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  1. I think Engineers are lowest played tbh, especially since they were around before Rev and still managed to remain about as popular. Buuut I think one would be hard pressed to assert a profession's skillset to be the most effective available all the time when it is absolutely not a popular profession. Clearly something about its effectiveness is lacking in that case. Like I said I don't often rely on the popularity argument but the post I was replying was asserting an extreme, and that just does not seem to be the case. Revenants were very powerful at launch, but then they got a nerf bat to the
  2. While I don't often take stock in profession popularity figures, to claim that Rev has somehow been meta for everything all of the time when it is among the three lowest played professions by population seems a tad... Daft.
  3. Speak for yourself, many Revenants have stuck with the class since it was released. Others have discovered it and fallen in love with its bat kitten crazy legend/weapon swap mechanics. There are viable builds for every profession for most game content, people play what they play because they enjoy it. This is *especially* true of WvW where the rewards are so gosh darned awful compared to other modes that anyone playing it is assuredly playing it for the sheer enjoyment. So get off my lawn you cynicist.
  4. OP u die becoz baddy hit u clang and ur health go prrrrrrrrft
  5. Yes it drives me BANANAS in that EXACT situation. Your stab stacks are running out, pretty soon you are going to get yoinked off the wall. JUST ACTIVATE GOD kittenING kitten IT JESUS CHRIST GO GO GO.
  6. I actually think it's more like one *other* button, as don't you drop citadel bombardment in favour of orders from above?
  7. So a support that cannot give out the one buff that is truly desired from a support? Yeah I dunno I think that kind of sucks.
  8. Until they dodge, and then you get to have your way with them until they land.
  9. I'm a Rev main so it doesn't particularly bother me 😉 Besides, it's not as if other classes haven't been hit by the nerf bat. Every profession forum you go to *theirs* is the *most* nerfed and disparaged one. Oh. The humanity! Weeell not quite. Yes, other builds can run and dash in the opposite direction, but it's hard to argue that it's not a fair bit easier on a Thief that can become hidden for several seconds.
  10. It's the ability to reset a fight that's gone wrong which annoys most people. Most Thieves are no better than your average player - makes sense right? But with two average players fighting each other the Thief is not going to win the fight, since Thieves require a fairly high skillcap to do well with. What the Thief CAN do though is run away... And try again, and fail. And run away... And try again and fail. And so on and so forth. It's annoying because the average Thief is basically like a mosquito, and since everyone in WvW is deathly afraid of dying, most Thieves one encounters are not good
  11. Yeah but it is though isn't it? It's not what you like, but it is what it is. I'm not talking about whether a particular role is filled well, only that it is. Herald power swords presents as Revenant's "top tier" power damage spec, so it'd be strange to see Vindifail take that spot *especially* since hybrid play is built into the identity of the Alliance Legend.
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