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  1. WvW is already basically all power damage outside of very small roaming fights, and even in roaming. A full power soulbeast rapid fire combo deals .. I think 30k damage? True Shot hits for ~6-7k and getting knocked through a Test of Faith takes half a health bar. On a power build, I can one-shot players with a ~20k+ grenade barrage combo in less than a second. On a condi build, I would have to land multiple skills with an equivalent range and cooldown, then wait ~25 seconds and then, only then, if the damage has fully ticked out, would it equal one power skill. For basically any condi bui
  2. It's really not a safety stat set when you consider that condi takes time to tick and can be cleansed. Eg. In a 1v1, a power build might need to survive 5 or 10 seconds to get its burst off and down the opponent. A condi build might need to survive 5 or 10 seconds to get its burst off, then 20 seconds for it to tick, but oops it's cleansed in the first second, so another 10-15 for the cooldowns to come back, 5-10 to land the burst again, 20 to tick .. oops cleansed again, 10-15 for the cooldowns to come back, 5-10 to land the burst again, 20 to tick.. So yeah, it is necessary to have some
  3. It's less about debilitating opponents for more time, and more about ensuring that short cover conditions last just that little bit longer so that they get cleansed instead of a big condi. No long-lasting condi is expected to fully tick out anyway. If you land a 10 second poison, that is going to be cleansed well before it ticks out. It doesn't matter if it's 10 seconds, 100 seconds, or 1000 seconds, the opponent is going to clear it in probably less than 5, so expertise isn't helping you here. What expertise does help with is when you have a 2 second cripple that you can stretch into a 3
  4. This is why cele/condi needs all those extra defensive stats. The number of times I land my burst in this matchup compared to my opponent is ridiculous. I'm definitely outplaying them here. Every time I land a burst, it's just instantly erased, so I have to sit around and kite and wait til my cooldowns are up and try again, and hope that *eventually* I'll have done enough condi to overwhelm their cleanse, but half the time it's impossible and I have to just leave. In this case, the fight is interrupted by a deadeye. If I'd been playing power, I would have killed them in the first or secon
  5. Just as an FYI, "meta" is short for metagame. It's not an acronym. Anyway, the bubble skills have target caps because they provide other effects that are capped. The anti-projectile part of them is not capped, and that's the problem. They cancel projectiles from ALL enemies for a period of time. I gave the example of a coordinated group with 5 scrappers rotating defense field. That's 100% anti-projectile uptime. No way around it. You just can't use projectiles. I complain about this both because I would like to use projectiles in some of my builds (eg. engi pistol) and because
  6. A rapid fire from a glass soulbeast is easily enough to kill a squishy player, and maybe enough to kill a tanky player too if they eat the whole thing. So of course players need some defense against that because it can be initiated from over 1500 range away and is on a .. what, 10s cooldown? with the SB also threatening huge damage spikes up close too. That's why I don't suggest nerfing cooldowns, but instead limiting the area that projectile defense can be shared among a zerg. If 1 player can defend themselves from projectiles for 5 seconds, that's great. If 1 player can defend 50 from p
  7. That is not, in fact, how condi is always done. Not every build can just "puke out 3-4" stacks every second (again, if you have specific examples you think are overtuned, then name them). For high impact skills with long cooldowns (like engi offhand pistol), it's a delicate game of landing the damaging condi in the first place (must actually hit the opponent between their defenses) land cover condi, desperately try and overwhelm their cleanse so that when they try and cleanse the original damage, it removes the cover condi first but not the damaging condi do NOT reapply the
  8. That's asking a lot. Landing 2 or 3 autoattacks is huge in a pvp situation. That's multiple seconds of autoattacking just to break even. Again, I'm ALREADY fighting an uphill battle vs just playing power and deleting my opponent in one combo the FIRST time they screw up. Now I have to tag them with condi between their defensive skills, probably do that 3 or 4 times until they've burned all their cleanse, THEN if they have resolve, I have to apply EVEN MORE condi after that? Oh, and all the while I have to worry about my own survival because they're attacking me back. Eff. That.
  9. Sure looks like a nerf to me. Not only will I have the same trouble getting my conditions to stick, but now if my target has resolution, I won't be able to put on any more *and* it'll reduce the precious little damage I'm already doing by 33%. I already can't apply enough conditions to overwhelm my opponents' cleanse. Now I need to apply enough to overwhelm their cleanse AND punch through their resolution? Eff that!
  10. The issue is that power is just always the best choice. It's better in zerg fights, or in any fight with support. It's at least equal in a 1v1, so you have the choice between condi (situational, huge downsides), and power (always good). So I bristle at OP's suggestion that condi needs to be nerfed even further for some reason..
  11. Yes, it *seemed* like a decent fight, but in order to seem that way, I'm out-playing the warrior by a ton. If I had been playing power, they would have been dead in maybe 10s. I was really not dishing out much damage compared to the number of cooldowns I landed on them. Disagree. That is pretty normal cleanse for a roaming build. See also: weaver, necro, some mirage builds, etc. Power soulbeast builds have less cleanse, but still enough that they can negate my burst a few times while threatening to 1-shot me with a burst at any time. No. In a group fight, you want power,
  12. This is what it's like trying to play condi in WvW. Notice how every time I manage to land my burst, it's just erased either instantly, or within a few seconds? This is against ONE player with average condi cleanse. Now imagine fighting a group with support cleansing even more. It's impossible. It's an exercise in frustration.
  13. Burning doesn't scale particularly hard. Example: Blowtorch on Engi Pistol offhand. If I land that skill at point blank range, *and* I have full expertise *and* by some miracle it doesn't get cleansed for its full duration, then it would have to be on a player for something like 30 seconds straight to equal the damage from ONE power grenade barrage burst combo. 30 seconds vs less than 1 second. Same amount of damage.
  14. Condition builds by their nature need to be tanky in order to survive the additional time it takes for their damage to tick. All things being equal, it's better for you if you can kill your target in 3 seconds vs 30. Condi builds can't kill in 3 seconds, so they need to rely on survivability.
  15. What "passive nature of condi"? You got hit by a skill, probably many skills. You did! If you don't believe it, go back and check the combat log. Those 10 stacks of bleed and 5 poison didn't materialize from the aether to oppress your character. An opposing player looked at you and pressed their offensive buttons, and you failed to press your defensive buttons in return. You deserve it - Just as a player that gets hit by a 30k one-wolf-pack unblockable rapid fire deserves it - Just as a player that gets hit by Death's Judgement deserves it - or any power skill for that matter. The differe
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