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  1. I'd like nominate the OP for the Durmand Priory Prize in Poetry and the Arts. It's a masterpiece of formatting. there is no question.
  2. AFK-ers are a sign that people only care about the match result. This is obviously bad. A game shouldn't have to punish its players for not playing. The players should want to play win or lose because the game is fun. If the game isn't fun .. fix that first!
  3. Resistance was silly. Builds would just be literally immune to all conditions permanently. I'm not saying the current state is good - too much cleanse which requires too much condi burst which requires more cleanse etc. - but resistance was dumb.
  4. Because they're not good enough. They have no experience fighting other players. The game never showed them how. I come across these players in WvW sometimes as they try and do the bare minimum required to complete their legendary or whatever. They eat damage and conditions and then flail around helplessly until they die .. and then I feel kinda bad. The game never taught them that they should have stun breaks and cleanses. It never taught them what to dodge and what to facetank. Game modes and hiding chat aren't gonna fix that. If you ask me, the only thing that will do it is exposi
  5. I wonder the same thing sometimes. Speculation: The balance devs got it into their head that they should wait for the meta to shake out before balancing (true) but end up waiting waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long - years rather than weeks. There are no balance devs. It's like 1 person who gets 1 day per quarter to attempt to fix stuff, and they do what they can. The devs are disconnected from the actual play of the game, so they don't know what is a priority But I've seen interviews, and their balance notes often imply that they have been paying attention, so it's always baff
  6. Ridiculous. The most blatant admission that they are nerfing core to balance elite specs I've seen in a while. It's like they've dropped all pretense of having core be viable. Maybe next year's balance patch? Maybe next decade? Maybe next game? Seriously, how many years has it been since *any* core engi build was good? 7? I don't think there has been one since before HoT. The elite specs added too much power. The devs know this because they just said as much in the balance notes, yet they continue to nerf core.
  7. This is accurate for WvW. If scrapper had literally nothing else except sneak gyro and function gyro, it'd still be a strong pick for roaming. Those two things are so good that I even run scrapper on my condi pistols roamer even though I get basically nothing out of the rest of the traits and could be getting more damage & sustain synergy out of a core traitline. Mech and Holo may be better in certain fight situations, but as far as utility (ressing downed friends, stomping enemies, and engaging/disengaging), you can't beat scrapper.
  8. I think getting new people interested is key. The game as a whole has a great community and large population. The PvE-land open world could do a much better job of introducing the player base to PvP by way of optional world events.
  9. 15k? Burn ticks for like ~300 per stack on wizard amulet. 15k would be like 50 stacks of burn. I'm calling BS on that.
  10. Those conditions that last "too long" are actually laughably bad. Yeah, condi engi can drop a ~20s burn on you, but it's never going to tick for 20s. It's going to be cleansed after 2s. Thus, the skill only ever hits for ~10% of it's potential damage. That's why no one uses offhand pistol. Spending a 15s cooldown to apply 2 stacks of burn that get erased instantly is a really bad deal. Also, on the off chance you don't cleanse it, that burn only ticks for half the dps of mech autoattacks, so it's not even dangerous. The only immob that actually works is ranger's and that's *because*
  11. Sneak is Scrapper's killer feature, but it's not everything. Bulwark Gyro's toolbelt skill Defense Field provides another source of AoE stability as well as an anti-projectile bubble that moves with the group. This is really really good in WvW where group stability is king. It also brings Purge Gyro, which is the easiest to use cleanse and manages to hit targets even in a chaotic fight where it might be hard to Fumigate or blast a field. It also brings bursts of quickness and superspeed - still strong even after nerfs.
  12. This is how conditions used to work way back when the game was young. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Game_updates/2015-06-23#Condition_Updates "Damaging conditions were all reworked to better ensure damage is properly delivered in large-scale combat. All damaging conditions have been changed to intensity-stacking, and the maximum number of stacks for each damaging condition has been raised to a much larger number that should never be hit under normal circumstances. All damage conditions will now stack up to 1500 times." That "properly delivered" complaint really was an is
  13. Would be nice if it worked on condition damage too, so you could still get some value out of hybrid or condi builds.
  14. That sounds familiar. If Anet ever adds real rewards for winning post-alliances, I think people will adapt and grudgingly play desert. That, or they'll just lose, and depending on how good the rewards are, will be very very salty about it.
  15. It's not providing 30% more value across the board though. Those numbers are filtered through coefficients, and you end up with less impact. Eg. My heal goes from 4920 up to 5509 switching to cele, only a ~12% boost. I'll grant you the boon/condi durations. Those do actually get a ~35% boost. However, even that isn't the whole story. Higher duration aegis doesn't matter if it's always consumed in the first half of its duration anyway. Likewise, condi lasting longer doesn't matter if it's always cleansed after a few seconds. The main value cele provides to me is making my cover condi
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