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  1. Willybender not last? Hmm your list needs another look.
  2. Tbh gw2 has a good matchmaker, I played pvp since beta and back them there hardly any issues with it. Matches were mostly close and fun. One of the few good things that anet did to pvp. The problem lies in the amount of player that actually play pvp now a days. You can have the best matchmaker in the world and it will still struggle when paired with low population.
  3. Doing this leaves you with 11k hp no superspeed and no stealth for what to pull 1 person in? And hope he doesnt have 1 stunbreaker if so he lives? I suggest playing the class a bit more. Its not hard to counter specially once you understand it.
  4. Any kind of necro, support guard, rev shiro, holo engi and thief.
  5. Funny enough youll prob move faster this way than with the willybender
  6. I rather change them into willbender pressesnce and be an aoe that follows the WB for the duration. Like have f1 create an intimidatin pressesnce and foes u hit in the 6 to 8 sec timespan that are inside the aoe get torrment or confuaion (instead of boring old burning) and the first hit (only) after pressing fears the target for 1sec. For f2 be like a calming pressence for your alies giving vigor reatoration or any of those booms and some heal? Idk.
  7. Maybe tournament but people never stopped playing it and I know, Ive been playing pvp since the beta days. Anet just gave up on mode long ago.
  8. Well that save me money then I guess 😄
  9. Looks like you forgot abput pvp so this is a friendly reminder it still around.
  10. Willybender should be deleted!
  11. And if you manage to actually proc them the reward for it is miniscule. Edit: it should atleast be, proc on every hit after activating the virture but with a 1 sec ICD so at max you get out 6 to 8 passive procs rewarding you for landing hits.
  12. Prob not, most of the animation ive seen from a lot of these new specs are copy paste from another class or skill. Even the Mech from the engi is a re-skin golem with some similar animations. So I dont think this far into the beta they will make new animation. Its a good way to skip cost/time for the EoD but there has to be a limit.
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