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Dragon's Stand

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The Dragon's Stand meta is on a 2 hour timer, which means you can't just show up and find a group whenever. You can use the map's Wiki page or the main event timers page to check when it's going to start. Ideally you should aim to get to the map and start checking the LFG tool before the event starts, at least 5-10 minutes before but 20 minutes to be safe.

Go into the map, which will be in the final phase and probably saying the event has failed and when it closes there's a chance you'll be put into a new map with lots of other people. But keep checking LFG anyway and if you don't see a group by about 5 minutes before the event is due to start create your own. You don't have to commit to leading, you can just say it's a taxi group to get people into the same copy of the map.

To start the event you need a minimum of 5 players in each of the 3 lanes. It is possible to complete it without a full map and without commanders and as long as the map isn't full people can continue to join so don't worry too much if there's not many people there at the start, it's better to do what you can and hope people join later than to keep putting it off while the timer ticks down.

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