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Pristine Dragon's Eye


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Why is Pristine Dragon's right and left eye obtainable just by random super rare drop in Dragonstorm, instead of adopting the same system that exists in Raids where you can obtain the infusions with the currency you gain by completing wings? It's a bit absurd having this item more expensive than legendaries weapons in the trading post, no? Why not making them available to purchase with 2000 Tyrian Defense Seals for example?



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Considering they were advertised and displayed prior to the release of the episode, they have turned into a letdown from being so insanely scarce.      I stopped caring myself, the achievement box granted one will ever sit unopened in my bank. Havent bothered doing the battle anymore, the chance for an eye is just too low.   I would have been far more interested in keeping playing if it was buyable with seals.

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They are in the same boat as invisible shoe skins:


Arenanet essentially doesn't want you to have them.

They just put them into the game at stupidly low drop rates, so they can say "we already have that in the game", if anyone asks them to release such skins.

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