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  1. I'd love to see this too and know some folks in my guild that would definitely find this useful. I won't use launch buddy because I just can't bring myself to trust 3rd parties with my login info.
  2. I'd LOVE a Hatched Chili gobbler, I'd consider calling it something along the lines of Back Burner or Afterburn. Not nearly as appropriate as Cold Turkey for the ice shards but its the best I can do atm.
  3. You are probably already aware of this, but on the off chance you aren't, I take shards and trade them in for Mistborn Motes and then consume those for Volatile Magic, which in turn I use to buy Trophy Supply Crates for the mats. It's a little cumbersome but since I DO make the odd legendary, this works for me. **EDIT** Dang it, I really do know better than to reply before reading the rest of the posts. Ninja'd by Darc by a mere 4 hours.
  4. thanks for all the replies and clarification
  5. When we gather up as a squad to play, often several of our guild members will rep other guilds in order to be able to claim multiple camps or towers. I know that we will be locked into our WvW guild for the purposes of alliances and team balancing. Has anything been said about being able to rep different guilds in WvW for claiming?
  6. While I can understand your frustration, I certainly do not agree with your solution. My own guild is a medium sized guild, and our server has quite a few guilds that have been playing together for a long time. Many of us have cultivated a very deliberate atmosphere of friendly cooperation in WvW and over the years we have become friends and allies. For us the Alliance system is already going to end up destroying the community that a large number of us have worked hard to promote and develop. The best we can do going forward is to try and band together as many of our separate guilds as we can
  7. On further reflection, I'd probably buy the thing anyway despite despising the idea if it offered all the same unlocked home instance nodes and allowed me to arrange them efficiently. Apparently I am a poster child for internal inconsistency.
  8. I certainly hope not! 🙂 I am definitely in the camp that does not want player housing in GW2. Other games already have that and there is no need for Anet to carbon copy other game's features. Clearly, like everyone else, I haven't played EoD yet but fishing was another requested "feature" that to me personally looks like a worthless addition. Having two back-to-back low value "big thing" additions is unappealing and disappointing to say the least. IF, and that is a huge IF, Anet were going to do something of the sort, I would recommend it be released as a gemstore item, accessible via a
  9. Couple thoughts on this. In keeping with the ascended/legendary relationship everywhere else, I would expect no larger than 32 slots if ANET were to actually adopt this idea. Secondly, the idea as presented remains distinct and unique from shared inventory slots, which is good because it won't cut into existing utility/QoL product sales. Finally, like with how the legendary armory sets up to encourage purchasing equipment templates, legendary bags that would be usable by all characters might encourage more people to unlock additional bag slots if they knew there would be an immediat
  10. @OP these three assertions of yours need support. In what way does does using any voice communication platform an "unintended, unnatural and unfair advantage? How does voice coms allow someone to play faster or more accurately? How does voice coms provide unnatural or undeserved rewards? Without supporting these assertions, you have given no reason to agree with you. As they stand they are simply opinions until you give coherent, logical reasons for why we should agree. While you are at it, I personally would love to hear a response on whether talking with my wife as we sit together pl
  11. There are a couple reasons this solution would be unsatisfactory for many of the Tengu-hyped players. The biggest (at least I think) is that combat tonics and mounts don't play well together yet, and may never. I personally HATE the Charr character model, and I almost never play my one single Charr char (sorry, I had to) for that single reason. I thought the infinite watchwork tonics would be an option for playing that char, but no luck for me. Each time I want to mount I have to disengage the tonic to be able mount, then dismount and re-engage tonic. So not worth the extra hassle every single
  12. Ages ago, before HoT was all that far into development, Anet hosted a long series of community discussions to find out what players wanted from GW2 (link below). Our current mastery system is just one thing that came out of those discussions, and people's requests for XP to still have value past level 80, and to make the game more "alt friendly" so that players with many alts weren't as heavily penalized for playing a broad scope of characters. Whether or not people are happy with the system now, it (along with many other systems introduced in and around HoT) is a very direct reflection
  13. having the same issue as so many above. Windows 10. game launches to music and changed gamma, but no char select window. don't have game mode enabled. task manager will not end, no other apps work, have to hard power down to resolve.
  14. See, I guess I SHOULD read to the end before replying. Someone else said the same thing as me only much better and more succinctly.
  15. My own two bits worth here, and honestly if you give me a quarter (USD) you have over paid. I think this hits a key point that I too had notices was lacking in the conversation up to at least the point this was posted. I haven't read all (currently) 4 pages yet. Healing & boon uptime are also very important elements to track. There are also the non-boon buffs (superspeed, one wolf pack, etc) that impact game play in non-trivial ways that are helpful to track and already found in ARCDPS. If this were to go forward as an in-house developed tool, it really would need to have many or e
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