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Willbender Flames should follow the player!


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Hey guys ūüôāI've had another idea, this time about the willbender flames mechanic.

I think having the flames orbit yiou (like a ring around you that moves with you) would work realy well with how the stances work.

As it would be easier to get the 5 hit required.

Each virtue could have its own shape of flames, this way it would also be easier to track your current stance. Justice could be flaming swords, Resorlve could be flaming orbs, and Courage could be flaming shields.

I think it would complement Willbender's design very well, as it would be all about sticking to your target.

What do you guys think?

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  • DanSH.6143 changed the title to Willbender Flames should follow the player!

This is exactly what they should do yes.

Guardian already suffers in PvP and WvW with a lot of unreliable damage built into Symbols which normally only hit players for 1 hit as they dodge or walk out of them right away.


Rushing Justice is an even smaller area and Flowing Resolve is hilarious, what kind of enemies are you going to hit with a thin line.

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Yes, agreed! For a mobile spec, the flames should move with/emanate from the Guardian. It would also be nice if they caused more unique effects based on the virtue - that were actually impactful in some way. Better burning for Justice, slightly better healing for resolve, maybe regeneration, etc. Or maybe cripple, daze, chill, etc., just some CC incorporated to align with the Willbender theme of controlling the fight. Might be too much to ask for, but some balanced combination of these ideas would make the spec less meh.  Good idea to incorporate unique orbs or auras based on the virtue for visual effect. This honestly should have been the design from the start. 

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Amen! That would be SO cool. Guardians kick kitten, and basically are experts with burning and fire, so why not?! Personally after playing Willbender for a few hours I LOVED it. But the flames would make it even better. It seems like a lot of people don't like WB, but these same people probably think it's perfectly appropriate for a cloth-wearing Elementalist to wield a gigantic 2H warhammer lol! Not that I hate the new Ele spec, just saying. ūüėÉ

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