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Engineer is definitely a great concept, but I'm not entirely sold on it being as fun to play.  More testing needed, but so much of the playing the golem seems to just be spamming the abilities off cooldown and you can't control when it attacks/retreats like you can for core ranger which is a bigger issue than I expected.


Haven't tried Specter much yet, but it looks interesting.  Probably not for me though.


Unleashed has some potential, but the swamp gas effect that gets spammed all over the place just feels off for a spec that's heavily weighted towards power damage.


At the end of the day though, nothing has yet to appeal to me much more than existing specs.  Maybe that will evolve over time or as these specs get polished more.

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Mechanist, Catalyst, and Bladesworn are the most fun for me, by a long shot.

Specter, Untamed, and Willbender are the least fun, by an equally long shot.

Everything else is inbetween, not particularly standing out but not being terrible either.  I don't have much interest in those other classes/specs, though virtuoso caught my attention initially I still just can't stomach playing a mesmer at all.

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Harbinger 0/10 I never played it.

Specter 3/10 This felt weird and the shadowstepping skills... I love shadowstepping, but that's a bit much.

Vindicator 4/10 I played it for two minutes and loved it. But I used to utilities except the healing, so I can't really give that good of a score.

Catalyst 4/10 I liked the hammer! Not anything else.

Virtuso 5/10 I liked the bladesong skills more than anything else. I like daggers, so that's an added tenth for me.

Mechanist 6/10 I like the golem I like the skills It feels like a robot version of ranger, and skills are almost the same for it.

Bladestorm 7/10 I like the gunsword or whatever and the skills- I don't like the pistol as it feels pretty puny to have such a small gun.

Untamed 9/10 I like the jade wrapping your character gets and the hammer skills! I've always wanted my rangers to just whack someone in the face with a hammer!

Willbender 9/10 I love the lore that they're trained as elite guards, I really like the off-hand sword skills, but something was still missing- the lack of a better main-hand weapon. Swords are great, but if we were playing defensive, it wouldn't work.


Am I missing any?

EDIT: I'm putting from least to greatest.

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