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  1. It's always been kind of frustrating for me not to be able to save armor custumizations on a per character basis, especially when characters of a same class share ascended gear. I don't like using outfits, but am forced to simply because I neither have enough transmutations charges nor can I be bothered to reskin and re-dye the armor every time I send it around. It's even worse if you have a cultural skin attached, because you have to reskin it with the right race and forgetting that makes me want to bite my keyboard so hard that I don't use cultural skins on armor that I share anymore, it's just not worth the headache. So, now that we're getting Build Templates and Equipment Templates and both are Character based... How about adding Character based Style Templates to give this whole system the shine it needs? Being able to switch between different wardrobe compositions and keeping them no matter which armor I wear.... That's the dream. I beg you, please consider this.
  2. So, tell me again how it is okay. Couldn't agree more. It does sound like what would be an expansion feature. But, in an expansion, they would probably only give us a limited amount (say 3?), and then make more available for sale. So if they are giving us 3 for free, and making more available - yeah, that is alright with me. I doubt I would ever use the 3 they give us... but we each play differently...I'm actually not too bothered by the template slots costing money. Having several in general, never mind for free is quite nice and the additional ones are more nice to have anyway. I am bothered with the build storage costing money, because that just feels like milking the cow philosophy... I was agreeing with @Astralporing.1957 criticising @fewfield.7802 for setting the standard that money-grabbing as a business model is okay. Because it's not. Or at least it shouldn't be. But then you get 9 Build Storage Slots instead of unlimited like in GW1... 9... One for each class, yay.
  3. I'm okay with them monetizing the build and equipment template slots per character, as most ppl will probably be able to make do with the three we get. But monetizing on template storage? Srsly?? Although I realize that unlimited storage would serve as a workaround to the limited template slots, so does a sheet with template links and short descriptions, at least if I understand how those links work. If I do, I'll be alt-tabbing out of the game instead of spending money on template storage.
  4. Ah, but if you order something... that is not generally free. If a baker says come in for a free treat - and they give you a free treat - it is not their fault if you wanted chocolate buns. Go for a free treat with no expectation other than you are getting something for free. I do not care at all about armor/weapon skins, but I'm still not mad. I also got a free black lion chest with key, a shorts/t-shirt outfit, and a new glider skin. Free is free :)&@Ashen.2907 said: How about if you are walking by the baker shop, no intention of spending money, and he opens the door and offers a free bun...but youve already eaten breakfast and so have no use for it? Would you complain then? Guys, look, you're both not wrong. But you're also both missing my point. Which is that noone is categorically obliged to be partial to a gift, just because it's a gift (expecially considering that no item in an online game can ever be truely gifted, but that's a whole new can of worms). And also that noone is categorically excluded from expressing ones impartiality to a gift, just because it's a gift. I'm not saying I can turn around and say "No no, I don't like that, I want something else, so give me something else!" - No,, being free it's take it or leave it. But anyone who doesn't like what's inside or worse, already has what's inside, has the right to be disappointed. Let me add that I'm not digruntled in general or even about the whole package of freebies. In fact I like the outfit very much, one of my toons wears it with a bunny-backpack, looks so cute. And I even like the glider, because it has some very awesome dying possibilites, e.g. with searing and abyssal forest. I am very greatful for those "gifts". But that doesn't exclude me from being disappointed with the voucher. And noone has the right to tell me otherwise.
  5. I wish people would stop telling others it's not okay to complain when you get something for free. If I go to the bakers and ask for a chocolate bun and get told "we're fresh out, but here, have a raisin bun on the house", I'll nod, say thx and then go home to my wife and complain. Why, cause I wanted a fracking chocolate bun and got a fracking raisin bun and I fracking hate raisins... When I heard about the voucher I imagined all sorts of chocolate buns inside and all I got was a box full of raisin buns.
  6. The learning curve in this game, at least when entering anything after Core Tyria, is pretty steep. I only started actively playing the summer of last year. It wasn't long, iirc a day, maybe two, that after seeing ppl gliding and riding mounts that I bought HoT, PoF and a little later LS 2 and 3. Some of the encounters in LS2 were so unbelievably awful, I think I even came onto the forums and complained that, althoug the story was wicked, these fights were the most unfun and painfully offputting experience I had ever made in a computer-game. Moving on to HoT it just got worse. It actually took me at least half a year, if not more and the help of a guildmate to complete the final fight with Mordy. The main problem, as stated, is understanding basic mechanics or rather, understanding that they are in fact important and can't be ignored. Like movement, dodging and consequently endurance management. Nowadays these things don't become really important until LS 2 and beyond. And if to top things off you come from games where these things don't exist, let alone matter, understanding them and atually becoming minimally proficient at them are two very different things. I don't know how it used to be, but I'm guessing that those mechanics were important in early Core Tyria. So anyone from that "age" was already proficient when LS2 and HoT and so forth were introduced. Add in Elite-Specs and any Veteran will experience any current Open World Content as a breeze or will at the very least be able to quickly adapt to the new challenge. Finding the balance between these two groups of players, absolute beginners and hardcore veterans, is quite likely one of the most difficult challenges of Online-Game developers. Especially considering the currently available content. A new player, like myself around a year ago, may want to skip core to quickly get the Glider and a (or the) mount(s) and will then get hit by a freight train by content that a veteran may find trivial due to "power creep". I recently completed the HoT story for the second time and solo'd the battle with Mordy with my Warrior in the first attempt. It felt great and it made me realize that I had crossed that point on the learning curve. In a year or two I'll probably have forgotten that feeling and everything here will feel trivial. It's the natural evolution of these games or rather of their players. In every single online game I've played, veteran players complain that content "has become" too easy. That may be the case a little, but moreso is it the vets that have become too good at beating it.
  7. An excellent breakdown. I agree with every single word and wish I could keep them in mind as I'm definitely a victim of Nr. 1 from time to time.
  8. Acutally, no. We're working on different definitions of the term "have to (have)". I don't really feel like arguing semantics, but what the heck... The term 'have to' isn't prohibited from being used to express necessity. In fact, I prefer to seperate it from any 'need'-necessity. My definition of need might be broader than others, but I sure hope that I can always say that there is nothing about or within a computer-game that I will ever need, on that I'm sure @PyrateSilly.4710 an I can agree. That is why, when I create a new character and have no kits in my bank and want all options in that very moment and not somewhere down the road, as in 'create a character and immediately use a kit to customize that character the way I want', there is a necessity for me to buy a kit. Whether I say I 'have to' or I 'need to' do so is completey bananas, because they can both express a necessity derived from a 'want' and not from a basic need for survival. This difference was crystal clear in my very first post without having to/needing to read between the lines. The use of any of these two terms is completely possible and utterly personal preference. Now, about the alternative methods of gaining kits, I'm guessing you mean (either) the Chest of Black Lion Goods from the daily login rewards and/(or) the Black Lion Chests which I can open about once a week. True, I probably have received one or two in the past year, but that doesn't cover it. There are also the Black Lion Statuettes, but I prefer to save those for bigger things. If there are any other ways of gaining these, I'd be very happy to hear about them.
  9. Yeah, so, what's your point? If I WANT all character-customization options, I HAVE to buy a makeover-kit. With no word did I say i NEED to buy them. I have to have to those options, the hair-styles and colours, the eyes and eye colors, the scars. I have to have them, because I want them. What I don't want is a lecture from you. Are you seriously going to pretend as if you structure your whole gaming experience around needs? Don't make me laugh... As if you've never looked at something that you definitely didn't "need" and thought "I have to have that!"
  10. My last bag slot is always an invisible silk bag. Depending on how much gear the toon has, it might even be the last two slots. Any containers Anything in general placed in these bags will be ignored by the salvagers. Edit: pre Lucent Motes and such I used to salvage the blue containers directly. There might still be ppl who prefer doing that, because the amount of greens and therefore potential Charms is limited.
  11. Sorry for focusing on this, but it is a bad comparison. SWTOR has a completely different model and that "pay wall" only exists if you're not a subscriber. Also, anything QOL in SWTOR can and should be unlocked account wide. There are plenty of inconveniences in this game. There is however nothing "convenient" about having to buy additional inventory slots for every single character or a makeover-kit with every character slot. Man, do I miss the appearance designer in SWTOR...
  12. You know, aside from alternatively deactivating the plots, which I'll admit is just as bad, all other suggestions in this thread would be better than the current solution. Deactivating ascended plants and seeds, even going so far as to taking all of these of the TP and sending them back to the sellers would be better than deactivating the glyph. Why? Because the former are played for, the latter are paid for. With REAL LIFE MONEY! Simple as that, end of discussion. At least almost... The thing is, the player base can basically be devided into two groups: the players (majority) and the payers (minority). These two groups live in somewhat of a symbiotic relationship. The players can't stay without the payers. The payers won't stay without the players. If you take away enough shinies or just that one wrong shiny from a player, he/she will leave. With much less hesitation than a payer, because a payer has much more invested into the game, literally. So, @LucianDK.8615 is right, they're not going to change it, but not for the reasons he stated. It's because it would impact A LOT of players, while the current solution only impacts the payers, and not even all of us (oh, yes, in case you didn't gather: I'm a payer). The risk of losing players by deactivating all things related to ascended harvesting was simply too high, while the risk of losing payers by deactivating the glyph was fairly low. How do I know that? Because I'm still here and I bought my 5 Shared Inventory Slots yesterday. We payers, we're fools, but necessary fools. Here's the silver lining: we payers, we should be thanking ANet, because in the end what counts most is keeping the game healthy. And the current solution best serves that purpose. I have a rule in life which I try my best to live by and I'm going to modify for this discussion: the key to a happy game, is a happy player. And just as irl, that sometimes means that the payer has to bite the sour apple.
  13. I see your point, but I won't change my stance on this. You see, the Glyph isn't broken. What's broken are the ascended plants. THEY are not working as intended, the Glyphs are doing exactly what they're supposed to. And instead of deactivating what's broken, they deactivated what's working fine, something that people paid real money for. This is BS. I use the logging tool with the Glyph to collect enough Elder Wood every day for five accounts. This is profit of roughly 17,5 g per day. Having to do this without the Glyph would take five times as long, which I plain and simply don't have the time for and, to be completely honest, I jus can't be kittened to do. 13 days of Glyph deactiveness therefore translates to roughly 227,5 g in profit not made. Which means I am losing about 1000 gems. Please, noone talk to me about stupid flowers... Edit: by the way, I was planning on buying some gems today to get five more shared inventory slots. I'm not doing that anymore. Pardon the pun, but you reap what you sow.
  14. I am not happy with this. Not at all. Disabling the Glyph of Reaping most likely has a wider impact than, lets say, disabling the ascended garden plots that are unwantingly being "reaped". If only one should be disabled, I say it should be the plot and not the glyph. I was okay with it being disalbed for a day or two, but for at least two weeks? No. I'm not okay with that. I paid money for it. Real. Life. Money. So no ANet, you may not thank me, as I am very impatient and do not understand this decision.
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