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  1. Buy 27 character slots. Three slots per profession for each game mode, it's what anet wants.
  2. Honestly not true. Most fights have some mechanic you should at least pay attention to. Be it the one shot of the Deadeye dude or that you might have trouble damaging through the heal of the ooze if you miss the DPS check. The fact the enemies can be easily stunlocked makes them easy though. Subject 7 dies so fast he doesn't even have the chance to heal at all. He litereally dies in 2 sec if you use power dps, just walk up to the boss and he just dies. Same for all the other bosses, just walk up to the boss, unload your dps and it's dead in 2 sec. Poor dog and the meat achiev, they both die so fast, meat doesn't even get the chance to spawn.
  3. Those fights are a joke, thanks to the power creep. Anything that doesn't have invuln phases like liadri or turai. Just dies in 2 sec, you literally just faceroll the fights.
  4. I would like a "Toxic to Casuals" title. Since i kick all bad players from my group.
  5. I guess you need to git gud. I did this on glass weaver running sword(really shit weapon), haven't died once.
  6. Spoiler by buying with gold you still support anet pricing methods. Since all those gems on gold exchange are already paid for by other players, anet loses nothing by having people buy with gold. In fact it encourages even more people to spend money on gem to sell for gold. Gems on the exchange are not infinite, more players buy, prices go up. Prices go up more people buy gems to sell for gold.
  7. I solo everything, there is nothing about story that requires a group, also original GW was group orientated. GW2 is way too easy and you can solo 95% of it by just running around and pressing 1 . You just need to git gud, there is no other way to help your problem. This game needs more engaging content not less, watering everything down just so that 1% of special snowflakes could experience everything, will make more people quit the game. Why do you think so many people quit the game right after relase? Because there was nothing to do and none of the content was engaging, all of it revolved around pressing 1 and f to loot. Even now it's still too easy, but at least you gotta move a bit instead of just standing still and hitting things.
  8. 3-4 hours + insert 24 backup hours for server meltdown
  9. Xbox has 1,75ghz cpu. Even with more than 4ghz this game runs like crap, in big blobs. So imagine how it would run on a console. Not to mention all the issues that come with releasing on consoles, like having every update approved my ms/sony. amd having to pay them each time you want to update your game. You would see massive delays in content, bugs would take weeks to fix.
  10. No expansion seller for me, will buy it anyway. Been here since prophecies, and not planning to go anywhere. No other game gave me this much playtime for so little money.
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