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Catalyst F5 should work like renegade elite


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Why is there need for it to be built with adrenaline then a cooldown to boot. It should be on demand then drain the energy quickly then build back naturally over time.


Current implementation is terrible, you can't take it with you so it should be movable. No one's going to be dumb enough to stand in it, it's not even as dangerous as scourge shades, those things corrupt fear cleanse barrier and do damage and condis, and they are spammable af.


I would prefer something else entire than catalyst like the longbow from those fake leaks a while back, but we are stuck with this now. The hammer is sort of passable like 5/10 but the F5 is a failure in current form it's a solid 0/10

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Even if it had no cooldown and was instant and cost no energy it is not viable , especially for competitive modes. You need concentration for the quickness well to work and to camp air (which is ranged on hammer and not that much damage auto).
The rest are boons you would get on arcane or while running aura tempest.

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This is also what I hope. For now, the energy mechanic feels really lazy.
And outside the +2 energy on swap in traits there is no management*  in weapons, augments, traits. Like yeah "it's the main new mechanic for catalyst 😘" but actually you can't really build arround.

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