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The 16th King and Queen's Horrorween (2021)

Daniel Frozenwind.2946

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Mad King Thorn, Daniel Frozenwind & Mad Queen Malafide present:

The Official Website: TheHorrorween


The Haunted Carnival


Come one - come all to The 16th King and Queen's Horrorween!

Tyria's oldest community event returns to the Guild Wars franchise with a Carnival of Fright for its ominous 16th anniversary.

The Snowman King on behalf of her majesty Mad Queen Malafide cordially invites you all to attend this Spooktacular Halloween adventure!
Featuring the famous costume contest, live in-game bands, a dedicated Discord channel where you can interact with our staff and listen to Halloween music and fan favourite activities you have all come to know and love! It is not to be missed, we bring frights and delights! 

ūü¶īPLOT FOR 2021

Ancient magic is stirring once more in the port-city of Lion's Arch . The chill autumn wind brings with it the tidings of The Mad Realm.

As Mad King Thorn exerts his influence once more*, the concentrated madness, mischief and merriment has brought a strange visitor. 

An ancient Awakened Ringmaster has dared to show his face in Kryta, but to what end? 

He brings an ectoplasmic host that no longer swear fealty to Palawa, they seek to bring a haunted Carnival back to life. 
Aurene's Champion and allies are summoned to investigate.

Upon arrival Tyrian's can no longer leave Lion's Arch, it seems they must aid the Ringmaster in breaking the curse.

This can only be done by taking part in his ghoulish attractions before the witching hour arrives and Halloween reaches it's zenith. 

Join Frozenwind & Malafide as they visit the Freak Show and marvel at the horrendous bearded Mesmer, do you dare ride the terrifying Rollerghoster? 
Be wary of the Mistfortune Teller, and remember - The Haunted Carnival is full of many more terrifying attractions! 

*He may kill you in the process.


Ghoulish clowns rise from the grave.

Dressed half a lunatic, half a knave.

As undead jugglers emerge from the ground,

The air fills with a most unnerving sound.


A lunatic melody is in the air.

It heralds a chilling and unusual fair.


From the big top the ringmaster beckons.

You are shrouded in fog in a matter of seconds.

Whisked away from the safety of the Arch.

As a feeling of dread seems to make your lips parch.


But fear not dear Tyrians, young and old.

A Snowman King arrives, cheerful and bold.

By his side is Malafide, Queen supreme.

To safely guide you through this year’s Horrorween!



Historical Poem: 

Although Halloween has lain dormant, there comes a time.

When revellers awaken, and hear the bell chime.

Ghouls stir in patchwork beds and skeletons arise from dusty tombs.

Drawn by the Horror, this magic - the greatest of boons.


The Mad Monarch Thorn, calls to one and all.

Away from Palawa, and the tar of his thrall.

With him stands Malafide, Queen supreme.

And an Old Snowman, a merry one indeed.


They wait for you to arrive, beneath the cold Mad Moon.

For the 16th tradition - is bound to begin soon.

So linger a while, under the pale moonlight.

The Horrorween is here, it's time to fright and delight!


  • Guardian's of the Dutch [GOTD] for donating the vast majority of event prizes & hosting event Discord.
  • Minstrel's Waypoint [CMAJ] for providing the famous live band "The Ghostly Quartet".
  • Crazy Bumper Stickers [BumP] for volunteers and donations.¬†
  • United Arts of Tyria [UAoT] for a generous¬†donation.
  • The Renegades of Ascalon [TDK] for always being there.


17:30 | The Pre-Party / Ghost Walk / Scavenger Hunt

18:00 | The Ringmaster Arrives / Lunatic Royale

18:30 | Opening Scaremony

19:00 | Phantasmal Parade

19:30 | Cauldron Conundrum / Last is First / Frozenwind says

20:00 | The Ghostly Quartet 

20:30 | Wolf Pack / The Mistfortune Teller

21:00 | The Shooting Gallery 

21:30 |  The Rollerghoster & Blasphemous Beetle-Boost 

22:00 | The Freak Show - Costume Contest

22:30 | The Freak Show - In the Flesh

23:00 | Spooky Scary Skimmers & Awakened Aerobics 

23:30 | The Night Flight

00:00 | The Big Finish - Finale Fireworks

00:30 | The After Party & The Community Spirit Award


How do I take part?

  • The event shall be held on EU servers, in Lion‚Äôs Arch, on the 30th of October, starting at 5.30pm CEST!
  • All you have to do is attend, take part in the festivities, and fabulous prizes will be in store for you.

Help, I’m not on an EU server, or I can’t make it!

Edited by Daniel Frozenwind.2946
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To celebrate the 16th anniversary of the oldest community event in the history of Guild Wars, we are once again holding a Spooktacular Halloween art contest. To enter, post a Halloween art piece that you created, including one of the event's hosts, or both - carnival theme a plus!


The top three best art pieces will each receive a grand prize (see below). The winners will be announced at the end of October, after the Horrorween event, and their prizes will be mailed to them in game. The Queen is eager to soon frame your marvellous creations on the walls of her icy palace.

1ST PLACE PRIZE: ArenaNet Community Chest Code, Shrouded Bench of the Final Judge (280g+)

2ND PLACE PRIZE: Palawa Joko Funko POP! Mini code,  Shrouded Bench of the Final Judge (280g+)

3RD PLACE PRIZE: Mini Llama Code, Shrouded Bench of the Final Judge (280g+)

(With possibly more prizes to follow)


Players are asked to submit a photo of their best carved pumpkin. One photo per contestant. We only accept actual carved Pumpkins or Turnips. Contest closes on the 1st of November. 

A note in the picture must be included with "Horrorween 2021". One (1) grand prize will be awarded, so you best get carving! 


1ST PLACE PRIZE (Master Carver): Mini Llama Code, Grinning Gourd Rifle Skin 

2ND PLACE PRIZE (Goardtastic Slicer): 250 Globs of Ectoplasm, Grinning Gourd Rifle Skin 

3RD PLACE PRIZE(Pumpkin Squasher): 50 Globs of Ectoplasm, Grinning Gourd Rifle Skin 


We select the best male and female costume on Discord! Our contestants can show off their Halloween costumes via webcam or through a media picture on the night of the Horrorween! 

If submitting a picture via Discord, a note in the picture must be included with "Horrorween 2021". Two (2) prizes will be awarded.




Pick a number between 1 and 200, and we’ll randomly draw six winners from that list, during the event. Just pick one number and your character name, and post in this thread which number you’ve chosen. You can’t take a number that has already been picked, and one number per account. Some folks may receive a different number automatically, if they choose a number that is already taken. Without a character name, we can’t send you the prize. Make sure you spell it right. And yes, US players can take part as well! 

Raffle MAY be extended due to overwhelming interest.

Edited by Daniel Frozenwind.2946
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This year we have another costume contest of course. Our ghastly group of judges will be lending their dark votes to this tradition. Best male, female, and "Ugly Stick" win special prizes and maybe something exclusive from the gem store! Dress like you belong at THE HAUNTED CARNIVAL!

King of the Horrorween Prize: ArenaNet Community Chest Code, Ember Infusion

Queen of the Horrorween Prize: ArenaNet Community Chest Code, Nightfury Skin

(More prizes to follow)


We have a Legendary prize in store for one Tyrian but it is a secret.

Disclaimer: anyone who knew about it was fired from a cannon to a roaring applause.

Simply attend the event to have a shot at this prize.

The winner will also receive a special Magic: The Gathering Jack-O-Lantern playing card, featuring a gold embossed "H", signed by both of the hosts. 


A masterfully witty scavenger hunt to re-build the Wickerman, presented in five stages throughout the Pre-event. The first person to successfully gather the parts required will be rewarded in a big way!


Hold on tight, you are in for the ride that your life may depend on! The infamous King and Queen's Raceway opens it's track in Lion's Arch once more, but this time things have gone off the rails! 


Laranity and her ghostly band of musicians manifest once more to put on a live in-game concert featuring hand played music and fan favourite songs, watch out though - the merry poltergeists are known to throw their instruments at deserving players! 

Edited by Daniel Frozenwind.2946
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1  Yassu.7439

2 Jean Green.7208

3 palouff.2956

4 Xcora.8259

5 Floland.4138

6 Embered.5089

7 Super Tireur.4328

8 RecklessWolf.6890

9 grevinnatosseri.2053

10 AriaSilverfyre.8702

11 Sharl.6023

12 Anamona.1089

13 Motorhoofd.1935

14 Shisureen.8930

15 petroczitamas.9862

16 wondermuffin.9680

17 TezPoca.7203

18 Fny.4502

19 Killer.1753

20 Baqueta.8061

21 pat.3026

22 LadySmokes.3917

23 Unknown.9837

24 Megis.9264

25 Appelflap.5017

26 JamaineEra.1369

27 Cygnus.3712

28 Nekres.1038

29 myrana.8023

30 Orpheus.9048

31 twinkle.6342

32 Varl.3759

33 everlazuri.6589

34 Ikhana Graveyard.1058

35 bdillon.2859

36 Nightmare.1234

37 TwangyMouse.2469

38 Tiamat.8254

39 Zuldari.3940 

40 pony.4587

41 Nidhugg.5476

42 Nitsirk-2357

43 Raisin of Chaos.5738

44 Eleandra.4859

45 Digachino.4963

46 LordOfWar.7368

47 Jijn Starno.6024

48 Aryalyn.1073

49 SITHIS.2687

50 PotatoAim.7014

51 Sephiroth.9364

52 Paton.8762

53 ChaosVenom.4238

54 Glusch.4806

55 ChampionMasquerade.5283

56 MJSkellux.6785

57 Inculpatus cedo.9234

58 Stof.7318

59 PDROD.9864

60 mightychaz.2839

61 Tyncale.1629

62 Necrid.6247

63 Daevhalla.7823

64 Bloody.9863

65 Remram.9851

66 Hellschream.4812

67 Karyk.5721

68 DimZz.8697

69 tirre.4219

70 Lukas.3624

71 Warheart.3426

72 Ziph.1654

73 Carardrhas.5271

74 Valhunt.3290

75 Jath.9106

76 ajdillon.6203

77 Eloanda Dark Candy.9365

78 HardRider.2980

79 Ekleipsis.6748

80 Moradon.9670

81 Misty.1652

82 SuperAlexm.8654

83 Kalli.4506

84 DarkoroSexyCat.9034

85 mout.6520

86 Applewater.8702

87 Kiltemol.7698

88  dole.6298

89 PaulSty.5710

90 Datriman.6714

91 jacob.7410

92 Lennor.2071 

93 Ackerman.8196

94 Vanna.7618

95 Sodeni.6041

96 Alphaheart.5087

97 Veigar Sem Chapeu.4597

98 Bombarder.4963

99 Bask.3415

100 Deedrick.4372

101 Miraclus.5826 

102 Ollivia Carroll.6358

103  Mistress Lala.5298

104 Jasmina Zerkan.4216

105 CHR.6374

106 Dendon.9087

107 Sleepymonkey.5398

108 Carina.4185

109 NoisyBoy.4218

110 batman.8317

111 Xandaresch.5138

112 EdreasEloyen.9410

113 Akane.9714

114 LadyBloom.2497

115 Bipen.5437

116 fleaf.3028

117 IanSinclair.7331

118 impcamper.7862

119 Angelo.3902

120 Mouja.8130

121 Nayaru.4716

122 Lizz.9380

123 Algo.2698

124 Eluna Moonsight.8072

125 snapsaurs.9170

126 Seherek.3240

127 Gytis.1637

128 Gmtecol.7453

129 Aquarian Z.4351

130 resident.3971

131 Little Joe.8041

132 whistler.4807

133 Leovinus.2598

134 LightningTurtle.8357

135 Nesat.8201

136 Bjoern.1534

137 Bluefeather.5276

138 Neeko.4670

139 DarkoXIII.2617

140 janka.6297

141 Dantte.5146

142 stuffles.6734

143 Ultimator.4302

144 Mira.5247

145 Virdie.5081

146  Moussette.8415

147 Sepe.1463


149 Hiro.7346

150 Muhahalol.2169

151 Heytukan.5024 

152 Rinkashimi.3925

153 Mirao.5862


155 JKrC.1658

156 R J Rock Girl.1453

157 Mak.2657

158 bebimetaru.7813

159 eTrollet.4708

160 Yunichii.8263

161 shyknees.2401

162 Thatguy.2451

163 Captain Lockhard.7648

164 CentoO.4635

165 crypt.4275

166 Lightwood.8426

167 Moogly.7829

168 Beast.9053

169 Tycoon.8140

170 Tyrith.7803

171 Sindicus.9546

172 Beck.3496 

173 Bakanu.2615

174 Spartam.2046

175 akase.8420

176 rizzar.3624

177 Llilou.8531

178 Yahti.9321

179 BadKitty.5426

180 darksome.1697

181 Prinz.9863

182 Sher.1632

183 Aiyoku.8265

184 SonoDanshi.5186

185 eltahin.6314

186 flarezi.9381

187 Ficus.7156

188 Kultarr.4786

189 krett.3546

190 unwize.4296

191 MinnaK.8362

192 Balla Rina.6951

193 Mari.6394

194 nolsaeb.621

195  RichMahogany.4389 

196 Elnoreth.9375

197 HarperRogue.4075


199 Theodor:5329

200 Kurosake.2194

Edited by Daniel Frozenwind.2946
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ūüéÉThis year is going to be absolutely delightful! Dear people of Tyria, you have no idea how big the Horrorween is this year! The Queen is so excited, she might almost be nice to a mesmer this year... No, wait. That's too much... dial it back Malafide, dial it back.

Edited by Mad Queen Malafide.7512
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