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Solo Build with less weapon swap

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Good morning lovely people,


I'm completely new to GW 2 and figured out that later on weapon swaps are fairly important for a good performance. I started a revenant and learned that while it's apparently one of the go-to classes in terms of solo play, it also requires a lot of weapon swap due to the energy system. Are there any other classes / builds that require less weapon swaps (doesn't need to be 0), while still being viable for solo content?


Thanks and a wonderful start into the week!

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I assume you mean Legend Swap for Revenant, since their OW builds just camp sword + sword. Anyway, all professions have builds that are viable for solo content.  But, if I were to pick a few that don't do much weapon swapping at all...


#1: Staff Daredevil.  Build is here, but you can change around things depending on what you want.  Most of the time, you'll just be camping staff.  The Deadeye is fairly similar, since you'll be sticking mostly with rifle, but it will swap to Dagger + Pistol or Sword + Pistol for close engagements.


#2: Power Spellbreaker.  Build is here, and again you can swap things around.  For the most part, you'll just be camping the dagger/dagger for maximum sustain.  The off-hand weapon can be whatever you need it to be:  Mace or hammer for CC, Axe for Damage, Rifle for range.


#3: Power Scrapper.  Build is here.  Now, while the super high maximum DPS involves going into grenade kit every 5 seconds, for a more casual run you can essentially play this build kitless and stick with the hammer for most of the time.  I still put grenade kit on there, in case you're forced into range for some fight. 

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For solo open world content no profession really requires swaps. 

Revenant specifically requires legend swaping for energy management but otherwise its nothing special rearding weapon swaping. You can easily camp sword sword for power or mace axe for condition builds for example. For ow that is. 

Weapon swaping is not indication of complexity. Elementalist and engie cant swap in combat and are the most complex to play. 

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Yeah, Revenant is extremely powerful if you can handle the Legend Swap. I have the same problem, I struggle with the revenant mechanic.


One of the simplest builds to play is Pistol/Pistol Deadeye, Mark your target with F1 and hold down attack 3 until it dies.




You only need to weapon swap if you get bored or run into something that reflects ranged attacks.


All the recommendations so far have been elite specs.


For the easiest levelling experience there's the Necromancer minion master. Your weapon skills are quite weak and you use them mostly to gain life force which you use to activate your F1 power. Your minions do most of the fighting and tank for you. You spam autoattack in your shroud form when you need to join in.


In the end you need to find the class that fits you and your playstyle.

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With Revenant you only swap weapons (to staff) for when you need to break a cc bar. Otherwise its just a sword / sword all the way. And changing a legend is literally just 1 extra button.


Otherwise Thief does not require weapon swap at all since it works on initiative and not cooldowns. If you are looking for a good open world build, then I recommend Rifle deadeye (you are safe during group event because of its long range).

And if you are looking for instanced content build, then either go with Staff Daredevil which have high dps but relatively harder rotation or D / D deadeye which does slightly less damage, but has incredibly simple rotation.

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Run the power alacrity renegade raid build.  For independent/open world play, you can run marauder's armor with runes of the pack, diviner's weapons and trinkets.  You can basically camp Kalla and Sword/Sword in open world.  You only need to change to Shiro if you want to or want to reset your energy - it's helpful, but not necessary for solo play.  With Sigil of concentration and sigil of accuracy on your weapons you'll be above 50% crit chance, almost 200% crit damage.  Then add soul cakes as a food and potent lucent oils to have 100% up-time on alacrity just spamming Orders from above on cool down.  For your second weapon, feel free to take short bow for distance and have a staff handy if you need heavy CC.

You can increase your DPS following the proper rotation and legend swapping, but, you don't HAVE to do it in open-world PVE and story content. 

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