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Making Auras Active and Unique to Trait Lines


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I was reading another thread, and it got me thinking about how Auras could be made more active, and also make each traitline more differentiated and desirable. It would also only make certain auras strong, helping to pseudo cap utility and increase ability for the Dev team to balance.   


The idea would be to put a minor Trait in each core trait line that makes a specific Aura do something Active.  This would help to bolster core traitlines and give active uniqueness to each aura.


These would not be activated dependent on what attunement you are in, but rather whatever aura is currently applied to you, creating engagement to "pop" Auras for effect.  


For example (and these are ideas just off the top of my head):

Fire Line: make Fire Aura explode on dodge. No CD (limited by dodge energy)

Air Line: Shocking Aura does high breakbar damage and 1 sec stun on Elite activation: 45 sec CD

Earth line: applying magnetic aura does a point-blank aoe causing 3 bleeding stacks and 1 poison stack. 15 sec CD

Water line: frost aura bursts for healing when you begin casting your heal, no CD

Arcane: You gain the above benefits to auras, but they operate at 50% efficacy if you dont have those trait lines selected.  If you do have those trait lines selected they operate at 150% efficacy (could vary this depending on Aura):   OR gain barrier when you cast any Arcane Skill or Summon or pick up a Conjured.  No CD.  

Elites: elites would continue to use their current traits that affect Auras.  This is to make core traitlines more attractive.

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18 hours ago, Sunshine.5014 said:

If we do something like "exploding aura", we will need to make sure its range is 360+, otherwise we just lock Ele into melee range again. A "Mage" class with most of the traits being melee/close range is not cool. Weapon skills can be melee, but traits should avoid it.


Maybe you could have Fire and Air aura launch a projectile or something like that.  That would get range.

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