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Portable version of M.O.X. (music)


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Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if it would be possible to arrange a portable version of music player like M.O.X. is (is our home instance) - especially now, when EoD is more or less around the corner.
Our old friend M.O.X. from GW1 was introduced before PoF with samples from Nightfall, would it be interesting for more people to get something like what I mentioned here, with existing music + Factions melodies? The question is if it's implementable for the developers either.

All the best for all of you!

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Just now, Blude.6812 said:

I would be more interested in MOX having more music added for playback in the home instance.


I thought it would limit the functionality to only one instance. And extending it to the whole game would not have any negative impact at all, I assume.

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Well, considering they've already implemented the concept of a music box, why not also a Music M.O.X.? If implemented as those are, everyone around you would be able to hear it, but if the system treats them as instruments (this I'm not sure on), the people around you would be able to toggle/adjust volume as they saw fit.

Of course, this also raises the question of 'okay but what happens when we have 56 different items that play music?' and the answer is mostly likely 'then I guess we have 56 and you just carry your faves with you' because I doubt an in-game omniplaylist is coming.

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