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Disappointment with non-exclusive pvp legendary armor skins


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It has been awhile since the legendary pvp armor was introduced and I've been trying to gather all required mats for some time now. But is it only me who feels a bit weird about the massive time and sources that have to be spend in order to get the legendary pvp set? There isn't even a small visual upgrade from the ascended set. I also feel like this current system doesn't encourage pvp players to try pve again and vice versa.

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If I remember correctly (feel free to correct me if I am wrong), the competitive legendary armor was just put on as an upgrade to already existing armor skins, I believe because the intention was to make the raid armor more ‘prestigious’ or what have you. 

now, with the QoL of the legendary armory, including free transmutation, I think it’s fine the way it is. I mean, if they offer new skins along the road, cool! But yeah, i think with how much cheaper/easier it is to get the competitive sets, and the fact that they do start off with ascended level skins (and both can be upgraded to ‘glorious’, as well), it’s okay with me (even if I will likely NEVER get the ultra shiny PvP skins, only the WvW ones haha)

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I agree pvp needs more to define the game mode. Anet prolly worried about the playerbase thinking they have to pvp to get the best stuff even tho you dont have to do anything in this game as everything you do gets you somewhere. I like the plan but i do not think its gonna go anywhere for fear of the community overacting.

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