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  1. They didnt do it for the Tournament of Legends really dont think they will for the next MAT. Pvp has no urgencie for anet what so ever.
  2. Ah ok, so at the Tourament of legend we didn see 3 to 4 necros in the same team? I mention 3v3 because it the current season going on right now. You saying necros are not a prob?
  3. As the tittle says please fix the necro problem. Its getting to be really frustrating to play this gamemode. At the very least tell us you know about it...
  4. At this point they atleast need to say there something for pvp dont even have to say what. Pvp being as abadone as it has been for years not saying anything leads ppl to belive that they are just gonna let the mode die cuz they dont care.
  5. After the annoument of eod i knew that was never gonna happend.... but at the very least keep an eye open for quick fixes for broken things that are literally ruining the game.
  6. What is wrong with the pvp balance team? For real... theres no way they are this blind. So much for "keeping and eye out". I guess 3 to 5 necros in 3v3 will be the norm now. -_-
  7. Either this means pvp is officially a dead gamemode for anet or they are saving for a later reveal.
  8. Heres a tip. If your support is being pressure by someone its always good to counter pressure that enemy. An enemy thats defending itsself is not doing much dmg and in term will make the support well support you better. Same can be apply with other teammate like a mesmer getting counter by an enemy thief.
  9. Ill give you thief thats also nearly 100% but atleast its has gotten nerfs/buffs over the years and a lot of deadeyes dont run it. Not so much for war shield and guard sword tho they are strong and have a high pick rate but not almost a 100% over 8 years of the game.
  10. Im sorry but you cant convice me that a weapon thats used nearly 100% of the time is a weak weapon. It may not deal lots of dmg but its utility alone makes it a must pick on all necros builds. There no other weapon that even comes near that amount of pick rate.
  11. Yeah, but he keeped compering marks to traps and symbol so that why I made the statement. Tho either necro staff or the trait need to be looked at.
  12. Only problem is shield is not run on 90% to 100% of guard builds like Necro staff. You really not see a problem with that?
  13. Atleast we agree on shrouds. Its true if you dodge a mark its gone, but!! There no way to counter a mark that being cast on top of you from safe distance unlike symbols and traps (minus the staff one tho staff wasnt used on the symbolbrand anyways ). You instantly get hit big an unblockable big circle that also have some really low cooldown (unlike traps and a few symbols) Also if marks are that much worst than symbols why is it that every single necro build ever has to have a staff? Even if its a power base necro!. If you ask me necro staff also need a nerf.
  14. Ok when did I mention that all those skill work the same way? Because you keep saying I did. Im saying that the reason FB got nerf was because of "AOEs were unhealty to the game" yet necro shrouds, marks and fear spam are ok?. Even if they work diffrently they still huge area denying aoe circles.
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