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Please fix the line of sight / no pathing issue


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To many times I have died due to the UI saying I can go somewhere just for the unnoticeable text to say "No pathing" or "No line of sight".

I understand terrain in this game isn't optimized  but can I just get a red circle if I cant go there before I even attempt a shadowstep/teleport?

The inconsistency is mind-blowing at times. As I can shadowstep up a cliff with ease but if I try to go up a slanted hill where I can just walk up the hill I get hit with these bugs.


Tl;Dr: Please make it so if I can't path to it, I don't get a green circle telling me I could.

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I think the reason why they have it only trigger on activation, is to reduce the cost of the shadow step. A single run of A* pathfinding across a small distance isn't expensive. But constantly updating it is, and it gets worse when compounded by a bunch of thieves using the skill at the same time and waggling the mouse.


The reason why AI isn't a problem despite using pathfinding, is they use caching and also have shortcuts to skip pathfinding where they can. Caching as its unlikely they need to move far beyond their current destination, so they can save the path rather than update every frame. And check it occasionally for validness. The shortcut is, if the AI can walk in a straight line, then do it.

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I wish they'd fix the 'no valid path to target' in Dragonstorm too. I think i was on my renegade and i'm standing right in front of those leystone thingies and can't cast any of the kalla minions 'cos no valid path. Oddly, it only affects the first set to spawn, not the second, even though they are in the same locations.

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On 8/31/2021 at 1:02 PM, Singularity.1486 said:

Me trying to Infiltrator's Arrow up the staircase of Keeps in WvW...



No pathing.




As far as Shadowstep labelled skills go, you can pull off some crazy steps around structures, but I normally pull them off at the wrong time like in the middle of a blob waiting to rush. Then when I really need to bounce, something like the two little speed bumps on either side before SM inner hallway blocks everything. 

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