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  1. Sounds like a super casual response there, most of the whining is the fact the new spec is absolute garbage, casuals may not notice as much as the rest of us wanting a dedicated dps spec, not a half/half triple support elite. Comparison to how berserker/dragonhunter can pull the numbers.
  2. Disclaimer this is from a PvE perspective using a hybrid of marauder/zerk ascended/legendary gear to have a permanent 100% crit rate. Please upvote this if you agree so that arena net may notice and fix this sad Vindicator. Renegade Pro's 25 Might perma from chaining crits with little to no effort as mass hitting skills procs 25 might instantly and forever 100% crit rate due to 33% trait alone Shortbow is amazing for general mobbing with high cc built in, abusive with sigil of draining. Stupidly overpowered battle scars heal through icerazor
  3. Rev main here, but honestly if this stance dance skill does not get fixed I will prob retire the class and move onto virtuoso, renegade is super good but years of it gets old and was excited to have giant greatsword on my charr. Clunky class design as usual while offering zero competive dps...where is our selfish power dps spec? every elite so far is support and more support. If wanted to burst greatsword will stick with dragonhunter.
  4. As was stated above by another post, please change the stance swap cooldown to permanently lock in the dps/support skills, it does feel punishing to use a skill then have to waste an already starved for energy class to have to pop support skill to go back to dps. As is there is no reason to play this class unless major changes/overhaul before goes live, power renegade destroys this elite spec every way possible.
  5. Needs more DPS badly, hits like a wet noodle compared to the versatile power renegade, can't even get past 10k crits with exotic beta gear, the parry skill 4 even with 5+ stacks hits for 5k, thats very low.
  6. From a design point its pure lazyness, glorified BL skins at best they look like. Legendarys supposed to be unique.
  7. Lazy copy/paste job to every wep type, assume gen 3 legendarys will be "discounted" versions to craft, going to assume its meant for casuals to enjoy as the aurene for all wep theme is kinda missing the point. Each legendary of gen 1 and 2 is unique, we all love aurene but the gen 3 lost all motivation to make now.
  8. Yeah but tagging each event is more effort to them than afk for 20minutes
  9. Easy fix, have a participation % that fills up for every event during dragonstorm, so anyone who afk's til end gets no loot or 1 blue, and people who do the events get either 100% normal rate or a bonus based on participation, why should the hard workers doing the boring event get unfairly treated. Make every "portion" of dragonstorm add 20%, more than enough events in there to hit 100, cap it at 150% for hard workers.
  10. Just want to see a actual dev actually give a kitten and start ban hammering all these afk abusers or rampant bots in general, games very plagued with them. Coming from years of warcraft this would never be tolerated.
  11. Can we please get a system in place to boot or deny rampant abuse of people going afk entire event and claiming loot? Same people each and every time. Lose motivation to run this when the afk'er gets better loot than you do for no effort. Either kick inactive, require a certain stacking participation bar or something. Otherwise report as lfg abuse/bots is not working.
  12. Seems to be very hard to see on an asura or charr, super clear on human in comparison. Seems the location/scaling needs to be fixed. Looks like its inside an asura neck region though from those pics.
  13. Major game bugs seem to be ignored lately, do hope the dev's are actually reading these forums and can at least let us know they are aware of the problems we got lately. Total silence is a bad sign, and fear game is on a downhill decline when player and dev communication drops to non existence.
  14. For me the lag is constant in desert highlands or elon riverlands, even if latency shows 75-80 I will get constant micro lag resulting in constant 2-3 second delays, as for any other map the lags fine, only bad lag is the mega world boss zerg. Which is server unable to handle the player load.
  15. Sound options got disable player chatter checked?
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