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Please don't be afraid of buffing Ele damage!


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I know we like to balance damage based on Golem full buff, but we shouldn't be afraid of buffing Ele damage.

Even when Ele does 45k DPS, the majority of Fractals and average players will still play Scourge/Renegade/Guardian. Remember the Marionette? People just did 50 Scourge Squad. The average players don't care about top DPS, they will pick a safer/less piano class and sacrifice 10% DPS. Only the top raider care about speed clear.

Please do not balance Ele damage based on speed clear and Golems full buff. Unless you make all classes the same HP size.

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It is awful to balance around raw, top-end, idealized numbers on an oversized golem that doesn't move out of your stack of 5 slow-ticking fields, don't pressure back (to interrupt long attack chains), and doesn't walk away from your conjures which are a necessary part of your rotation.

Also, not taking into account what else the spec brings in terms of external support or buffs, or how forgiving the class is.

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8 hours ago, Flori.2194 said:

I don't know how to say it more kind, but if your game is balanced around a thing such as golem benchmarks, you are doing a terrible job. 

Not to mention when the changes also transfer to PvP mode, making the "balance" way more unrealistic lol

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2 minutes ago, dtox.8397 said:

Not to mention when the changes also transfer to PvP mode, making the "balace" way more unrealistic lol


The recent torment change came to mind, it affected both PvE and all the PvP modes (pvp and wvw)...


In my opinion they have to be more agressive with balancing, with a balance patch every two weeks, nothing big, just adjusting some numbers and minor tweaks. If it doesn't work revert it or build on it.Every few patches you can bring up bigger issues, reworks, traitlines whaever. And then again: tweak it, revert it, buff it a bit in the following weeks. But I guess this would require a) manpower they don't have or b) a lot of work that they are not willing to do. Right now we get a balance patch twice a year with a few fixes the following weeks and then we have to deal with the state of the game for months... That's not healthy, especially not for the competitive game mdoes such as spvp and wvw.

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The problem is actually consistency not DPS. Weaver and tempest both struggle with consistency due to hitbox size and boon reliance. Weaver actually has a 39K condi scepter build but due to the toughness issue and the lack of condi centric fights outside raiding and fractals with exposed breakbar it isn't as attractive.
Tempest, if it hit lightning orb and overload air reliably would be taken on pretty much every power fight because rebound is a small DPS loss for group invuln.


For example take a look at :
VG which is power favored due to toughness
https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/raid/vg --- average holo is at 18K, power soulbeast ~14-17K , DH ~ 14-15K, weaver is 14-16K since August ... it's undeniable both power holo and soulbeast are easier and more survivable

Gorseval which has a large hitbox https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/raid/gors   --- weaver is ~17K , holo ~17K , condi ren just under 17K , power soulbeast ~15K , condi scourge ~14-15K , DH ~ 14K

Sloth which has a "giant" hitbox https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/raid/sloth  ---  condi ren ~16-17K , holo ~16K, weaver ~15K, tempest ~13.7K, DH ~13K, scourge ~12-13K due to phases

Keep Construct which has a large hitbox and low toughness https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/raid/kc --- holo ~22K , soulbeast just under 22K, DH 19-20K, weaver 19-20K, berserker and reaper ~18K, power renegade ~19K

Cairn normal mode with "giant" hitbox https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/raid/cairn --- condi weaver ~24-29K, condi renegade ~27-28K, condi scourge ~23K , mirage ~28K , power weaver ~21K, condi tempest ~23K, holo ~ 21-22K  ... mirage is actually quite strong here but there's high variance

Samarog normal mode with massive hitbox https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/raid/sam --- weaver 13K, daredevil ~12.5K, holo 12K, power renegade ~11.6K , reaper ~11K

Conjured Amalgamate with massive hitbox https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/raid/ca
weaver  ~29 .7K (30K on CM),  holo ~24K, tempest ~24K, DH ~24K (25K on CM),  berserker ~22K (~20K on CM)  which is the one place running weaver is definitively more damage

QtP with large hitbox https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/raid/q2 ---- condi weaver is merely on par with condi renegade at just under 22K for EOD beta patch, holo 19-20K, condi berserker ~18K, condi mirage ~18-21K , condi scourge ~15K but most are on pylon plus you'll note condi daredevil is just under 27K for last EOD patch

98CM MAMA https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/fractal/mama --- weaver doesn't have readily available CC nor top DPS

98CM Siax with large hitbox https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/fractal/siax--- weaver cannot abuse reflect like soulbeast offhand axe

98CM Ensolyss  https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/fractal/enso

99CM Skorvald with medium hitbox https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/fractal/skor

99CM Artsariiv https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/fractal/arts --- not enough CC

99CM Arkk https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/fractal/arkk --- behind DH

100CM Dark AI  https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/fractal/darkai --- due to movement condi weaver is behind daredevil

When even things it should theoretically excel on it is overshadowed by specs with more support and easier to attain damage it is an issue.

Of course it is far more likely the three major offenders are nerfed: condi ren (due to support and torment change), condi FB (due to support), and condi scourge (due to the DPS vs other condi classes while being fully ranged).

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I expect Hammer Catalyst to be nerfed hard damage-wise by side effect of fixing Hammer skill 3. It's currently near half of the Catalyst damage against large hitboxes, but it near useless against small hitboxes or anything with projectile hate (why is it even considered a projectile?).


No wonder most people feels like Hammer doesn't deal any damage and dagger is just better. Not that many large hitboxes in PvP/WvW and open world PvE.


Anyway, before they buff Catalyst damage, they need to fix Hammer skill 3 because it's screwing the data badly.

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