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Perfect WvW server system for guilds and fighters (better than alliances!)


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Steps are simple:

  1.  Reduce amount of servers to 9
  2.  Make every map have different opponent servers (4 maps x 2 opponents/map  = 8 opponents)
  3. Scoring: Keep as it is but make visible leaderboards so PPTers "can be top server" despite it not mattering due to you always facing same 8 servers



Can arrange GvGs and BvBs with anyone. Ezpz

Wanna dodge stacked server? Just avoid 1 map!

Wanna stack a server? Everyone will dodge your maps!


Perfect solution.Thx. Frankly all gaming companies should only hire mathematicians to decide direction for maintaining logical decisions. I made this in 5 minutes and it is already better than alliances.

Making fun of game designers, *screech*

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Point number 2 got some problems. Problem is that you seeing your idea only from one servers viewpoint... This way you would make different set of maps of 4 for each server. So in total 9x4 maps, which is more than what we have now and would make joining wvw chaotic(each person would have 4+8 = 12 maps available to join).

Conclusion: This is way worse than what we got now and you need more than 5 minutes to come up with a usable idea.

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1 hour ago, nthmetal.9652 said:

the time spent on design clearly shows.

Dog can spend a lifetime to climb a ladder and still fail.

Time spent isn't indicator of how well something is made. Some people can't do or figure out some things no matter how hard they try, others only take 5 minutes.

Of course ideas don't have physical limitations like traveling to Mars with current technology but you get my point.

We live in a society where almost everyone, even the company in question, is paid by hour under contract instead of quality and quantity of their work, so we end up with people slacking because people are inherently lazy and they'll only get creative when it would make future things easier. Fix WvW! Stop paychecking!

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