an absolute necessity to staying strong in a fight. Imagine a roamer spec without any speed, soft-cc and hard-cc with buggy weapons outside of a few ports/leaps. This spec will never compete with herald when it's meant to do the same role.
  7. From an spvp perspective: ANET NEEDS to revert the Vanguard Tactics change. This was the ONLY good thing people liked and allowed Guardian's to stay in the fight. This is completely gone now. The adjustments to damage mean NOTHING if you can't stay in the thick of it to land.
  8. Worst change was to Vanguard Tactics. You now have NO way to stay in a fight without getting soft-cced to death or debilitated(cripple, immob, chill, blind, weakness). You lost nearly all of you resistance access. You still don't have speed in actual combat, you have no soft-cc to keep your enemy close, no superspeed and no quickness. Good changes for the most part but Vanguard Tactics needs to be reverted. This was the WORST adjustment to the specialization.
  9. Going over my opinions now if you guys want to watch.
  10. What makes a good high-dps roamer in pvp? You need solid mobility(and a little bit of soft/hard-cc for staying power), decent sustain and front loaded damage. Think of herald and why it fits this role so well and then think of wb and why it doesn't. I can spell it out for you but let me know what you think.
  11. Yeah man, ANY power Guard build(outside of trapper dh) relies heavily on symbols for its output. Symbols, by mechanical definition are backloaded. They require you to keep your enemy inside a small circle for a lengthy period of time which isn't happening outside of PvE.
  12. I think to address potential problems with WB; you need to look at core Guardian as an antiquated design that conflicts with WB. Currently, you have too many mechanics that hinder Willbender's design of a highly-mobile roamer. From Symbols, to Consecrations to a plethora of slow and uninteresting/weak weapon-skills. For Willbender to truly be what Arenanet wants it to be, you need to look at the core design of Guardian as a whole. I think this should be the way forward not just for Willbender or Guardian, but as for the game as a whole. The game's design is to utilize Line-of-s
  13. Just an idea of how weak I find dh: I'd rather fight two dh's vs one Necro or one Holosmith.
  14. Funny you mention this because I agree!!! Guardian has always had a way of getting to their target but it's always "I have to win or die." Here are the changes I'd make: Nerfs: - Remove Trapper runes OR remove the stealth aspect from it. Buffs: - Speed up deflecting shot to 1/2 second - Completely fix tracking on the Auto-Attack(more of a bug fix than buff) - Reduce CD of Fragments of Faith to 30 seconds - Massively increase the revealed time and damage of Light's Judgement - Put damage back on Dragon's Maw and reduce cd to 40 seconds
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