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  1. Yes a Bikini with a Butt Cape and a high collar neck or a nice One Piece with a Butt Cape and High collar for the neck and if they do the bikini with the butt cape they need to make sure the butt cape stick out like a tail
  2. The Butt Cape sticks out like a Charr tail on Humans Norn and Sylvari females
  3. Use Jackal at the south west sand portal of Augury Rock if you are picked go in portal and turn right towards Heart Your Doppelganger will be there
  4. Reading the posts and reply's on this thread about community interaction open world dueling is a no no 1 ANET needs to bring alliances online like they promised that way guilds and individuals can interact 2 Make a international battle space like Hall of Hero's like Guild Wars had international community interaction 3 Make a GvG tournament based on PPK with a ranking system for the Guilds at 20 man squads original Guild Wars had GvG ranking
  5. I doubt it because your server would be able to keep a camp if they were bots
  6. Then you are not doing enough burning on your ground skills check your traits
  7. My scholar classes survive better than my melee classes because they are a medium range class and can avoid condition fields and they do more damage if anything Anet favors casters over face tanks as for condi over power they are about equal
  8. My favorite class is the arrowcart or catapult
  9. It's just time to make a new meta
  10. My DD handle's staff fighting in heels just fine she is quite the acrobat as for the butt cape's they need to go other than two medium body types they look like a tail
  11. Conditions or Power does not make a difference what needs to happen is fix targeting in the game I am tired of getting in a fight and have a random target from across the map
  12. Defenders have a Claim Buff never noticed they still die
  13. I would like to see the Ritualist make a comeback in the game it would bring spirit back to the game
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