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  1. Came to the forums to post about the same issues mentioned previously (skills being blocked by rebinds despite being mutually-exclusive platforms). Noticed it a while back for the warclaw and the Charr tank for my skill #2. For context, I have Mount Ability #2 bound to numeric key 2 for Skyscale ease-of-use. I'll also add that there are no dedicated hot-key rebinds available for the jade bots.
  2. I am encountering a bug in which my human Revenant player character is constantly triggering utility skill #7 when in Legendary Assassin Stance. This can be demonstrated when equipped with either "Riposting Shadows" or "Impossible Odds" in the specific #7 utility slot. This seems to have started occurring as of the Dragon Bash game update on June 22, 2021. This only occurs for my Revenant in the Legendary Assassin Stance, only for skill #7, only on land (operates normally underwater), and only when the player character is stationary without interacting with anything (skill will n
  3. Disclaimer: Tech requirements change and evolve over time. Arenanet (and most other software suppliers) have the right to change their system requirements for their products as they see fit at any time. Your computer build today is not guaranteed to work tomorrow. With that out of the way, let's talk tech. Rather than provide specific part recommendations, I'll recommend a top-down queue of upgrades that could be made and the improvements you can expect to see: CPU - GW2 tends to use a single core at any given time, but having more cores will improve general quality-of-life by allowing you
  4. Conditions (and boons) should function roughly the same way across all entities that we can engage with in combat regardless of their labels. The actual names of those conditions/boons (and by extension the implied real-world effects by the same name) do not matter. The name is merely a player-aid meant to help provide some suggestive flavor context about what may be going on (since the interface lacks the ability to provide haptic feedback). As far as the gameplay is concerned, they could just as easily be labeled "Condition Type 1", "Condition Type 2", etc.
  5. I support OP in this request simply based on the precedent that we can salvage Gifts of Fortune. However, there may be some technical limitations for why this hasn't been implemented yet. Gift of Fortune salvages into 10 total inventory slots; this skips the intermediate steps of reverting to Gifts of Might/Magic and goes straight to the raw materials. Salvaging a Mystic Tribute in the same manner would require 42 total inventory slots:1 slot of 77 Mystic Clovers1 slot of 250 Mystic Coins8 slots of Tier 6 materials16 slots of Tier 5 materials8 slots of Tier 4 materials8 slots of Tier 3 materi
  6. Noone "owns" labyrinth instances. Not a squad leader, not any single individual. Anyone has the right to open any door for any reason. You might not like it, but that is the way it has been designed.
  7. Unless you want the primary export of Divinity's Reach to be corpses, I'd recommend against this. When skyscales were introduced in Living World Season 4, one of the tasks involved rezzing a certain number of allies (Skyscale of Life collection). To streamline this process, a number of players took to leaping to their demise off of some of the higher areas in Divinity's Reach. While an amusing bit of emergent gameplay, you can expect players will take this to further extremes if some valuable rewards are attributed to rezzing large numbers of allies. Similar behavior will occur if the reward
  8. Ok bookah. Under conventional architecture, your assessment of Rata Sum may be more reasonable. However, the Asura have one critical feature that the other races are still trying to catch up on: the gate network. With the gate network, Asura have had far more freedom in distributing their facilities for residential, recreational, and workplace facilities. The phrase "thinking with portals" comes to mind as Asura would have more practice with incorporating gates into their architectural layout. Asura are also originally a subterranean race; See Rata Novus in Tangled Depths as an earlier exam
  9. Perhaps an emotional appeal will work to have this fixed. This buff gives me the sad because In other news, I didn't expect to get the chance to try the Super Adventure Box removal method I mentioned many months ago. Perhaps Moto has been working on a solution in his downtime.
  10. Anyone else thrown off by the amount of expletives being used in dialogue during the Bound By Blood release for Icebrood Saga? I understand that the Charr are meant to be portrayed as a warrior race and edgy, but I expect there are better ways to demonstrate this. Some of these expletive comments make them appear less like battle-hardened veterans and more like tantruming children (especially for Charr leadership). Just seemed like the game was trying to earn its Teen rating for mild language in some cases. FYI, I like the vast majority of this new release; this particular topic just seemed a
  11. I have the Almorra's Directive still applied on a couple of my characters despite having completed the Skyscale collections. I've tried to find a workaround by using things like the Special Forces Training Area in the raid lobby area to remove personal buffs, but this has not been successful. I speculate that the Super Adventure Box may be able to remove this buff (since it removes most other buffs from characters), but we'd have to wait until April next year to try that out (I imagine it'll be fixed before then though).
  12. Supply on the trading post just got bought up; went from about 3700 supply to about 400 supply on the market over the span of about 10 minutes. A pump-and-dump scheme perhaps? https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Crystal_Sliver
  13. What was the motivation for the dwarves to have added the large holes in some of the smaller hallways of the Thunderhead Peaks fortress? From a game-mechanic perspective, these were obviously included to provide a use for the Bond of Faith mount mastery. However, unless the dwarves were amazing acrobats I don't suspect that they would be able to reach the areas that are accessible with Bond of Faith as they are currently implemented. In-universe, the best use-case I can infer is that they were meant as false-floors to capture/injure looters and invaders. This rationalizes the hallways that
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